Sunday, January 29, 2023

Currently: Cold Front

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Miley Cyrus Flowers - so good!

Current TV Show

1883 was good, this is GREAT

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Enjoyed a delicious Coke Icee at the movies {see below}, yum.

Current Food

Had over 600 boxes in my laundry room about 2 weeks ago, ha.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

SEE ABOVE {grin}
Although to give us some credit, we are doing way better than last year!
Anybody need cookies?!?! Hit me up, and I'll send you the girls' link!

Current Outfit

A cold front blew in, brrrrr!
Also, how cute are my new Nikes?!

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Spencer Dutton from 1923

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I had a great day with the kids, so I'm feeling very grateful right now!

Current Anticipation

We have some fun stuff coming up in the spring,
so I'm trying to just patiently-ish wait out winter!!

Current Wishlist

We are thinking about redecorating the living room, eek!
We've had our couch since our we bought our first house in 2006.
It's definitely time...and we think the kids are old enough to not destroy new stuff.

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We got to dogsit our favorite puppy! Love him!

Friday, January 27, 2023

10 Looks Good on Drew

Our Drew Baby turned 10 on January 2. Double digits for this girl who is no longer my baby!!

Height: 4'3" {10%}
Weight: 54.6 pounds {5%}
BMI: 14.76 {13%}
Clothes size: 6/S
Shoe size: 4 or 4.5 {even with her Mama!}
Teeth lost: 0

When I think about Drew, the first words that come to mind are: kind-hearted, compassionate, shy, silly, creative, and fun. She is the best big and little sister! She is our natural peacemaker and 3rd parent to Paige.

She is doing fantastically in school. The start of this year was rough - moving to Upper Elementary she went from being the oldest in her class with a core group of friends to being the youngest in the class with none of her friends and a new guide. It took her a while to settle into her class, but she's really happy now. And she's doing great academically and socially. We talked about her changing schools next year when Trent goes to high school, but she wants to stay at Goodwater, and I'm not sad about that!

She LOVES kids and cannot wait to babysit. She is always trying to take care of our neighbor, Emmett, and my cousin's young kids. I imagine she'll be babysitting before too long! She also loves animals and REALLY wants a pet! I'm working on Brent about this...but not making much progress, ha.

She is very much our silly child. Sometimes a little too silly! She loves to make people laugh and makes the weirdest faces! It's the only negative feedback we ever get from school - she can get a little wild once the sillies get started.

Drew is super creative! She loves to draw, is taking piano lessons, and just has that creative edge that I just don't ha!

She is still doing horseback riding and LOVES it. I'm really curious if she will do something with animals as an adult...

She likes to read but not to the extent of Trent. She really likes graphic novels and doesn't like to challenge herself with reading {even though she reads on an 8th grade level}. I've always said I didn't care what my kids were reading as long as they were reading, but I've had to work to get her to challenge herself. She LOVES to write though - she always has multiple stories going at a time. 

She's starting to enjoy more mature 'play' with friends - really into certain apps on the iPad or FaceTiming friends to be able to talk. She still likes Roblox/Minecraft. BUT she still plays a lot of things with Paige {lifesaver as a mom} like Legos, Hatchimals, and imaginary games.

Truly my biggest challenge with Drew is CLOTHES. She is so particular about what she will wear - her 'uniform' is black workout leggings from Old Navy {she has 3 pairs}, typically with her black denim shorts over them, and a forest green hoodie {also from Old Navy, she has 3 variations}. It's a fight to get her to pick anything else!

Her 'uniform' ha

Drew has finally wanted to cut her hair! We had several years of trying to get it as long as possible, and her hair is so find that it tended to look stringy. So glad she's decided to keep it shorter, yay!

She's still a great eater - has a big appetite for fruits and vegetables! She does not like anything spicy or any drinks with carbonation {not that I'd let her have a soda but even carbonated water}. 

 She's gotten pretty independent, which is amazing! I can give her some directions and know she'll get it done. It is a HUGE help!!

Brent and I love this little girl something fierce and I see big things in her future!