Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thyme After Thyme

I don't blog a ton about essential oils here, but I am still head-over-heels in love with them. We use them daily in our house for a ton of things - preventing and treating illness, alertness, calming and fussiness, poison ivy...you name it, there's an oil for it. I think one of my absolute favorites is Thyme. It smells terrible but does something wonderful - it stops Brent from snoring. Let me repeat that - IT STOPS BRENT FROM SNORING. Brent doesn't snore every night by any means, but when he snores I want to lose my mind. I am the lightest sleeper and when he breathes loud I can barely take it {yes, I realize I am the one with the problem}. We can put a drop or two of Thyme on his big toe and bam, no more snoring. It is definitely making for better sleep in our house and a happier mama overall! Win!!

With that said, there's a lot of oil stuff coming up if you might be interested in learning more about essential oils. First, I'm co-teaching a local class on Sunday. Send me a message and I can send you the invitation. Also, I am co-teaching a webcast next week on Tuesday, and you can sign-up HERE. Both classes are free, so choose one {or both} and come learn about these amazing oils!

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's the Little Things

After work today, we took a little trip out to our lot. We've officially signed our contract and work should commence soon...yippee! Brent hadn't seen the lot since the trees had been cleared and was curious how it looked. The kids had fun running around and chasing deer {Trent} and falling down a lot and picking up acorns {Drew}. Then we went over to the neighborhood playground and played for about 45 minutes enjoying our soon-to-be hood and the glorious fall weather.

Drew swinging with her baby. She LOVES this baby.

Trent kept irritating Drew by walking across 'her' step. She loves him so much and can get so mad at him. It cracks me up.

I love that we'll be walking distance from this little slice of heaven in just a few months!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

What I Did Watched on My Summer Vacation

This summer was spent selling a house, moving into an apartment, and just life with 2 kids. We didn't take any trips {although we did book something for our anniversary in 2 1/2 weeks....squeeeee...can't wait to tell all about it}. So what did I do all summer? Watch Netflix of course! 

I watched both seasons of Orange is the New Black in June when season 2 started. This show is awesome. Hilarious yet dark. I love the characters, the drama, all of it. Now just a long 9 month wait for season 3... {Sidebar - you know a show that references Outlander is going to be one I love}

See? Love it!

I am about halfway through season 2 of Parenthood. I like it but don't LOVE it. I don't find myself wanting to binge-watch episodes, but I definitely want to come back every few days and catch up with the family.

Ahhhh....Outlander. Ever since our book club read this last summer, you could say I'm obsessed. I wanted this show to be AMAZING. Maybe I set the bar too high. It's good but definitely not great. The show is on mid-season hiatus until April, and I know I'll keep watching, but...

 My sister has been talking about Sons of Anarchy for a long time. Let me just publicly declare I should listen to my sister more. This show rocks. I am just starting season 4 and am hooked. K Dub and Sky and a fellow book clubber are watching too and it's fun to do play-by-play with them.

I'm excited for new fall TV but definitely have a lot on Netflix to keep me entertained! What did you watch this summer?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordy, Nerdy

I realized I have a collection of little book jokes. Friends send them to me, tag me on Facebook...I think everyone in my life knows how much I love books. I tell myself all the time 'one more chapter' and then it's 1:30 AM, I've finished the book, and have to get up at 6:30. I would choose to read over just about anything. So all of these just make me laugh, and I wanted to share.

This is so sad yet true. I can get so excited and animated talking about fictional people.

Yup. Poor Brent. {grin}

This is probably a little sad? But many a Friday night my preferred activity is reading in my living room!

We can't be friends if this doesn't make you smile.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Apartment Livin'

Today marks one month since we sold our house. I decided it was time I finally took some pictures and shared our temporary space with you peeps. I didn't take great pictures, but given I don't love our living arrangement, I didn't have the greatest enthuisiaism for apartment picture taking. Forgive me?

A few things to note before I share lots o' pics:
1. Brent refused to let me decorate AT ALL. I was going to sneak a few things up on the walls, and he caught me. I agree that it's a waste of time, but man, our walls are bare.
2. This is temporary. As in there are boxes stored in random spaces and furniture put in weird spots because it's the only way it fits.
3. I am trying SO hard to keep this place picked up on a daily basis. But y'all... I have 2 small kids. So forgive me, but if I waited for the place to be perfect to share pictures, I'd never be able to!

We have a garage spot with a connecting door. I LOVE that.  It's right by the front door too, so this angle is where all the doors converge and then down the hallway to the front into the living room/kitchen and the hallway to the left where the kids rooms are. I didn't take pics of T's room because it was a disaster, and it's exactly the same layout as in the house, ha.

Kitchen - the kitchen has NO storage. Our pantry is crazy tiny! I had to pack away a lot of stuff for the kitchen, and that blows. It's functional, but I'm definitely not crazy about it. Plus, the pantry wall backs up to Drew's room, so I'm always nervous we'll wake her up. Can't wait for the new house where that isn't an issue!

