Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The End of An Era

Sorry {but not really} for lots of pregnancy related posts this week, but can you blame me with how far along I am!?!? I've been thinking a lot about when and how Smoochie will make his or her debut {as I shared yesterday}, and while I'm so excited to meet the caboose to our family, I am a little bit sad as this will be our last baby and my last pregnancy. I am kind of a psycho when it comes to how much I love being pregnant and the whole labor & delivery process but also feel strongly that our family will now be complete. Unless God has another plan for our family, we will happily be a family of 5 forever!

I am going to miss feeling Smoochie from the inside and wondering what the heck is going on in there! It is so fun watching the action and know that my body grew this baby {which is a privilege I don't take for granted} and every roll and jab is my baby!

I am not going to miss sciatica {super fun on Sunday night having to make Brent get out of bed at 5AM to walk me to the bathroom because I couldn't put any pressure on my right leg}, insomnia, restless leg, constant pee breaks, swelling...ha!

I am going to miss this belly. Yes, it's big and my weight gain always causes me insecurity, but it is such an amazing miracle.

I can't wait to have some wine!

I am going to miss the conversations that start because of my belly {well, not the idiots who say stupid things}. It seems everyone loves a pregnant belly, and it's fun to talk to most people.

I am looking forward to being able to move comfortably - walk, get dressed, get up, etc. AND sleep anyway I want!!!

I am going to miss eating with abandon {oh wow - I wonder why I'm insecure about my weight gain, ha} - although this does continue with breastfeeding. {grin}

While I will definitely miss a lot of things about pregnancy, none of it is outweighed by the magic of meeting your baby, and for that, I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Baby Smoochie - My Delivery Goals

I haven't blogged much about my plans/hopes/goals {whatever you want to call them} with this birth and wanted to get them out of my head and documented! Given I've been feeling 'different' {such a scientific term}, I thought it was time to get this down!

With Trent, I didn't take the time to educate myself on my birth options and my vision for delivery. I thought a birth plan was actually a silly idea and trusted that my doctor would know best and do what was best for me and the baby. I also had the attitude that I wouldn't go in with a plan for pain medication but would use it if I decided I needed it. All that {in my opinion} combines for a typical labor - I was induced when it wasn't needed, I asked for an epidural really early in the day, we almost needed a c-section... For me, we got the end result that we wanted {healthy baby/healthy mommy}, but it was a traumatic experience. In hindsight, I was really disappointed in myself for not going into delivery much more prepared and educated.

When I was pregnant with Drew, I decided I wanted to be a little smarter. I watched some documentaries about the birth process, read quite a few books, took a pain management class, switched OBs to a more natural friendly practice, hired a doula... I wanted a natural delivery, and I did everything I could to ensure we could make it happen. And it did! I got more long-winded in the process as well so Drew's birth story is 2 parts {here and here}. I really don't think the experience could have gone any better - it really was the ideal birth I hoped for.

This time around, my goals are the same as with Drew: I want a vaginal, unmedicated natural birth. BUT really my ultimate goal is that everyone is healthy at the end of the day. I trust my OB group, and I know that if they think I need to be induced or if I need a c-section, I will be 100% okay with it. I have updated my birth plan and have shown it to them and gotten their blessing. {Oh the Allena of 2009 would laugh at this!} I am prepared for wherever the experience takes us and knowing I've had an unmedicated birth before, I'm excited to do it again, but I also don't feel like I will miss out if things don't go as planned. I am not planning on using a doula this time because I think Brent and I can handle labor this time - we will see if I regret that!

I am starting to think and wonder about what Smoochie's birth story will be. It is really cool to know an amazing story is about to play out and yet have no idea what that story will be! Will I go into labor on my own? Will it be a quick labor like Drew's? Will I need to be induced? Will it start in the middle of the night? Will it be quick again? {I hope we can get to the hospital earlier!} Will I be late {please no!}? Will we have another chunky monkey {probably}? I have been reading lots of birth stories because they just make me happy and excited and am really getting emotionally ready for this!!! I also hired a birth photographer this time around. Lindsey did our family photos last year, and is an amazing photographer, so I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. I think it is going to be so cool to have that 'It's a ...' moment captured on film.

So there you have ramblings on this upcoming birth. I really can't wait to see how it all plays out!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Breakdown

Whew! We have had a busy, but fun, past few days. I love, love, love the holidays, and I know I am annoying to Brent. Luckily he loves me, and I'm excited to share what we've been up to.

