Friday, February 27, 2009


I read THIS post today from my favorite blogger, MckMama. All about potty training. Very interesting stuff. And also very overwhelming. Then I remembered - my child is still in utero (did I spell that right?). I don't have to think about this for a while!! Whew!

I had breakfast with my sister this morning (pancakes at Kerby Lane anyone??) and took a cute picture of us. It just MIGHT be our last sisterly bump picture (although we both doubt it). Picture to be posted tomorrow - I'm sure you're all dying. She has also pretty much finished the nursery, and I got a few cute pictures of it too. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Now it's not spinning at all...need to stop staring at the ticker, won't get the baby here any faster - ha!

Original post:
Is it just me or is Patty's baby in her baby ticker spinning twice as fast as mine? Is that some sort of sign that her due date is near??

T - 9 Days

Anybody else notice Patty's baby ticker?? We're down to single digits for my niece or nephew's arrival (hopefully)!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Baby Thoughts

Last night I went for a walk. Occasionally I would jog (but not for very long or very fast). I started wondering what that must feel like for the baby. Does he all of the sudden start getting thrown around inside me? I could picture this little baby flying from side-to-side in a sack of liquid and thinking 'WTF?!?!' The thought of that made me laugh out loud, and I couldn't stop smiling while thinking about him. Thankfully there weren't many people out in the neighborhood - they probably would have thought I was slightly crazy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

I feel like this past weekend FLEW by!

Friday I hung out with my girlfriend, Lauren - she even made me dinner!!

I started Saturday off by beginning the project of cleaning out the room that is becoming the nursery. We are rearranging all the rooms in our house, so I figured the first step was getting this room empty. My fabulous mother-in-law is going to paint the room (that is one thing I've picked out), and I'd like to get that done soon. It'll make me feel like we've made some progress, even though we have no name, no bedding, no registry...

Then came wedding dress shopping for Allison's wedding. I LOVE to be a bridesmaid, and we had a blast. This dress is not one we liked, but it was fun for all of us to get to try on dresses (even if mine didn't zip - ha)!

Then was Elizabeth's birthday party, followed by a party at Derek's house.
Sunday, Allison and I saw 'Slumdog Millionaire' - it was so awesome! We saw it just in time for it to win a million Oscars. I love watching the Oscars and critiquing all the fashion - can't wait for the Fashion Police tonight on E! Is anybody else just totally underwhelmed by Brangelina? I also felt so bad for Jennifer Aniston being on stage directly in front of her ex and his tramp!
Anyway, we had a great weekend and hope everyone else did to!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Little Girl...

...turned ONE last week and we celebrated yesterday with a cupcake party. Waiting on Dena to send pictures of the party...but I could just eat her up, barfing on me and all! Even though she'll be older, think she might fall for my little guy??

Please excluse my weird face, I didn't realize a picture was being taken, but couldn't you just eat her up?? Look at how she sucks her finger when she has her night-night - upside down! I just love her to pieces.

Bump Watch - 22 Weeks

We had a really fun and busy weekend (more to come in another post)...but I thought it was time for another check in on the bump growth. According to my doctor, I've gained 'a little too much weight', but such is life!

Full length view
Close-up on the front

From the side

Trying to be creative - a view from the top

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Baby

My good friend, Stephanie, is also pregnant. (You PHS Class of '98ers who read this know Stephanie.) She is due in the middle of August and saw her beautiful baby's heart beating in December - which is such an amazing and joyous moment.

Well, yesterday, she found out that there are TWO babies in there!! The doctor missed the second baby at her first u/s. Can you imagine how crazy that would be? As expected, she's a little bit in shock, so please leave a comment that Steph can read about how excited we all are for her!!

Steph, I am so happy for you and Daniel and feel blessed that my son will now have 2 friends to play with!! :)

P.S. - Aunt Nancy - she might need some encouragement from another 'Twin Mother'!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Knew Auditing Was Dangerous?

