Monday, October 31, 2016

An Early Start to Oscar Season - Movie Review: Sully

Allison and I are trying to get a jump on Oscar season given I'm going to ruin our prime movie going time by, you know, having a pesky newborn around. We used IndieWire's predictions last year and they were pretty accurate, so we're using that again this year {in case anyone is interested, ha}. Sully is listed as a front-runner for Best Picture and was playing nearby so that's what we picked!

Plot: The story of Chesley Sullenger, an American pilot who became a hero after landing his damaged plane on the Hudson River in order to save the flight's passengers and crew.

Review: Allison and I were curious how an entire movie was going to be made about this water landing since it was a very short incident. Well, the vast majority of the movie is about the aftermath - the rescue, investigation, how Sully and his co-pilot dealt with it. We both enjoyed it more than we thought we would going into it. We both cried during the actual take-off/landing scene - it felt very real and it was easy to experience the emotion. Last year, our first Oscar movie was Spotlight which went on to win Best Picture. I don't think we found the winner this year though. Grade: B+

Friday, October 28, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 34 Weeks

Marching right along in this pregnancy! Yesterday marked 34 weeks, and I had another great appointment with my OB group. Blood pressure was 100/62, no swelling, measuring 35 cm, all my tests were good! I met with Dr. Blake, and we talked about supplements, and she agreed I should start taking them as soon as I have the baby.

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: 5 1/4 pounds, as long as 18 inches, a pineapple

Weight gain: 31 pounds

Gender: Nothing new to report here. I still think girl and am so excited for finding out if I'm right or wrong. I don't think I've mentioned we're having a birth photographer {Lindsey did our awesome family pictures last fall} which we've never done before, so I think it's really awesome that we'll capture that moment forever!

Maternity clothes: One of my besties, Kelly, had her baby girl 2 weeks ago {3 weeks early - ugh}, so I am going to go soon to meet baby Tanner and get her maternity clothes! I am outgrowing mine and getting bored with what does fit.

Movement: SO MUCH. I love it! There are moments where it really hurts or makes me almost wet myself, but I have no doubts day-to-day that Smoochie is doing just fine.

Sleep: Some nights I sleep like a dream. Others it takes me hours to fall asleep, I have restless leg, and get up multiple times to pee. Brent says I snore every night. I think I am a dream bed partner.

Symptoms: I think I actually feel a little better than I have in the last few weeks, thankfully. I would say I still have all the same symptoms, they just are a little less. Sciatica, restless leg, trouble breathing, snoring, hip pain when sleeping. The swelling has been pretty non-existent if I keep my feet up a lot during the day, very thankful for that!

Cravings: Fat. Sugar. Nothing new! Just running out of room and self-esteem. {grin}

What I miss: Not being hot all the time!

Best moment of the week: Definitely lots of good stuff since my last update. The appointment with Kelly Boyd, the progress on the nursery, and of course, the surprise ultrasound and getting to see that sweet little face!

Hello Smoochie!

Worst moment of the week: All I can think of is the craziness of my hormones.

Other random stuff: I need to get all my little to-do items knocked out. I got most of the stuff we're borrowing this week which was awesome {swing, rock 'n play, Bumbo}, but I need to do other stuff like ordering a new pump, finding screws for the crib, getting new sheets, ordering vitamins {grin} and decorations. Once I do that stuff I'll feel pretty ready!

Belly button watch: Going, going, gooooone!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Pre Post-Partum Appointment

I had an appointment last week with a local therapist, Kelly Boyd, who specializes in issues for women related to all areas of reproductive health {fertility issues, miscarriage, post-partum, infant loss, menopause}. I have so many words to describe the appointment: amazing, uplifting, validating, encouraging, inspiring... And now I'm going to bore you share with you the details!

First off, Kelly GOT IT. When she told me her story, I started crying. Her own journey involved post-partum {plus so much more!}, and while it's a terrible 'club' to be apart of, it definitely provides a sense of solidarity, and I think knowing the person you are talking to has been through that same hell helps so much.

She also gave me so much valuable information - some of it validated what I did with Drew, and some was new information. While I am hopeful I won't have post-partum again {especially since MTHFR is linked to post-partum, and I am treating my mutations}, it's nice to have more tools in my belt to fight this nasty beast. One of the things I wanted to discuss with her was all the supplements I took with Drew. My plan was to take them again, but I wanted to know when I should start. Kelly said it depended on me - did I want to 'wait and see' if I would have post-partum again or if I wanted to be really aggressive. Um, for me that was a no brainer - REALLY AGGRESSIVE! I would rather take supplements I didn't need than get into that post-partum hole and have to dig out of it. So her suggestion was that I have all my supplements at the hospital and pop out a baby and pop in some pills. {grin}

