Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update on the Sleeping Standoff

I had a lot of commiserating and well wishes after my post about Drew's sleeping {or lack thereof} situation. One of the reasons I wrote the post yesterday was encouragement to myself. I knew I couldn't chicken out if I put it on my blog {grin}. And chicken out I did not!

Drew went down super easy {fell asleep nursing}, and I snuck into her room before I went to sleep and sprinkled Lavender essential oils around her in the bed. I was so nervous when I went to bed because I shut both our doors! I woke up a couple of times and looked at the monitor {I always have the volume off because I never need it}, and she was sleeping. The last time I checked was 3:45, and at 4:15 I heard her up and crying. She would go from crying/screaming to chewing on her crib rail to crying to chewing to screaming. The crying spells never lasted more than a few minutes at a time and by 5:00 she was back asleep! And I had to wake her up at 8:20 to get ready for school! It went just about as good as could be expected!

I feel like this just proved the point that it was well past time. It was actually pretty easy on me in the night because A) I was SO tired from the night before, B) she never got THAT worked up {sleep training her for naps was way worse} and C) I knew it was time.

So yay!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sink, Sank, Sunk...I'm Tapping Out

Drew Kathleen, you have defeated me. I have said for 6+ months any combination of the following as excuses for continuing to nurse you in the night:

  • She's so petite. And she really nurses. So maybe she's still hungry?
  • She only wakes up once and goes back down so quickly, it can't hurt?
  • She won't take a pacifier, so I don't know how to teach her to self-soothe.
  • Her wake-ups are getting later and later in the night, so surely she'll figure it out.
Well, times up. 

Last night you partied from 12:45 - 3:45 AM. You cried for me, you ripped your rail guard off and gnawed at your rails {you will probably have wood chips in your poop tomorrow}, you screamed. I nursed you probably 4 times. You cried when I put you back in bed.

I went to bed at 11:45 {after working for 2 hours}, was up 4 times between 12:45 - 3:45 and woke up at 6:20 for work. Mama is tired. You are getting WORSE at sleeping. All my excuses are just that...excuses.

I am at a loss for how to help you sleep through the night without just letting you cry and figure it out on your own. We did it with your brother, but he took a pacifier. I am scared of how tonight will go. I don't want you to cry for hours and feel abandoned {yes, I recognize I'm being dramatic, but these are still my feelings. #mamaproblems} little love...I will see you in the morning. Gulp. I guess the upside is I can catch up on Downton Abbey while I watch you on the monitor?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Review: Philomena

My second Best Picture nominee! Allison and I hit up Philomena this weekend, and we've got a plan going to tackle a few more ASAP! She refuses to see 12 Years a Slave, so if anyone wants to go...let me know, ha.

PlotA world-weary political journalist picks up the story of a woman's search for her son, who was taken away from her decades ago after she became pregnant and was forced to live in a convent.

Review: Well, this movie was amazing and HARD to watch all at the same time. I think anyone would have a difficult time with the subject matter but as a mother who has a tendency to have anxiety issues and bond a little too closely to her babies...this was tough. I kept putting myself in her shoes and crying. This movie told a story that, if not real, you'd think was too ludicrous to enjoy. The acting is superb, it is funny, it is heart-wrenching, it is touching. Allison had the best night of the line though - as we were leaving, she said 'Now I'll go sob quietly in my car all the way home.' Yup.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marshmallows are Pretty Special...Who Knew?

This is one of those stories that I just have to 'write' down to not forget. 

I picked the kids up today at 5:00 and it was starting to snow {yes, snow!!!}, so I wanted to get the kids in the car and get moving.

Step 1 {Get the kids} was successful. 

Step 2 {Get in the car} was not. Drew was having a fit over sitting in her car seat. {We still use the infant carrier and it stays in the entryway at school.} While I was trying to get her to sit down, Trent was standing on a little stool by the door into the school where the security code panel is. He likes to punch in my code and pretend to get us into school. 