Living room - we didn't have room for our couch, and we put the TV from our bedroom on the entryway table {the buyers of our house wanted the TV we had mounted in the living room, and Brent already wanted a new TV anyway so it was nice to not have to figure out what to do with it}. And our office desk is randomly shoved in here too with lots of junk on/under it. So matching the theme - hodge-podge ghetto.

Drew's room is HUGE compared to the house. It's super ghetto with the blackout panels {remember Brent won't let me decorate - that includes curtains} - I am trying to figure out how to a) get better panels and b) hide them better. I love though that I can put so many toys in her room!

I had to take pictures of Drew's closet, because it's HUGE. I think it's bigger than our master closet honestly. I have stored a lot of house stuff in here. I am impressed overall by all the storage we have, but I guess they have to think about adults living in these secondary bedrooms too...

Master bedroom - our room is totally boring. Master bathroom and closet are to the right and also boring. We couldn't get several pieces of our furniture in here so we have 1 nightstand and only part of our dresser. 

So there you have it! Our home for the next 6-7 months... Want to come visit?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book Club Goes to the Movies: This is Where I Leave You

Book Club had another adventure to the movies today! It just so happens that the last book we read was made into a movie that came out Friday.

Review: We all really enjoyed the movie. Some of us enjoyed the book better and some of us enjoyed the movie better. But we all really liked both. I think the movie {screenplay written by the book author} softened up most of the characters and took away qualities that made them less likable in the book. A few things were tweaked here and there, and the ending was a little less ambiguous than the book's. The book was funny, but the movie was laugh out loud until you can't breathe funny. I really think most people would enjoy the movie. I know I did... I also enjoyed the wine and appetizers during the movie {and extra glass of wine after the movie} with some of my favorite ladies! {grin} Never mind that it's Sunday, and I have to go to work tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daddies Dressing Daughters...FAIL

I went to Dallas Wednesday morning for some work meetings and got home this evening at about 6:30. I left everything ready for Brent to be able to get the kids to school. Lunches made, Drew's clothes laid out, instructions given, you know...all the mom stuff. I didn't think I'd have to tell Brent HOW to dress Drew. If you watch this video, I think you'll quickly see what I mean. {And p.s. - how cute are my kids?}

A portion of our texting conversation went like this.

When I got home, I found Drew in this 'dress' - my father dressed her. He helped raise not 1 but 2 daughters. And he dressed my daughter {who wears size 9-12 months} in a 5T boy t-shirt. {grin}


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Setbacks, Road blocks, Stalls...

Trent can give us such a run for our money sometimes. I feel like every day is a new adventure with him. We've had some bumps the last 6 weeks or so at school, and it seems like his behavior is escalating at there. 

Overall, when Brent and I think back 6 months, 12 months, 18 months...it's night-and-day. He is SO much better in the scheme of things. But we aren't quite there yet. 

My obsession continues!

I absolutely LOVE his teacher and therapist. They are 2 amazing women who love my son. Talking with them, being with them, seeing them care for my son warms my heart. Knowing they have his best interest at heart makes it easier to continue down this long, winding path.

The past week, we have had to pick him up early from school for behavior. So there have been a lot of tears {mine and his}, talks, questions, guesses. We know we're at least on the right track, but are we doing enough? Brent has been a saint listening to my ramblings and being patient with me and SUCH a good dad. Trent responds to him like no one else. 

It's hard to stay mad at this face!

So we've decided to have a neuropsych evaluation done on Trent. His therapist has been hesitant to do this in the past because she feels a lot of the time there are kids who are overdiagnosed, so we're being cautious about who we pick. She also wants to consider group therapy with boys his age - there's a lot that can be accomplished in a group setting. Hopefully the next few months see more positive changes. I am definitely curious to see what the results of his evaluation will be, and if we uncover anything new, but I'm almost nervous... I just want the best for Trent - it shouldn't be this hard, right? He is SO great - he's funny, so sweet with Drew, playful, silly, smart, talkative. We just have to figure out the last few missing pieces in the puzzle that is Trent. In the meantime, any happy thoughts you could spare our way would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Keeping Busy

The theme of this weekend was 'keeping busy'. Brent had his last 'official' golf tournament of the year and was gone all weekend, and I don't do too well with too much unscheduled time all by myself.

Friday, we met my sister and the kids at the park in our soon-to-be neighborhood. The kids played for 2 1/2 hours, and it was super easy to put everyone to bed Friday night!

I drove past our lot, and it was so exciting to see progress being made! We should be signing the contract next week, but we met with the builder a few weeks ago to look at which trees needed to go...and they're gone!

Can you see our future home here? Prettiest parcel of land ever!

Drew LOVES her Aunt Patty. I can get her to do just about anything if I say Aunt Patty is involved. It is so adorable. She also recognizes her cousins and knows their names. I love this age of learning!!!

Blair and Drew having a blast on the swings!

Saturday it was cold and rainy! A welcome change no doubt, but I still didn't want to be inside an apartment all day, so I invited myself and the kids over to my in-laws house, and we had a great day! Lots of playing, and while Drew napped, my mother-in-law and I went shopping!!!