Most people don't realize how dangerous the world of auditing is - but look at the scene across the street from my office! I'm pregnant and don't want anything (especially Texadelphia) THIS bad!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last night was our 2nd annual trip to College Station for the A&M vs. t.u. basketball game. A&M's b-ball team is not known historically for their winning abilities, but they have been much better the last few years. And we have beaten t.u. at home the past 4 years...I was a little concerned about last night given our 3-7 Big XII record and recent loss to Baylor (Seriously? Baylor? After losing to them in football, this is just salt in the open wound.)

Can't start the night without a shotgun.

Final score - WHOOP! I had nothing to worry about - we have now beaten t.u. 5 years in a row at home. We led the entire 2nd half, by as much as 19 points!

We had an extra ticket and gave it to my cousin, Ryan. Don't you just want to squeeze him because he's so adorable!! {Ignore my crazy eyes and hair, please. I have no excuse.}

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. {I hope you guys like reading this because I like doing it!}

I did not tear up when my friend, Allison, called me at work to say she was engaged!! I also did not get the least bit excited at the thought of being a bridesmaid again and getting to do all that fun wedding stuff that I love and miss!

I did not eat my weight in chocolate this week and then feel surprised by the scale. I have not fallen off the wagon during this pregnancy when it comes to food.

I did not throw a slight tantrum that I cannot fix our treadmill (still). The manufacturer is not going to get a nasty call from me tomorrow!

I did not spend part of my day looking at old pictures of my honey and thinking about our baby...especially this cute one of him with his nephew from many years ago. I will not get in trouble for posting this picture either!! ;)

I am not leaving work at 3:30 today to enjoy some Aggie basketball. Whoop!

Happy Monday everybody!!


I can't wait to see my little guy in this!! Seriously - does Dena know how I operate or what??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Farrell

I got a text message from Hagan last week with a picture of baby Connor, but I couldn't figure out how to get it from my cell phone to my computer. Today I had an epiphany - I sent it to my work PDA and then emailed it to myself. I'm sure there is an easier way, but this way worked. :) This picture is Connor at 2 weeks old; tell me he's NOT to die for!!


...literally. This week I have been in San Marcos or San Antonio for work...ALL week. That's a lot of driving for this tired pregnant lady. So last night, my kind friend, Dena, invited me to spend the night at her house and enjoy dinner with her family. Sounds fun, right?? It was...that is...until Elizabeth (who turns ONE on Sunday) BARFED all down the front of me and onto the floor. I was literally standing in a pool of barf and had it all down my dress. YUCK! Luckily, she doesn't seem to be sick and Dena has a great washing machine! Now what does it say about me (since she washed my dress) that I wore it again today??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Alien Face

Is it just me or does my child's face look a little bit like an alien at this point?? Now, he's a super cute alien, but he's an alien nonetheless! :) Thought I'd share this other picture from the ultrasound last week. The rest are kind of standard - feet, arms, etc. Now we'll see who he ends up looking like...any guesses? The u/s technician said he had Brent's chin; I'm sure she was just saying what she thought we'd want to hear...but I guess only time will tell!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


This weekend I saw a couple of good movies that I thought I'd pass along, even though 1 of the stories will make me sound ridiculously insane...

I saw 'He's Just Not That Into You' with Allison and Rhonda on Sunday. It was really good. Most of the reviews I saw weren't that great, but the 3 of us really enjoyed it. Parts of it made me really uncomfortable (not to give too much away, but the whole Bradley Cooper-Scarlett Johannsen story line was just too much for me - but I know that's partially because I'm pregnant and hormonal), but overall it was a fun movie. I think even guys would like it...

Now, the craziness emerges... I had DVR'd a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie from last Sunday, 'Loving Leah', and I got around to watching it Friday night. I ended up watching it FOUR different times over the weekend - I can't believe I just admitted to that. Not only is the storyline precious, but the main male character (played by Adam Kauffman) is SOOO ridiculously gorgeous. It's worth watching just to watch him onscreen. There's also a super cute song in the movie by Michael Buble, 'Everything'. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen - so sweet!

