Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Magicalness That is My Firstborn

This morning, Trent had his adenoids out. The whole process was super smooth and easy. The procedure took maybe 30 minutes from when they wheeled him off. His doctor said he had about 50% nasal blockage, so it was definitely necessary to do! I'm so glad we had this done. Recovery, so far, has been a breeze. He cried for about 30 minutes when he woke up - he was confused and in some pain. But since then he has been totally normal and has refused any pain medicine. Overall a great big success!

Pre-op cuteness

I'm sure he's wondering why he can't have unlimited movies, snacks and new toys every day!

And just in case you wondered how he felt...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Mom Moment Where I Will Likely Overreact

Thursday morning, Trent is having his adenoids taken out. {His dentist noticed he's a mouth breather, and an ENT confirmed his are swollen. He is probably not getting quality sleep because of this, and it might be contributing to his aggression/behavior issues.} 

It is a completely routine procedure. He will be under anesthesia for about an hour, and we'll be at the surgery center for probably 4-5 hours total. So all-in-all totally simple...

But he's my baby. And it's anesthesia and surgery. And just over 6 months ago he spent 6 days in the hospital as a very, very sick little boy.

So I am trying not to be a freak-out mom about this. Normal. Routine. Simple. Trying to focus on those words. And still kinda tearing up when I think about it. {grin} So any good ju-ju you lovely readers could send our way, I'd appreciate!

I's starting to get a bit creepy, right?

Monday, May 26, 2014

I Might Die From the Cuteness {iPhone Dump 'o Kid Deliciousness}

I was looking at pics on my phone and just had to share some of my faves of the kiddos of late. It's been far too long since a post just chock-full of adorableness.

My obsession with sleeping babies continues.
She pulled this blanket onto herself.

And of course my almost nightly picture of him.

Couldn't she be the Coppertone baby? {If that stuff wasn't poison, I mean!}

And we have a new mower in the family!
And of course she is accessorized.

Because it is totally normal to dress yourself in fleece pants and a flannel shirt at the end of May.


I love when they play together!!

And the youngest {but not littlest} of my loves having his first Babs and Pops' sleepover!

And if your heart hasn't must not have one! {grin}

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dinner Time!

Sorry for anyone who follows me on Instagram {@aggieallena} as this is a repeat, but I had a laugh last night as I took pictures of the kids to send to Brent {during his weekly Wednesday golf game}. 

So much for family dinners, huh? Sometimes multi-tasking is what gets the job done!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pebble Beach 2014

We had such a fun jaunt to California for a long weekend! My in-laws went a few years back and wanted to take us 'kids'. It was a no-kid weekend so my parents kept my rugrats and they had a great time. It was my first time being away from Drew since Trent's hospitalization, so it was definitely time!

We flew in Thursday night and just stayed at a local LaQuinta. Friday morning the guys played golf at Pebble Beach and we ladies went shopping in Monterrey. I'm not a touristy shopper - I don't buy souvenirs {mostly} for myself or anyone else, but I just love to see new places.

The flowers were just insane.
And yes we started the day off with Starbucks!

And some fun drinks were had by all {grin}

Meanwhile at's my honey's tee shot

After shopping, we went to get checked in. We were staying at one of the 2 resorts, The Inn at Spanish Bay. Every night, a Scottish bagpiper plays at sunset. It was so cool...especially for this Outlander lover!

The golfer back from his adventures

Happy to be in paradise!

We sat out by the fire pits for gets COLD at night but we had so much fun just talking, eating, drinking...

Saturday was more of the same. Golf for the boys and shopping for the girls. This time we were in Carmel...this might be the cutest town I have ever been to. Every house and shop was different and the flowers. THE FLOWERS.

Is this me or what?

My shopping companions

I wanted to move in to all the cute houses.
I call them cute, but they probably cost millions!

The guys played golf at Spyglass on Saturday, and we met them at The Tap Room at Pebble after their round for a drink and walking around the grounds.