I finally get Drew snapped in, and she is now screaming and turn to get Trent, when all of the sudden, he's on his back. He fell off the stool and landed flat on his back. He bursts into tears. I pick him up and start to snuggle him and then grab Drew's carrier. So as I proceed to the car both kids are crying, and I'm carrying both of them.

I get both kids in the car and calmed down. I promised Trent we'd make hot chocolate when we got home to help him forget his head hurt. And this is where it gets interesting. {I'm sure you're wondering 'Where is this going? And what the **** does this have to do with marshmallows?' Stay with me, I promise it's coming.}

Trent asks if we have marshmallows at home, which we do not. We used them for hot chocolate at Drew's birthday party. He proceeds to lose his mind. And begins telling me the following things about marshmallows:

  • They look like clouds.
  • They are best friends to the other food in my tummy. {WTF?}
  • Mom, are you picturing the marshmallows?
  • They are so good.
  • Mom, I want you to picture a marshmallow. Can you see how it looks like a cloud? Do you understand why they are so good?
  • Why do we not have any marshmallows?
  • But they are best friends to the food in my tummy.
OMG. I tried so hard to listen to him without dying laughing. Because he was dead.serious. I started to wonder if he didn't have a concussion from his fall in the entryway! Luckily he snapped out of it when we got home. 

But I never want to forget that marshmallows are best friends to the other food in his tummy. That boy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cool Car

My mom sent these pics over of the kids at their house on Monday. {I cannot say often enough how thankful I am that they get to spend so much time with their grandparents.}

I just had to laugh because it definitely shows in 1 frame so much about our kids. Drew is SO serious. Sitting in the car just staring Babs down. And Trent. Oh that Trent. A.MESS. 

Well, if I'm being honest they are both messes. But they're my messes!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SAG Awards 2014 Fashion Police

I thought the SAG awards were on tonight, so I was bummed to find out they were on last night - why were they on a Saturday?? We had an amazing night out with friends, so I can't complain. All the ladies were looking at the red carpet pics on the way home {instead of taking individual cabs, we just rented a limo - it cost us the exact same and was so fun!}, and I was surprised at how many looks I HATED last night. So many more bad than good. It was hard to name a 'Best Dressed', and it could have been a 10-way tie for 'Worst Dressed'!

Amy Adams
Honestly, her hair ruined this for me. She looks flawless in the dress {although I don't like the second arm band??}, and it looks beautiful against her skin, but I can't stand her hair. 

Cate Blanchett
Last week I said she normally doesn't something cutting edge that I don't 'get'. This was one of those outfits. 

Elisabeth Moss
I liked this on her. The color and cut were flattering. She just never WOWS me. 

Emma Thompson
Why? Why? This is just so bad on so many levels. 

Gretchen Mol
Another situation of the hair ruining the overall effect for me - it looks wet or greasy or something. And I'm not crazy about her shoes. 

Hannah Simone
Pretty but boring 

Jennifer Garner
I've seen this look on her many times. She looks great but it's a safe look.

Jennifer Lawrence
She looks great! I love how different she looks compared to last week. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
I like this better than last week but it doesn't do it for me. 

Julia Roberts
I absolutely love the color of this dress {pant suit? what is this?} and her hair is gorgeous, but the cut is somehow dowdy. 

Julie Bowen
No. Just no. 

Kaley Cuoco
2014's Most Improved! 

Lupita Nyong'o
Flawless. I love this. 

Michelle Dockery
I wish she'd get a little more fun - something BOLD! 

Sandra Bullock
This looks frumpy. 

Sarah Hyland
Her shoes are good. The rest is blah. 

Sofia Vergara
She looks so weird here. Is it her hair? Is it that her boobs look hidden? Something just isn't right. 

Abigail Breslin
I can't really find a reason to not like this, but I just don't. 

Alex Hudgens
 I loved the detailing on this to keep it from being just another black dress.

Amanda Peet
 There is nothing good about this from the bangs, to the fit, to the pattern, to the shoes. Just atrocious.

Anna Chlumsky
 She looks great!

Anna Gunn
 This color looks amazing on her skin and it fits really well.

Ariel Winter
 Why does she insist on showing us how large her chest is?

