Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This Girl

Drew has been such a trip lately. In the last month or so, her vocabulary has EXPLODED, and she is talking {and singing} non-stop. She is basically a HOOT, and I want to bottle her up and keep her like this forever.

She says 'no way' instead of just 'no'. I'm trying to teach her 'no way, Jose'.

She is obsessed with babies. She wants to look at them, touch them, SQUEALS over them. It is precious! She's obsessed to the point of wanting to sit in a friend's baby carrier {buckled in} for 20 minutes.

She has figured out how to climb out of the mini-crib at my parents' house. The kids were there Sunday night and at some point my mom found her in Trent's room, another point she was standing on a bench shouting 'Babs, where are you?'. The end result was my mom laid on the bed in the room where the crib is saying 'Drew, lay down' every time she popped up. Only took until 1:30 in the morning for her to go to bed. Good thing she's cute!

She selected to wear these 2 items. #mess

She sings! It is the cutest thing in the world. She sings 'You are my sunshine', 'Moonshadow', 'Spirit of Aggieland', and {ugh} 'The Eyes of Texas'. When we sing in church, she sings 'la la la la' and is so happy to be singing along.

The older she gets, the more independent she wants to be. Bedtime/nap protesting is a new springtime adventure we've been having. She will sometimes sing to herself for 2 hours. I have found her naked before too! She tells us 'pat my booty' before we leave and demands approximately 87 books, 483 stuffed animals, and needs to be covered by a minimum of 2 blankets.

She and I battle over clothes often. I usually let her wear what she wants to because I just don't care, but every once in a while, I have to put my foot down. And bribery is usually the name of the game, ha!

One day I didn't fight her, ha.

One of the cutest things she does right now is sing the 'finger family' song and put stuff {for lack of a better word} on her fingers. Lego helmets, Monopoly houses, and raspberries are common contenders. It is precious to hear her singing 'daddy finger, where are you?' with fruit on 6/10 fingers.

Beauty parlor playing with Nana

This girl has my heart. That is for sure!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Life Lately

Man, I love spring in Texas! We have been doing so many fun things I can hardly stand it.

Friday was Grandparents' Day at the kids' school, and Brent's parents took them home and had us come over for dinner. They grilled steak and corn on the cob. We had a great dinner and visit.

I think Drew enjoyed her corn!

Brent took this stinker for a much needed haircut on Saturday while Drew and I went shopping for a birthday party for one of her classmates.

I took both kids to the birthday party for Drew's classmate. It was puppy themed and so nice. It was at a house in our new neighborhood, and they had set up so much stuff in the backyard. Trent literally played chase for over an hour. They also had a puppet show. It was totally cheesy, but the kids loved it.

Trent {with puppy ears} and Drew enjoying the show.

And then this happened, and I died. {grin}

Girlfriend couldn't wait for cake. At Target that morning when we were talking about the party and cake, she said 'I'm gonna eat it!' Yes, you did eat it!

We made a stop by the house since we were 2 blocks away and got to see the completed wood floors! Want to come work in my office?

Today I had to drive to Houston for a meeting. OMG. The bluebonnets were just everywhere. It is gorgeous along the 2 main roads to Houston. I maybe wasn't the safest driver ever because I couldn't stop looking at the side of the road. My parents kept the kids overnight, since I had to leave so early. They went to an indoor playscape and had a blast. 

He looks so sad that he had to stay at his grandparents.

And man do I have some stories to share on this girl.
Do you like how she pulled out her other pigtail? #mess #bigmess

I hope the spring is treating you well! It sure is being kind to us!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Movie Review: Cinderella

Movies 2 Sundays in a row? You'd think it was Oscar season. Except for the fact that both movies I saw were 100% mainstream...that's pretty un-Oscar! {grin} Allison and I hit up Cinderella this weekend, and we were both pretty excited to see it.

Plot: When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger.

Review: We both thought it was absolutely adorable. The whole message of the movie is to 'Have courage and be kind.' I loved the theme of that throughout the movie; Ella always chooses to be positive, courageous, and kind, and I think that is a great message for kids {and grown-ups} to see. I love Lily James {Downton Abbey} and Richard Madden {Game of Thrones}, so that didn't hurt my enjoyment factor either. I would say that Ever After is probably my favorite Cinderella tale {my mother-in-law and I have watched it together too many times to count}, but this one was so, so great!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday

It's Friday!!! Man - Monday evening I couldn't even believe it was STILL Monday...and now it's Friday!!!


Parenthood I started watching this show probably a year ago on Netflix, got bored, got obsessed with Sons of Anarchy, and decided to start it again and am loving it - it really has gotten so good. I finally get why everyone seems to love it.


Cinderella Allison and I are going to see Cinderella this weekend, and I can't wait! If you haven't watched the trailer, you must be living under a rock. It just looks so cute, has some of my favorite actors {hello Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones}, and is going to be so fun!


Grandparents Day Today is Grandparents Day at the kids' school. I am strangely SO excited... Our parents have been to the kids' school a million times, but they've never toured the campus or seen inside the classrooms. I'm also going to be a tour guide!


