Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Camping with 7-Year-Olds

Paige has had a great 2nd year in Girl Scouts. She had a campout this past weekend that I got to join! A girl in her troop lives on several acres and volunteered to host us, and we had so much fun. Paige had a birthday party in the morning, so we were a little late to the campout, but she jumped right into the activities.

How cool is the headband she made finger knitting?

It wouldn't be a campout without smores!

All the girls in nature - I love that NOT ONCE did anyone ask for a device.

How awesome is this bluebonnet shot I got?!

Sleeping Saturday night was a disaster. It was super windy and one little girl had a ROUGH night {before going home at 2:45 AM}. I also didn't enjoy my cot and sleeping bag - I was tired and sore Sunday morning. But the girls were all in great moods and ready for more adventures.

It's a hard job snuggling the troop leader's baby...but somebody has to do it.

Paige at Daphne at McDonald's - fancy lunch!
[Meanwhile Brent's parents took Brent and Drew to my favorite restaurant!]

A hike followed by a lesson on pollinators!

I'm going to need to learn to do a better job of tent camping because I think there's going to be a lot more of it in my Girl Scout future, but other than some rough sleep {or NOT sleep}, we had a great adventure!

Friday, April 12, 2024

Total Eclipse of the Heart

We were in the path of totality for Monday's solar eclipse and had a really cool experience getting to see it! The kids went to school where they got to watch the eclipse too and did some fun activities for it. Brent worked from home, so we watched it together from our driveway.

It's starting!

We got glasses from Girl Scouts for the girls BUT since they were getting to watch at school, Brent and I got to use theirs, yay!

Getting ready!

iPhone photo of totality - it was way neater in person I swear ha

Brent laughed at me trying to put a pair of glasses on my iPhone camera.
I was trying to get a better picture, sue me!

When it got dark, it was really eerie. It wasn't like sunset - it just all of the sudden got dark. More like when a big thunderstorm is coming in.

Bad quality, but my favorite couple!

There was a really cool reflection on the driveway - I'm guessing the light reflecting off the back of my car?

The school posted this picture on Facebook - 
what a cool view of students watching the eclipse!

And a neighbor took these pictures! How cool, right??

This was definitely a really neat experience, and I'm glad we got to witness it.