Monday, October 3, 2016

October 2016 Goals

We had a great weekend with fall-like weather, lots of family time, and some productiveness around the house. Before I share my goals for October, let's see how September panned out...

1. Start on Smoochie's Nursery - Well. I got the closet cleaned out sorta. Most of the stuff {mainly holiday decorations} made it to a new home {front hall closet or our closet}, but I haven't figured out where my wedding dress or a few boxes are going to go just yet...but I'm getting there. Not on the list, but I did about 85% of what I needed to clean up in the garage to make Brent not kill me, so while that wasn't nursery-related, it sure felt good!
2. Family Walks - Nope. AGAIN.
3. Detail the Car - Getting a new car negated this, yay!
4. Search for New Recipes - I made 2 new ones worth sharing {coming soon to a blog near you} and pinned 3 more that are on my October schedule, so excited! I also sent an email to some friends to try and exchange more recipes. #NerdAlert

And now...drumroll...October's goals!

1. Work on Nursery - I have 1 painting project I can't do on my own, and that is kind of holding up me really doing anything else, but I am going to be diligent about getting that done, so I can really start on Smoochie's room. I've also drafted my sister to do a few art projects for the walls, so hopefully she and I can start getting our craft on!

2. Baby Clothes - I have all of Trent and Drew's old clothes in tubs in the garage. Unfortunately most of the tubs aren't labeled. Womp, womp. So I want to dig up all the newborn clothes to assess what I have and also get everything washed to be prepared for either gender. I don't have much in newborn sizes {see: Allena has big babies}, but I'd like to get what I have ready!

3. Make 4 Meals / Week - I typically cook only 3 days a week {Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday}. Brent golfs on Wednesdays for about 75% of the year, so that night is something super easy for the kiddos. Then I do nothing on the weekend which means a lot of hodge-podge meals. If I can add in a Sunday dinner to start, I think I can continue to grow my recipes and save money! 

4. Do Something 'Fall' as a Family - We are now in holiday mode which I love and Brent...does not. I don't want to TOTALLY torment him but would like to find 1 fall-ish activity to do as a family.

5. Follow Budget - With a new car and Smoochie on the way, Brent and I re-evaluated our budget. To be honest, we've never really been too budget conscious, but we've got some pretty legit goals in mind, so we're both committed to doing what we need to make it happen. Nothing we've set is crazy strict, but it will definitely take some mindfulness and discipline. I've got a spreadsheet and am going to make sure I track all my activity daily. I'm excited for the challenge as dorky as that sounds!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Fall festivals and pumpkin patch for activities! I actually like your budget tracking idea!!

Chelsea said...

A lot of fun activities planned :)

Karen said...

Wait. How did I miss that you got a new car??