Sunday, July 31, 2016

Movie Review: Love & Friendship

Allison and I hit up Love & Friendship this weekend. We wanted to see The Lobster, but alas, it's already left the theaters. So we went for another artsy movie that we thought would probably be gone long before Ghostbusters or Bad Moms which we want to see.

Before I get into the movie review, I thought it'd be fun to take a quick walk down memory lane. Allison just moved and was purging and found our 2nd and 3rd grade class pictures. SO HILARIOUS.

2nd grade - hard to believe this was almost 30 years ago!
{Especially since we're only 25}

3rd grade - 
I remember being so upset that I was taller than Allison and had to be on the 2nd row!

So now onto the movie!

Plot: Lady Susan Vernon takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate and, while there, is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica -- and herself naturally, too.

Review: I would say I liked the movie but didn't LOVE it. Kate Beckinsale's character, Lady Susan, isn't a very nice or good person, but she sure is a fun one. We laughed a lot at her antics {trying to catch a husband for herself and her daughter} as well as some of the minor characters. It wasn't a very deep movie, but I think we both left the theater happy we'd seen it!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday

I haven't done a Five on Friday in a while. I guess it takes me a while to have 5 things worth sharing. Not sure how people do this every Friday! {grin}

Think Dirty

I downloaded this app, and it's awesome. It tells you how clean (0-3) or dirty (7-10) your skincare products are. I have been a scanning fool at the grocery store lately trying to find cleaner products for myself and the kids. I've updated my shampoo, their baby wash {for both see TWO}, my makeup, my face wash {got it from a 10 -> 5...not perfect but better}. So neat!


My BFF told me to try this brand. I LOVE IT. I am using it for laundry detergent, shampoo, kid body wash/shampoo, stain remover. It is clean, smells good, and WORKS! And check out this commercial - it's my BFF!!

Overdrive listening

I've talked in the past about my love for the electronic library that I have access to with my library card. But I think I love it even more for the audiobooks for Trent. We love finding new books for him to listen to, and that's what he does right before he goes to bed. He's listened to a ton of Boxcar Children books, I had him listen to The Indian in the Cupboard {throwback for me!}, Disney books...all kinds of stuff. I love that he loves listening {and of course he loves to read too}, and that this just continues to nurture a love for storytelling/books!


Everywhere I look on social media, I see kids in Natives. They seem to be the new Crocs. So I jumped on the band wagon and ordered some for the kids. Trent hates his and Drew's are too big, ha. But hopefully in a few months, she'll be rocking hers. Anybody else try them?

Have you seen the trailer for the new Gilmore Girls?
I have one word: SQUEEEEEE!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

San Diego Trip - Part 2

Time for the second half of our trip! Friday, we went to the zoo while the men played golf at Torrey Pines. Brent has really enjoyed playing PGA courses {Sawgrass, Pebble Beach, and now Torrey} and has played really well on all 3 - he has shot in the 70s on all! Saturday, the ladies went shopping in La Jolla and then we took family pictures on the beach.


Let me just say that the zoo was HOT. Everyone was pretty miserable, so we didn't stay as long as we thought we would. The kids were totally wilting, so we packed it in after about 5 hours. We did see quite a lot of animals though. And the kids did have fun together.

Breakfast with this hot mess

Look at this gorgeous kitchen!

To say this little girl has her Papa wrapped around her finger would be stating the obvious!

I had to drop the guys off at the golf course because we needed both rental cars.
Check out the view on the way!

First stop was seeing some reptiles!

Isn't that frog so nasty?

Meet the unicorn Drew won at Legoland. You will see her in every picture.


Sitting down for a show.

Finally! A breeze on the air tram.
I remember riding on this 10 YEARS ago with Nana and Branden.

Trent was so excited to find the polar bears. They were being lazy!

Elephants! They had a huge care center which was so cool.

I can't get over my baby bump here. HUGE.

Drew wouldn't let anyone but me push her in the stroller.
Olivia was so excited when Drew finally let her push!

Nana and her grands

This kid ONLY wanted some cotton candy.

What Janet was most excited to see - giraffes!

And while we were sweating to death, the guys were enjoying a lovely breeze.

And a gorgeous view!

Little Bit KONKED out within minutes of leaving the zoo.

That afternoon/evening we swam more, made fajitas, made more s'mores, and just relaxed and enjoyed more family time.

Brent played Monopoly for hours with these kids!


Finally the ladies had some time to just relax and stroll! We hit up La Jolla and left the kiddos home with the dads and Papa. La Jolla is such a cute town, and I love how beautiful the view is!

Just walking along and BOOM there's the ocean!

Lots of water pics. #sorrynotsorry


Then we enjoyed an early lunch at The Crab Catcher. Janet and I ate here twice {I think} on our last trip, and we always get a lemon drop martini. So she and Crystal got them, and I had lemonade. Boo.

Ladies who lunch...

What happens in La Jolla, stays in La Jolla...or gets blogged about!

After a morning of swimming with Bubba and Daddy...

That evening, we took photos on the beach. It's been 2 years since the whole family was together {since Brent's nephew lives in Maryland}, so it was neat to all be together.

Aaaaand I'm dead.

Nana, Papa, and the grands
Too bad in 5 months Smoochie ruins this {grin}

Sunday morning came around too fast for all of us!
Time to pack up and head home

The airport was nuts because of Comic-Con, so we earned a drink after making it to our gate.

Somebody couldn't hang on our second flight.
Good thing we knew the man next to us {Papa}!

And just like that we were home with some beloved squirty fruits!

We had a really good time, but man, I was exhausted! No more trips for this pregnant mama. I came home tired, sore, swollen...a mess! But happy to have made the memories.