We also talked about me needing:
* to eat every 2-3 hours. When your blood sugar drops and your body is full of oxytocin, your hormones skyrocket. If you eat {healthy and filling food} on a regular basis, you can keep your adrenaline from surging. Kelly also told me that hormones are not only tied to breastfeeding but to changes in breastfeeding - so when Smoochie drops a feeding it will cause a change in hormones which will cause a change in mood. Good information to have!
* to get at least one 3-4 hour sleep cycle/day. The psychiatrist I saw with Trent had me do this as well - when we got Trent into an earlier bedtime of going to bed at 8:00 pm, I would read for a bit and have lights out by 8:30. That way when he woke up between 12 - 1 am, I had gotten a good REM cycle. She said if once or twice a week I could let go {hahahaha} and have someone else give the baby a bottle, this would be huge too. I'm not sure this is possible for me honestly. We'll talk about what she said about my need for control soon. {grin}
* to get out of the house every day - once with the baby and once without. It could be something as simple as walking to the mailbox, but Kelly stressed how important it was to get out of the 4 walls of my house.
* to have self-care {doing something for myself} and couple time {even if it's a date-night in or 10 minutes of cuddling}.
* to not be alone. We talked a lot about how much company helped me when I was battling post-partum with Trent and Drew. My mother-in-law took 2 weeks off of work when I had Trent and came over every day. With Drew, I spent 1 day at my in-laws and 1 at my parents every week. Kelly suggested that I get commitments from family and friends and pretty much create a 'care calendar' of keeping me company.

We also talked about a technique she calls HALT. If and when I feel those moments of anxiety, I need to 'halt' ask myself the following questions:
H - am I HUNGRY?
A - am I ANGRY?
L - am I LONELY?
T - am I TIRED?

Once I can identify the underlying emotion I now have the tools to fight it. If I'm hungry, eat! If I'm lonely, go visit someone!

We also talked about my need for perfection and control. I don't think this is an issue I have in my 'normal' life {Brent, would you agree?}, but with a new baby I have a hard time finding that balance and that new normal - I want to give ALL of myself to each kid, and that's not possible. I need to be the one to care for them and feed and be there. And that just is too much for anyone - I need help, I need to take care of myself, I need to get away {even if it's for 30 minutes or an hour}, so I just need to try and remind myself that a new normal will arise and we will find balance. 

I also need to be vocal with Brent about what he can do to help. He has talked to me in the past about how helpless post-partum makes him feel because it's hard for him to help me. Kelly wants to meet with both of us and formulate a plan for ways Brent can help - it will make him feel less helpless because it will!

One of the last things Kelly talked about was that we currently have a family wheel that is spinning away every day. And we're about to add a new person into our family wheel. And just like dropping a pebble in water, it will cause ripples. But we'll get that wheel righted! That was a good analogy to focus on for me.

So we had a really great appointment, and I really feel like I am even more prepared for this baby. I really don't want to go through post-partum again, but I feel more ready to tackle it. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Currently: Fall is Coming?

Current Book

I just started a new YA distopian trilogy, Red Rising. Anyone surprised?

I am also reading the play script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
It is an easier read than Red Rising, so I read it when my brain needs a rest.

Current Song

Vice by Miranda Lambert - love this song!

Current TV Show

I didn't finish Once Upon a Time last season {stupid DVR},
so I'm catching up now that it's on Netflix so I can start season 6!

Current Drink

I have a love affair with Natural Calm. Not because it tastes good.
But because it helps with my restless leg. SO AMAZING!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Guys. All I want is a burger and fries. We were supposed to go this local joint Sunday.
But they close early on Sundays and I pregnant girl hormoned out on Brent about it.
It is on our agenda for this weekend!

Current Outfit

I told you guys I wear this outfit at least once a week!
Notice it's almost November, and I'm still in sleeveless. Texas fall, you're killing me!

Current Celebrity Crush

I just love Chip and Jo and HAD to buy this issue!

Current Mood

I would say pregnancy hormones are running a little high to put it nicely!
Brent's truck getting broken into didn't improve my hormonal-ness either.

Current Anticipation

I am really excited for Kacey Musgrave's Christmas CD!

And for Starbucks holiday cups!! 

Current Film

Allison and I really need to get our Oscar movie watching going. We're already planning on some Tuesday dates for the baby showings once Smoochie gets here, but I'm hoping to knock a few out before then based on our favorite prediction site! What should we try to hit up?!?

Current Picture

I think this is the most recent picture I didn't share yesterday.
Drew had to work-up to her butterfly face, so she started with a rainbow on her arm.

What are you up to currently?

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Full Weekend with a Side of Face Painting

We have a very busy and fun weekend and crossed off several things from my October goals list - whoop!

Friday, my mother-in-law came over and painted the nursery {see: Work on nursery}! I think I've mentioned before that she is fabulous! I also put the crib together Friday evening - except we are missing some of the screws, ugh, and it seems that it's going to be a huge scavenger hunt trying to find the right ones. I am going to be a tease and not show you any pictures though. #SorryNotSorry 

Saturday, the kids' school had an International Fall Festival {see: Do something 'fall' as a family}. It was a little light on the fall part and a little heavy on the international part, but we still had fun. Each class had a different table teaching about different cultures {which was neat but I wouldn't say either kid was thrilled with it} but there were also pumpkin sales, a face painter and performances. And I promise Brent was there - after all the pictures I forced him to take last year of us as a family, he's been on strike!

