Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2020: A Rundown

I think everyone would agree 2020 wasn't our collective favorite year. 

While there were many things about it that we all hated, there were some enjoyable moments! So let's celebrate what good there was, shall we?

Best Book

I still plan to do a whole post about my books from 2020, but here are my absolute 2 favorites of the year. I had to do 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction because I don't know that I could have picked between these 2!

Best Fiction hands down

Best Non-Fiction - this was absolutely epic

Worst Book

This was a book club selection and was just terrible.
Jennifer has picked some of my favorites {hello Outlander}, but this STUNK.

Best Movie

I only saw 4 movies in 2020 and 3 of those happened in January.
Spoiler alert that Allison and I saw a movie after Christmas! {Review to come}
The 3 I saw in January were all great, but 1917 was my favorite by far.
It was excellent and made me so emotional. LOVED it.

With so few movies in 2020, I couldn't pick a worst because they were all good!

Best TV Show

Y'all know I'm not a huge TV watcher,
but I binged Schitt's Creek like my life depended on it.
I loved it and will 100% watch it again and again!

Best Trip

When 2020 started, I expected our trip to Costa Rica to be a highlight of the year.
Instead our weekend getaway with our Costa Rica crew was my favorite trip.
We hope to go to Costa Rica in 2021, but we will see how the year shakes out.

Best Album

It pains me to not say Gaslighter by The Chicks {which I did love}, 
but I think I enjoyed folklore by Tay-Tay better!

Best Experience

I'm definitely tooting my own horn here, but I am SO PROUD of myself for the gains I have made with my health. It has been a huge part of 2020, and I am still going strong as I work to reach my goals.

P.S. There's a new challenge at the gym for doing 60 classes in 90 days. Who think I can do it and get some merch from the studio?!?!

Worst Experience

I probably don't need to say this out loud but definitely COVID! While, for our family, I think we have come out stronger and didn't have the stressors countless others did with work loss or WFH complications, and all our family is healthy {so far}, this has definitely been the worst situation!

Best Purchase

I know Brent will say his truck which I can't hate on, 
but for me I am OBSESSED with our Sleep Numberbed!

Favorite Family Picture

I LOVE our porch-traits and am so glad we took them!


Kathryn Bagley said...

For sure some great moments! and of course I agree with favorite album ;) I saw WW84 and some of the reviews were bad but I loved it!

Natasha said...

Your porch-traits are awesome! Way to go on all the gains you made and you will totally rock those 60 classes in 90 days! And yes, Covid was the worst.

Emily said...

I am in the midst of "The warmth of other suns" and I'm struggling; it's a really good book but I'm finding it really hard to read about the horrendous living conditions in the south (file that pain under my white privilege). Cheers for Tay-Tay; what is your favorite song on the album? And least favorite? And as always, yay for family photos.