Our holiday week started Tuesday with Drew's Thanksgiving feast. Trent's class doesn't allow parents during this lunch - those elementary kids are too cool - but I still get to go to Drew's. After lunch, she got to come home to start her break, and then we had to go back at the end of the school day to get Trent.

Drew requested silly faces for our lunchtime picture.

Wednesday the kids didn't have school, so I took the day off. Drew had a birthday party for one of her best friends from school, and my parents agreed to watch Trent during the party and have the kids spend the night. So amazing as I worked on my long list of baby prep after the birthday party. {Sidebar: Trent's class took a field trip the week before the break and saw a Charlie Brown play, and T loved it. The night they stayed at my parents was when the Peanuts Thanksgiving special was on and my parents watched it with them and said T cackled the whole way through it.}

Chuck E. Cheese fun!
Let me tell you though - it is not fun at 38 weeks pregnant!

Thursday morning I picked the kids up from my parents' house and went to Brent's grandma's house {which is 5 minutes from my parents' house} to celebrate Thanksgiving with Brent's side of the family. The kids had a blast with a smattering of cousins, and I got to visit and rest!

Our last holiday as a family of 4!!

And of course a silly face picture!

Brent stayed at his Nannie's house while I went to my parents' house and had dinner with my family. Again my kids had a blast with their cousins! Miles wasn't there when we got there {my brother-in-law brought him later}, and I want to remember forever the 2 of them hugging when Miles got there - it was the absolute cutest!

Just a swingin'...

Bucket Head

We also celebrated my sister's birthday which was the next day.
Happy birthday to the best sis a girl could have!

Babs and Pops with their brood. 
We joked about letting my belly be in the picture.

Drew fell asleep at 7:00 at my parents and would NOT wake up.
I was a bit stressed about what that would do to our night - especially when she woke up at 8.
When we got on the highway, it was shut down and our normal 30 minute drive took an hour.
Normally that would irritate me to no end - but by the time we got home:
A Thanksgiving Miracle!

Friday I decided to take the kids to see Trolls. OMG - we LOVED it. I bought the soundtrack as soon as we got in the car, and if we aren't listening to Christmas carols, we're jamming to JT!

Did anybody else watch? I'm still processing that ending.
Um, they'll have to do another season, right?!?!

Saturday we finished off our tree! We had to buy a new one after the lights went out on our tree last year. Brent wanted a bigger one, so we got a 9 foot tree, and it is MASSIVE. Brent had to do a lot of the work this year because I got in trouble for getting on a ladder earlier in the week - Brent and both of our mothers scolded me!

The finished tree {minus needing a new topper}
And look at all those presents - I'm almost done!!! BOOM!

We put a movie on for the kids before bedtime and they were sitting the same.
Sister had to copy Bubba, and it was too precious.

Sunday my amazing MIL wanted the kids for a few hours. We met her at a local hamburger place, and after she bought us all lunch, I hightailed it home and they played. Win-win for all!

While home, I finished the nursery! There is still some wall decor to add, but that won't happen for a while {need to know what to name the baby before we can put the name on the wall, ha}, so it's as done as it's going to be.

The beast of a dresser Brent and I put together.
He did the frame, and I did the drawers.

I also made the last 2 freezer meals I had planned, and
I got 2 pounds of Trent's spinach hamburgers in the freezer.
{I doubt he will eat most of the meals I cooked, so he's got pork chops,
grilled chicken, and hamburgers in the freezer.}

I finished the night sitting on my duff because that all WORE ME OUT. Today is my 38 week appointment - the scale will NOT be my friend after this weekend but such is life. Here's hoping for a healthy update and that everyone had as equally a good holiday! And happy birthday to my dad!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 38 Weeks!

I can't believe I'm 38 weeks! I totally could go into labor at any minute. Knowing my history, I'm sure I have a little ways still to go, but it's crazy that I am here. I haven't been to the doctor in 2 weeks and don't go until Monday, so nothing 'official' to update. I did find out last week I passed the Group B Strep test which was a relief since I didn't make it to the hospital in time with Drew to get antibiotics and we had to stay an extra day. So yay for small victories! 

How far along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: 7 pounds, 20 inches {I'm sure this one is bigger!}

Selfies in my parents' bathroom!