But first, how cute is my new Southern Peach cardigan? #33WeeksBump

Trent the Werewolf!

Drew really wanted to get her face painted, but the lady doing it was a little bold in her personality, and Drew got freaked out. I got a butterfly painted on my face to entice her...but no dice. Unfortunately, later in the day we had a meltdown over her wanting a butterfly.

She did make the craft her class had set out for their culture - New Zealand.
A kiwi bird finger puppet!

Trent spent the majority of the time running around with a friend from his class and was too cool to socialize with his parents much!

The dragon dance was really neat!

Saturday evening I went through about half my tubs of kids clothes {see: Baby Clothes} and found a handful of newborn clothes - I know there are more and hope the next set of tubs unearths them.

Sunday, Drew had a birthday party for a friend from her class. This was my first time to meet the friend's mom, and I found out she is a midwife - can you say JEALOUS!?!? The party was at a toy store in town, and the kids had so much fun!

There was a face painter! Drew got to redeem her sadness from yesterday!
A rainbow on her arm AND a butterfly on her face!! Plus they made fairy jars.

Brent and Trent went to Home Depot to try and find screws for the crib to no avail. 

Trent = freaked out on the Halloween aisle!

We decided to go to dinner at a local burger joint that we had a gift certificate to, but apparently they close early on Sundays. Can we say irrational anger from a pregnant lady? Ha! But we plan to go later this week, so I have something to look forward to. {grin}

I told y'all I got a lot done - can't wait to finish the nursery and show it off!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Life Lately

What has been going on with the Gurleys lately {besides not blogging much this week}?? Well, let me fill you in!

I never blogged about going to see Newsies a few weeks ago with my mother-in-law. Years ago, I had season tickets for 2 seasons but stopped because I didn't enjoy enough of the shows being offered. My mother-in-law kept up with it and occasionally I get the opportunity to go with her still. Well, Newsies was AMAZING! Unfortunately, the national tour ended in Austin, but if you ever have the chance to see it - IT IS A MUST DO!

We didn't get to see my dad for a few weeks when he was sick and first out of the hospital. I think you can tell that Drew missed her Pops when we finally got to see him!

'Look at me! I'm Daddy!'

Manning a station with my little man at a fundraiser at school.

Trent reading to Drew at bedtime. LOVE.

Someone slept hard, huh?
{Sidenote - girlfriend is doing pretty good with her sleeping in panties. We had a few bad nights in a row, but we started getting her up before we go to bed for 1 more trip to the potty - that has been huge! I think we have had 1 accident in the last 10 days.}

Making morning faces

Sneak peak - one of these colors is going on the nursery wall!

A sweet snuggle moment that went wrong fast. {grin}

Lots of swinging at a friend's house - Trent in this swing cracks me up!

Picking flowers at church for me. Swoon!

Last chai for a WHILE...sob. Doing a modified pregnant Whole 30.

Sleeping HARD!

Last year spelling homework for him was such a battle.
He has been so good with it this year. 

My boys are doing a sit-up and push-up challenge together. So sweet.

We had a family movie night and introduced the kids to The Sandlot.

Bath time together - we haven't done this in a while and I remember why.

That's a little peak into what we've been up to! We have a busy weekend planned, and I'm going to tackle a lot on my October goals list. Whoo-hoo!

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Celebrate 12 Years of Marriage

On one hand, an anniversary is a special moment. But on the other, it's just another day. So while I wanted to spend some 1-on-1 time with my sweetie, I didn't expect us to spend the whole day together. We chose not to go away this year, so we decided to just go to dinner. He watched a little bit of football with his friends and promised me a foot rub for my sore, sore feet - that is what marriage is all about - compromise!

I found it interesting that our priest touched on marriage during his homily and went through his 4 points for success:
1) Prayer
2) Patience
3) Forgiveness
4) Perseverance

I love that he touches on this a few times throughout the year - always a good reminder! 

We went to dinner at a local restaurant, George's on the Town, and it was so yummy! Good conversation, good food, a good time!

When we got home, parenting duties called. I snapped the cutest pics of my sleeping family. {grin} Our night ended quite a bit differently 12 years ago, but I must say, I wouldn't trade the nights!

I did pull out our wedding photo album which I hadn't looked at in a while. I definitely enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

And that was our anniversary! I enjoy celebrating each year and also look forward to what the future is going to hold - I know year 13 is going to bring a lot of changes {hello growing family}, but I am very excited!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Dozen

Twelve years being Mrs. Gurley.
1/3 of my life. 
A hell of an adventure.
Looking forward to many more!!!!