Sunday, my sister and parents came over. We took advantage of it not being hot again and played on our patio.

Drew handed me her heart shirt to put on OVER her long-sleeved shirt.

We did something I almost never do too - we CRAFTED! My friend Veronica told me about an easy DIY for glitter slime, so the big 3 made some and had a blast playing with it. {I'm also using this on AMB as a post soon, ha.}

We finished the night with Cars and pizza {wine and beer for the adults}! My husband returned safely with his wallet a little fuller than he left, so it was a great weekend for everyone!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grow Baby Grow {Trent} - 5 Years!

Oops. Realized I never posted about my 5 year old. You know this mama loves her stats and sharing way too many pictures of her little loves.

What a difference a year makes!
4 years old {left} vs. 5 years old {right} - at his birthday parties

Height: 42.5" {35%}
Weight: 39.5 pounds {42%}
BMI: 15.5 {53%}
*Trent didn't have a well-check this year because we did one in January when we were discussing new options for therapy ideas, so we did all this at home ourselves.

When I think about where this last year has taken up with Trent...man it has been a rollercoaster! A lot about Trent stayed the same this year {his love of superheroes and Transformers}, and a lot of things changed - he has definitely grown up a lot this year!

Nap battles were a big part of this past year. Lots of missed naps, lots of playing {and coloring} in his room and quick catnaps in the car. Brent and I finally gave us enforcing naps and just make him 'rest' {meaning play} in his room.

Trent still loves to be scared and to tell scary stories. He loves costumes!

He remained EXTREMELY cute for the whole year.

Trent loves comics and superheroes. He loves to read and has a wide variety of book interests. He started to write a little this past year and is great at sounding words out and recognizing the sounds letters/words make.

We struggled mastering our tricycle and eventually bike. We finally succeeded! He also got a lot better at swimming! He still uses floaties, and we're thinking about starting lessons at the Y soon to hopefully ditch the floaties before next summer.

Trent likes dinosaurs too. ROAR!

Trent LOVED Halloween this year. He really got it and loved getting candy!

The worst part of this past year by far was Trent's illness. So thankful for his health and no lasting side effects from this!

Trent's favorite activity is still watching movies. Legos are his newest obsession and his says he loves building Legos ALMOST as much as movies. That should tell you something! He is extremely good at putting them together - it surprises me so much how much faster he gets every set he gets.

He loves to do anything Daddy does.

Trent started to decide his sister isn't totally boring!

Another totally boy thing for Trent is his love of fights! He is always making his toys have battles. Usually all of his storm troopers die which I think is a bummer for the troopers!

Trent still knows how to make a big ol' mess! His room is always a disaster {an inherited trait from yours truly}, and it's a big battle to get it clean.

Trent and Miles continue to have a love-hate relationship. They are the best of friends and worst enemies - sometimes many times in 1 visit. He has gotten a lot better at calming down after a fit starts and not having so many fits. We found a new therapist who he really loves and we continue using essential oils. We're making headway with his SPD!

Trent also loves puzzles. He is really good at putting them together too. Surprisingly patient. He never builds the outside border first though which I find funny.

Another hard thing about this past year was the decision to change schools, but I am 100% confident that it was the right move. He has mostly had a really great time there and loves his teacher so much!

Trent loves when Babs gets him toys at garage sales.

Did I mention he remained extremely adorable?

Having his adenoids out didn't phase him 1 bit! Such a trooper.

Trent gave himself a haircut this summer. He didn't enjoy the buzz we gave him after the fact, so I hope it's a trick he won't repeat!

He enjoyed going to the movies with his cousins on his birthday!

We had a great and busy year with our boy. I can't believe he's 5 {and now really almost 5 1/4...eek}, I really feel like he should still be Drew's age, ha. He is such a fun, funny, loving, cuddly, sweet, energetic, exasperating {at times}, smart, wonderful boy. I love more than anything being his mama!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Book Club Book Review: This is Where I Leave You

Our book club had another successful meeting this past Friday. Lots of laughs, snacks, wine, and a little discussion about our latest selection, This is Where I Leave You. This will be a movie coming out in a few weeks, so you can anticipate another 'Book Club Goes to the Movies' adventure soon!

PlotThe death of Judd Foxman's father marks the first time that the entire Foxman clan has congregated in years. There is, however, one conspicuous absence: Judd's wife, Jen, whose affair with his radio-shock-jock boss has recently become painfully public. Simultaneously mourning the demise of his father and his marriage, Judd joins his dysfunctional family as they reluctantly sit shiva-and spend seven days and nights under the same roof. The week quickly spins out of control as longstanding grudges resurface, secrets are revealed and old passions are reawakened. Then Jen delivers the clincher: she's pregnant.

Review: This book is definitely a dark comedy. I wouldn't say I particularly loved it, but I certainly didn't hate it. {That honor still resides with Invisible Monsters.} It had moments of hilarious brilliance, but I didn't really feel vested in the book because I didn't really care too much about any of the characters. I'd probably give it a B. I am looking forward to the movie because the cast looks amazing!!