Chromecast Brent and I have had Chromecast for a LONG time, and I never used it. I finally started using it and am obsessed with it. I don't like to JUST watch TV. I like to work or blog or clean up {hahahaha}, but if I'm watching Netflix on my laptop, it's hard to do anything else. I am kicking myself for not using it sooner. If you don't know what you can do with Chromecast, you can stream anything from your laptop or iPad or phone or whatever onto your TV and keep using your device. SO FUN!


Spring I always feel like until we get past early April, there's always a chance for a dip in the weather. But MAN it certainly feels like spring right now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sleeping Beauties Babies

This week has brought 1 really interesting changes to the Gurley household. The kids have asked several times over the last few months to sleep together. Trent has even tried to take a nap with Drew he was so excited to try. But it has typically ended in disaster as we have put Drew in Trent's bed or them both on a pallet on Drew's floor, and Drew is just not ready for that freedom. {I am SO thankful she hasn't climbed out of her crib yet because by this age, Trent already had!}

But this weekend, Trent had a nightmare and declared that he was sleeping in his sister's room. So on Sunday, we set up his mini-tent in her room, kept her in her bed, and decided to see what would happen. He was asleep a little later than normal and Miss Priss sang until after 10:00, ha. But they have insisted to keep doing it, and we've let them. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that they want to do this.

It got me thinking of all the pictures Brent and I have taken over the years of the kids...sleeping. We are slightly obsessed. This is only a small percentage of what I have, but I just had to share.

The first time I braved sneaking into Drew's room for a picture!

The phase of wanting to fall asleep on the couch.

We take car sleeping pics too. Obsessed I told ya!

Weird positions? We got those too!

Looks comfy, no?

The 'I got in trouble at school and am taking a nap out of boredom' pose.

Sick nap...

Loves those crossed feet!

Upside down!

Dad's old sleeping bag? Sure!

Hand in hair...her pose.

Protesting her nap worked out well, don't you think?

And it is hard to take a picture of them in her room, but this morning, Brent turned the light on to start the wake-up process and neither of them were having it...so I went in and...of course took a picture!

Ignore the pile of crap in the corner please!

Love the bond my babies have, and I fully expect to be taking pictures of them sleeping until they leave our home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Movie Review: Insurgent

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the Divergent trilogy. Over the weekend, I got some girlfriends together for food, drinks, and Insurgent!

Plot: Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

Review: I think everyone enjoyed the movie. We noticed it was pretty different from the book but still good. The worst part was probably Tris' hair. Like laughably, distracting bad. {This is a theme that continues for Shailene Woodley - her hair was terrible in The Fault in Our Stars too.}  I'm excited for the 3rd movie and hope they don't continue the trend of splitting books into 2 movies!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

House Update: The Home Stretch...ish

We have about another month {give or take} left before the house will be done. I am starting to get so antsy as everything really starts to come together. There's still a lot left to do but most of the big stuff has been done, and it'll be smaller things mostly from here on out {minus wood floors and carpet - those should go in this week I think!!}.

We've gone from a disaster outside to being almost ready for landscaping! It's looking so good outside.

Right after the rock was finished...trash everywhere!

Preparing for the driveway and walkways


Cleaned, dirt added, and ready for landscaping!

One of the decisions I deferred to Brent on was the outside lighting. He vetoed what I picked, and I just gave up but didn't like it. Well...he was right! I love how the lights outside look!!

Brent's outdoor kitchen is also just about done. It just needs the fridge and stove put in which won't happen until right before we move in. I will be demanding he grills at least once a week!

Front door - we were surprised to see it delivered unpainted {we have no clue how this stuff works} but they quickly got to work painting it!

There has of course been a lot going on inside too since my last update. Granite countertops, kitchen backsplash, sinks, some lighting, bathroom backsplashes {that were wrong and had to be ripped out and re-ordered, ha}... I think the most stressful part of the process has been worrying how everything is going to look all together. So far we are both very, very happy!

Granite and our farmhouse sink! One of my fave features we picked.


Last week at the same time the outside trash was getting cleared away, the inside got a major cleaning job too.

All cleaned off and with a faucet!!!

Kitchen backsplash!

Office doors - we didn't pick for them to be stained but we love this, ha.

Bathroom granite

Lighting added...just waiting on a new backsplash and mirror!

My favorite bathroom feature - a fan! No more sweating while blow drying my hair.

We love our laundry room. It is right off the garage, so it's got great storage for backpacks, shoes, all that crap I want to keep out of the kitchen, plus tons of cabinets, a sink and counterspace for folding clothes! We had a slight 'oh sh*t!' moment when Brent realized the cabinets weren't high enough to open the lid of our washer all the way, but the builder said it would be easy to lift those a few inches. Whew!

Just perfect for washing pee clothes as potty training continues ever so slowly for Miss Drew

This weekend electricity got turned on! That means the house has been inspected and the city has approved it {I guess so far ha}. This is huge because it means wood floors can be installed. I freaked out when Brent sent me pictures of lights on!!!

Gorgeous fluorescent laundry room light {grin} 

My entry way light all lit up!!!
Lighting was a bit of a battle as I had almost immediate remorse over what I picked first, so I searched and searched and searched and redid the entryway and what is in the kitchen and love what we have now. Except the kitchen lights are on backorder, boo!

And that's the latest!!!!!