Bradley Cooper
 I like the different texture of the lapels {just a hint of something fun}, but this does NOT fit. His jacket seems too small and his pants are too tight and too short. For such a hot man, this is a hot mess.

Bruce and Laura Dern
 I think she looks really nice, and I love the father-daughter picture.

Cara Theobold {Downton Abbey}
 I don't like the wings and it is very plain.

Claire Danes
 HOT.MESS. {Except for her beautiful make-up}

Jennifer Grey
 This dress is too small, look at it STRAINING across her middle.

Edie Falco
 Butterflies? Really? I feel like where the slit is makes her legs look really thick and I hate the shoes.

Emilia Clark {Game of Thrones}
 I expect more from the Queen of Dragons

Helen Mirren
 Oh Helen. I depend on your amazing-ness at every award show. What happened?

Holly Hunter
 Pretty but nothing special.

Isla Fisher
Too pale, too slinky

James Marsden
 I have loved James Marsden since a mid-90s show called Second Noah. He can't do much wrong in my eyes. But why oh why are his pants so short? And crotch-huggy?

Jane Krakowski
 This fits awkward.

Jared Leto and mom
 He is beautiful. I don't care what his tux looks like. {I do wish his tie wasn't white.}

Josh Holloway
 Wow. Nailed it.

Juliette Lewis
 Wow. Did not nail it.

Katrina Bowden
 This fit her SOOO good. And I love how simple everything else was to really let the gold detailing stand out.

Kit Harringon {Game of Thrones}
 Another good-fitting tux - it's a miracle!

Laura Carmichael {Downton Abbey}
I actually really love the dress, but I think her hair is too severe. She has very strong facial features, and I think softer hair would have made a big difference. 

Lena Headley
 Too much pattern!

Maisie Williams {Game of Thrones} 
 She's a young girl, so I think this is nice, but something about the hair is throwing me off.

Malin Ackerman
 Another one with too much pattern. It overwhelms her to where you can't even tell what you think about the actual dress.

Mariah Carey
 Oh Mimi, no.

Mario Lopez
 Do you think he likes his pants this tight? They are always SO tight.

Matt and Luciana Damon
Very nice. {Except for the wrinkles in her dress.} 

Matthew and Camila McConaughey
 Another subtle jacket switch that looks super nice. Her dress fits weird, no?

Mayim Bialik
 Her make-up is pretty. That is all.

Melissa Rauch
 This fits her well and I like the shiny belt.

Meryl Streep
 Wouldn't it be nice NOT to expect her to look bad?

Mindy Kaling 
 The color looks amazing on her skin, but I feel like it fits weird?

Natalie Dormer {Game of Thrones}
This is so weird.

Oprah Winfrey
 Is this her uniform? I guess if it ain't broke...

Patricia Arquette
 Not flattering in the least

Peter Dinklage {Game of Thrones}
 Another great-fitting tux!

Porti Di Rossi
 How neat is the back of this?

Sarah Paulson
 1950s bride gone wrong

Sibel Kekilli and John Bradley {Game of Thrones}
 They both clean up so nice!

Sophie McShera {Downton Abbey}
 I really like this! The cutouts and sheer parts are neat without being too much and it fits great {although maybe a little bit more hemming}

Sophie Turner {Game of Thrones}
 I love the nude belt!

Sufe Bradshaw
 This is what I imagine Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez would look like today.

Tina Fey
She looks so great! 

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
She looks somewhat better than last week, but he looks worse!

Best Dressed
Elisabeth Rohn
 Rhonda and I both went 'oooh' when we saw this pic. I don't normally like blondes in pale colors, but I think the lace made it still have a lot of depth. And she is just so beautiful!

Worst Dressed
Kerry Washington  I get wanting to be daring while pregnant, but this is NOT the way to do it. This just fits Kerry so terribly. Cuts her body off in such a weird spot and just makes her look fat. I will say this again - hug the bump. Embrace it. Flaunt it. DON'T pull your skirt above it and then wear a crop top.

What were your favorites and least favorites of the night?