Gender: I had 3 unsolicited predictions on Sunday from strangers. 2 ladies in the grocery store said Smoochie was a boy, and the lady who gave me a pedicure said girl. I can guarantee it is 1 of those 2!

Maternity clothes: Running out of options - so much is too short and pants are super uncomfortable. Lots of leggings! It is super fun to outgrow maternity clothes, let me tell you!

Movement: Still lots! I know the baby is running out of room, but this one still manages to have several dance parties every day and make mommy happy! A lot of the movement is getting painful and can increase my urge to pee which just shows baby is running out of room, ha!

I feel like it looks smaller from this side? Ha.

Sleep: Mostly good but I have had some trouble with restless leg and insomnia which is super annoying. I either sack out immediately or don't fall asleep for hours. And getting up typically 2 times a night to pee.

Symptoms: Still just a little of everything - I have been having some contractions though which is really exciting. I never really had them with Trent or Drew, so this is definitely a fun development.

Had to put on a pair of my mom's pajama bottoms. They look so good, right?

Cravings: I am not hungry all that much given the baby is taking up ALLLL the room so eating a lot of small meals. I've decided I'm going to eat what I want at this point - but try to eat less of it!

What I miss: At this point, it's bitter sweet that I am almost done, so even though I'm uncomfortable, I am trying to soak it all in since this baby is THE LAST ONE!

Best moment of the week: I have been killing it on getting everything ready. Ordered a dresser {should come today}, monitor, new swaddles, new humidifier, post-partum vitamins, placenta, etc. Have 10 meals in the freezer. My sister is making a bunch of stuff for 1 wall, so we went to Hobby Lobby and got everything {who knows when she'll finish though, ha}. I'd like 1 more week {but knowing my babies it could be 3 more!} to really feel ready, but I'm just about there!

Worst moment of the week: INSOMNIA! RESTLESS LEG!

Other random stuff: I am also killing it getting ready for Christmas. Nothing like the thought of trying to buy presents, wrap, etc. while sleep deprived and recovering from delivery to spur you to get sh*t done. I am probably 90% done with buying gifts and have wrapped everything I've already bought. We also got a new tree {IT IS 9' TALL Y'ALL - I LOOOOOVE IT!}, and we're fully decorated.

Belly button watch: Outie!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Movie Review: Loving

Loving marked the 4th potential Oscar Best Picture nominee that Allison and I have seen. We are definitely on a roll!

Plot: Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married.

Review: Overall good but also a little underwhelming. Allison and I both felt like there wasn't much insight into Richard and Mildred. We would have liked more about THEIR story versus just what happened to them. It was very slow {but beautiful and heartbreaking} and then BOOM, the end had a lot happening. Rating: A-

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Currently: All the Feels

Current Book

So I read a Colleen Hoover book earlier this month and it was great.
I checked out Slammed from the library...I think it's a YA book, so we shall see!

Current Song

I am going to town on Pandora's Christmas station.
And LOVING Love is Christmas by Sara Bareilles.

Current TV Show

Just started The Crown on Netflix.
I love UK history!

Current Drink

Had one of these earlier today - it was so yummy!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I don't think I'm ashamed during the holidays because I love me some red cups!
And this 13 different cups idea? Genius.

Current Outfit

Comfort for the win today!
37 weeks, 3 days

Current Celebrity Crush

This guy is a favorite around here right now!

Current Mood

Happy, happy, happy!

Current Anticipation

Um, I think it's obvious what my current anticipation is!

Current Film

Allison and I just saw Loving this weekend!
Not sure yet what we'll hit up this week, but we plan to get 1 in over the long weekend.

Current Picture

And then there were 5...and my heart exploded.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Five on Friday

This is a mostly pregnancy related {if in some instances loosely} Five on Friday, but given I am constantly thinking about this baby, can you blame me?


Crunchy Dads

This video slays me. I've watched it a million times. If this doesn't match things I've done or said pretty spot on, I don't know what does! PLEASE watch and have a laugh at me!


37 weeks

I am 37 weeks pregnant! I was going to do a pregnancy update, but there isn't much that has changed from last week, and I don't go back to the doctor for 10 days. BUT if you see me in this dress every day for the rest of this pregnancy, please don't judge. It is so comfy and hides my swollen feet. {grin}


Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop

These holiday treats are the most amazing things. Combined with the 13 versions of Starbucks holiday cups and you have one happy lady. Have you had this? LOVE.