Now back to the fabulous world of auditing... :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I worried that it might be inappropriate to post my baby's 'private parts' on the internet but decided that 1 picture was worth a thousand hopefully no one was offended! And if you know me, you couldn't possibly be!!

Anyway, yesterday was a great day. I was so excited and nervous about our ultrasound, it was like the biggest and best Christmas present EVER! The u/s technician was so great and showed us so many awesome things about our baby BOY (2 feet/legs, 2 hands/arms, 4-chambered heart, 2 halves to the brain, organs in the right place...everything measuring just right - hallelujah!), but when she went to 'that' spot, I was afraid at first that we wouldn't be able to see what we were having because his little legs were crossed (it is SO cool to say 'he' and 'his'), but she moved the wand (what is that thing really called?) up just a little bit...and it was SO obvious! (Longest run-on sentence ever...) I literally said out loud, 'That's a penis.' before she could even say anything. She replied, 'Yes it is! He's not shy!' Brent didn't even have a clue what was going on, but I could totally tell. I just sat there in awe of everything. It didn't matter what she said, I was going to be shocked. I am going to have a son!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's A...


Check out this post from MckMama - it's all about mothering and makes me EVEN MORE EXCITED (if that's possible) about this afternoon...


I am trying to work and be productive...but am failing miserably! Any last minute guesses?

Side bar - I have no idea how to find neat backgrounds to change up my blog. Where do you guys find all the neat pages??

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Movin' and Shakin'

Just when I was starting to wonder if either I had imagined the 2 times I thought I felt the baby move OR something was wrong (why wouldn't I already be paranoid?), I most definitely felt the baby rockin' and rollin' in my belly last night. Such a wonderful moment!! It happened while I was watching Tuesday's The Biggest Loser, and let me just say that if Joelle didn't get sent home, I was going to be SO disgusted! How are you at the Ranch for a week and not lose a single pound and then try to say you were trying?? GO HOME JOELLE! :) Anyway, got a little distracted there...I am loving being pregnant and experiencing all these new things.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Blonde and a Baby (Who is Likely to be a Blonde)

Last night was 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' One word: fabulous! I think I sat there grinning the entire time. :) I started out the day with 110 tickets for 22 women to see 5 Broadway plays in Austin and ended the day with my remaining 4 - that's a huge relief. I am not known for my organization skills so being responsible for that many tickets is stressful! (Considering I spent 30 minutes after I got home searching for Brent's checkbook because I had moved can see why I was worried about the tickets. And just in case you're interested - his checkbook had fallen into the box o' koozies - the same box Elizabeth had a blast digging through and carrying around in her mouth). If you have time over the next 5 days, you should check and see if there are tickets still for sale - I highly recommend the show!

On the way home (at 11:30 p.m. on a 'school' night), I got a text from Anna - the baby FINALLY got here! Maya was born at 9:45 and weighed an amazing 10 POUNDS, 8 ounces. Congrats to my dear friend!! Hopefully I will get to meet her soon and can share a picture of the BIG, bouncing, baby!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Not Obsessed

But just so you know, it's only 72 hours...

P.S. - Why is half my toolbar missing?? I can't change anything on this post?!?!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog
to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have not completely given up on working out or fixing our treadmill because that would not be good for me or the baby.

I did not yell at a teenage girl to be more careful after she walked in front of my car in the middle of the street. I also did not tell her to 'not sass adults' when she got attitude with me.

I did not get scared and cry in the middle of the night when I heard voices and no one was supposed to be home but me; only to wake up and find out my hubby DID come home and bring his BFF along with him to sleep in our living room and talk the (mid)night away. No way am I that big of a scaredy cat!

I am not totally excited to leave work early tomorrow and see 'Legally Blonde: The Musical'!! Wait - I can't even fake that one. I am TOTALLY excited!! There are 22 of us ladies who got season passes together for Broadway Across America, and our plays start TOMORROW!

I am not about to die of anticipation over whether we are having a son or daughter - only 88 hours and 15 minutes to go. (Again, a hard one for me to fake!!) I am going to be a MOTHER?!?!?!

Happy Monday!