Saturday night we hung out at the fire pits again. Sunday morning came all too soon, and we flew home SUPER early. But it was great to get back to our babies who barely noticed we were gone, ha.

The downside was we came home on Brent's birthday - so while he had a great trip, his birthday was spent traveling home and being exhausted. Although after the weekend we had, there were no complaints!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Weekend Update?

I know, I know... You're thinking 'Why is she doing ANOTHER weekend update?' Because we had another awesome weekend worth sharing/remembering!!

Friday, Kristen threw a surprise graduation party for Schuyler who is graduating with his MBA. It hurts my heart to say it's from t.u., but I couldn't be more proud...well, maybe a little more proud if it was from A&M. {grin} I didn't take any pictures of Brent and me together, but I stole this one from K Dub's FB page.

Saturday, a former co-worker got married! There were lots of former co-workers there, so it was nice to catch up. Brent wasn't feeling well, so Veronica was my date.

We might all be accountants, but we're sure cute, right? 2 of the bridesmaids are co-workers but they were too busy dancing for our pic, ha.

Sunday was Mother's Day! I had a great day! Trent and I surprised my mother-in-law at her church. Drew needed a nap, so she wasn't invited. {grin}

T in my wedding favor shades.

I came home to these surprises from 'the kids'. Yay!

Snuggling with one of her babies. She is such a little mama.

Sunday afternoon, Mom, Patty and I met up. We went to 3 restaurants before we found a place that was OPEN and didn't have a long wait. We just wanted some wine and snacks. Ha. We finally ended up at a winery in Georgetown and had a great time.

I hope all my mama friends had a great day!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Photo-A-Day Challenge: The Conclusion

I had a lot of fun doing this challenge... I might try it again someday. I wonder if I could keep it up for an entire year. Something to ponder for 2015.

Day 28: doesn't my girl have a 'unique' sense of style?
Sleepsack still on, pajamas and unmatched socks
 {She hands me clothes to put on her. Sometimes she'll have on 4 pairs of socks or ALL my necklaces. Goofball.}

Day 29: upside down - this man's perspective is way off

Day 30: In my {sister's} kitchen

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunday Funday

I mentioned in my last post that Sunday deserved its own post. So part 2 of weekend-kid-picture overload. {grin}

Our friends, Lauren and Layla, came over to play. Trent and Drew love to play with Layla who is 5 months older than Drew, and I love her mama. A few months ago Drew tried to bite Layla and Layla wagged her finger and Drew and said 'No, no.' Drew STILL does 'no, no' with a finger wag to us, and it's the cutest thing. We got out the sprinkler, put the kids in their suits and let them go nuts. So fun!

New suit from Nana

Love that smile

Oops...sunscreen explosion

Getting some Vitamin D

Laughing Layla

He's too cute, I couldn't pick between both his lounging pics

Night-night Drew!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Picture Overload

Some weekends are really low-key around here and some are cause for lots of picture documentation. This was one of those weekends. {grin}

Friday, I took both kids for Trent to get a haircut. We were there an hour and a half and both kids were excellent! Miracle?

Sporting a new 'do and chomping the celebratory sucker

Saturday, Trent went to a movie with Papa and then had a slumber party with him. He was SO excited waiting for Papa to get to our house to pick him up!

Sister had to get up next to him.
{Yes, T is wearing the same shirt as Friday. Kid loves his robots.}

Um, get my sister out of here so I can get to the movies! I want popcorn!

Peace out, fools! Let the spoiling begin.

Nothing says classy like eating breakfast in the garage in a diaper.

Later in the day, Brent, Drew and I hit up Home Depot. Brent and Drew typically have a Monday date to the HD while I take Trent to therapy. She loves riding around in the car.

More pigtails. I.DIE.


I then had a date with Kristen. It was MAGICAL!!

Matching pedis

Margaritas and mojitos

And was my birthday. Or not.

Sunday was church, playing with friends {another post to come with the insanely adorable pictures from their shenanigans}, work {boo} know, the usual.

Because this is better than EATING a squirty fruit.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!