Compression socks

Speaking of swollen feet...I ordered compression socks. They  should help with the swelling and achy feet. Fingers crossed! I also hope that it not being almost 90 degrees this weekend like it was earlier this week will help too!


Reese's Pieces Big Cup

Have you seen these? This is like my ultimate dream dessert. I haven't seen it in the store yet to buy, but you can bet I WILL be trying this ASAP!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Double Movie Review: Moonlight & Arrival

Allison and I hit up 2 Oscar Best Picture contenders in the last week - Moonlight and Arrival. We should be able to get at least 2-3 more in during November, and we'll be well on our way for the Oscars!

Plot: A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

Review: This movie went from stressing me out to making me cry to boring me and back around. This character just breaks your heart throughout, and Allison and I were rooting for him because he was just beaten down so much. The ending wasn't really an ending, but we both think we liked it? Overall, we didn't think it was nearly as powerful as all the reviews say, but it was a good movie. Rating: B

Plot: A linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.

Review: Man, this movie got to me. Not because of the alien storyline {which was only so-so}, but there is this whole other plotline that doesn't really make sense for why it's happening until then end and then it's like HOLY COW. The way it weaves into the main story was a biggie, and I was just bawling at the end {pregnancy hormones definitely played into it} to the point where Allison and I had to sit in the theater for a few minutes so I could clean myself up. I'd be curious to hear what other people think of this one! Rating: A-

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Busy, Fun, Exhausted

We've had a lot going on the last few days - we've been busy,we've had lots of fun, and we're {I'm?} exhausted!

Thursday my team had a virtual baby shower for me! It was so sweet of them and fun.

Don't my kids have such a fun dad? Fort building in Drew's room!

The finished product! Drew even slept in there - so cute.

Remember that time I tried to burn our house down by setting a cutting board on fire?
Yeah, that was a super fun night...

After the fun of book club Christmas on Friday night, I had 2 baby showers to go to this weekend. Drew was my date for both. I told Trent Monday on the way to school that I think this was the first weekend in his life that he didn't ride in my car the entire weekend! He hung out with his dad a lot!

A girl and her donut {grin}

I mustache you a question...

  (1) Super competitive me won Name That Tune!
(2) Veronica {my Whole 30 buddy} and me
(3) Bump buddies with me and the mommy-to-be {Julie}

I think Drew is ready for her promotion!

Saturday night, Brent and I went to a soft-opening of a new bar/restaurant/retailer, Mesquite Creek Outfitters, on the square in our town. Our friend/neighbor, Lauren, who owns Southern Peach, got us invited because they are selling her stuff in there! So cool!

Me and Lauren

Okay honey, you can take a picture with us!

I love when she sneaks into his bed. He didn't kick her out until 7 the next morning!
And I love that he still sleeps with stuff on his face. {grin}

Sunday Drew and I went to another shower, Brent and Trent went to the grocery store, I did a million loads of laundry and worked on the nursery and napped hard with my girl.

It's hard to wake up on Sunday afternoon.

I'm excited with the progress on the nursery, but I still feel like there's a long way to go! I keep telling myself the baby has a place to sleep, and I'm providing the food, so we're truly all set, but I'd like to feel just a little more put together, ha.

And hopefully with that you understand why I'm exhausted!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Club Christmas!

Our book club has been together for over 5 years, and I love these ladies dearly. These are some forever friends! We've been doing a White Elephant Christmas exchange for 4 of the 5 years, and for 3 of them we've gone out to eat too. This year, we pushed our celebration a few weeks early given I'm about to have a baby {and I'm the unofficial President which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me given my love for making rules and reading, so I HAVE to be there, ha}.

This year we also had a book to talk about - Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America. I read it about 18 months ago {and LOVED it} but read it again for it to be fresh for discussion. We didn't talk about it as much as normally would have at a 'real' meeting - partially because we were eating out and also, we're a politically divided book club, so we had some girls whose spirits were already pretty battered this week, and this book isn't a light-hearted subject. None-the-less, we had a great time and a great White Elephant with awesome gifts and several steals. {grin}

2014 - 2 preggos!

This is one of our unofficial rules - 
at regular meetings, you must wear elastic waist pants!

2015 - 1 preggo!

One of the much coveted gifts last night was a wine glass with this saying.
For us, this is very true!

The presents ready for White Elephant!

2016 - a high 3 preggos!

This is such a fun tradition that I love doing with some really fun ladies! And it was a great way to kick off the holidays {a bit early}!!