Sunday, July 10, 2016

***DITL: July 7, 2016***

It's time for another quarterly installment of a Day in the Life. I decided to do a work day since I document weekend days more often. A summer work day is a little different too since a nanny comes to the house, so there's definitely a lot more noise and busy-ness in the summer than a work day during the school year!

*************Thursday July 7, 2016*************

Brent is 36.
Allena is weeks shy of 36.
Trent is a newly minted 7.
Drew is 3.5.
Smoochie is 18 weeks cooked. {grin}
High temperature: 100*

2:00am - I hear Brent moving around. I know he went to bed when I did, but did he get up at some point and go watch TV and now he's coming back to bed or what?

5:30am - Brent's first alarm goes off. Ugggggggh.

6:00am - Brent's second alarm goes off. He gets up to shower. I am so thankful I don't have to get up yet, I am tired!!

6:24am - Brent kisses me goodbye. I notice Drew isn't on her pallet which is a miracle. I wonder if she slept in her bed all night or moved to Trent's bed at some point.

Empty pallet!

7:08am - Drew comes in and gets in bed with me. She knows she can't get in our bed unless the sun is up. I ask her if she slept in her bed all night. Nope, she got in Bubba's bed and came in our room when he kicked her out, ha.

7:30am - My alarm goes off. I am NOT ready to get up. I am taking major advantage of summer and not having to take the kids to school. Drew and I just lay in bed together. She serenades me with 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and a made-up song.

8:00am - I finally get up. Ugh. Text with our nanny who is going to be a little late this morning. See I have 2 texts from my BFF so we text a little while I get ready for the day. I am trying to go shopping after work today to get new bras, and she might be able to meet up with me, yay! {Interestingly enough, another recent DiTL post involved bra shopping and seeing Kristen.} Trent gets up and comes and gets in my bed while I am getting ready. He still seems sleepy and wants to burrow down under the covers. Drew annoys him.

Sleepy T!

Little sister being annoying!

8:15am - Drew is hungry and brings me 2 squirty fruits to tide her over. After I am ready, we head into the kitchen. I log onto my laptop to check email and get all my systems started. I make breakfast sausage patties for myself and Drew requests a sandwich of sun butter, honey, and apricot jelly. She is definitely my child. Trent requests a turkey burger and veggie sticks, I add an apple to the negotiation to earn him the veggie sticks.

8:35am - Amber {our nanny} gets here. Drew wants to get dressed, so as I start Trent's turkey burger on the stove, we head to Drew's room to pick her outfit. She has a really bad bug bite on her tush, so I get oils to put on her bite. I only get her shirt and panties on before she wants to go back into the kitchen to check on her sandwich. Trent sits down to eat at the table. He's listening to Socks by Beverly Cleary.

8:45am - Drew pitches a fit when I won't give her some of Brent's Cheetos Puffs. The nerve of me, right? I put her in her room and tell her she can come out when she is ready to tell me she's sorry for hitting me. Trent finishes eating and heads to his room to play with his Legos. He's been really quiet the last couple of days and playing by himself and listening to audiobooks. I get back on my laptop and work while Drew calms down. She screams for a little bit and then quiets down, and I hear her playing in her room.

9:10am - Drew comes out to apologize and has also pooped. Text with my friend, Kelly {she's 23 weeks pregnant}, about my Ikea shelves in the playroom. She wants some for their playroom. Help Drew get cleaned up.

9:20am - Drew wants to paint. She sits next to me at our island {where I work unless I have conference calls} and Amber helps her paint. I love during the summer that I get to be a part of their day and see them so much! I have a goal this week to clean out my Inbox. I was backing up a team member who was in Italy for 2 weeks with her family {jealous}, so I got a crazy amount of emails the last 2 weeks, and my Inbox was over 850. My goal is to clear out 200 a day, oof.

9:35am - Amber finishes getting Drew dressed. 

I start this post while sending an email out about a person coming to the U.S. for a 2-year global posting and where we're staffing her.

10:00am - Drew is done painting - she has such concentration for coloring, painting, etc. She wants me to read to her, but since I'm working I convince her to play a new board game with Amber. I continue working - lots of emails and IMs. I randomly don't have any conference calls until the afternoon! 

Trent hears them playing and comes to play with them too.

10:25am - Stop working to take a potty break and a bump picture since today marks 18 weeks officially! I am trying to drink 100 ounces of water every day to prevent swelling, so I potty a lot too!

18 week bump

10:30am - Text a bit with B because I haven't talked to him today other than our exchange of goodbyes when he left this morning. I can't believe he got chased by a fox! 

Get back to work. Drew gets ALL the food out of her kitchen and proceeds to pile it up on Amber and me. She is so silly. For the next hour, it's music time, eating time, Trent being a butthead time...just the usual.

11:35am - Work in the spare room {soon to be nursery!} while Drew lays down to take her nap. Mowers are coming today which makes it super noisy so I'm trying to get her to nap in what will be the quietest room. She normally likes to nap in our room, but it is crazy loud in there during mowing time. Inbox is down to 350, and I started the day at 660 - I'm thrilled!

11:50am - Amber swaps places with me, so I can get ready for my first conference call of the day. Trent has been bugging me to take a picture with my nice camera, so I show him how. He proceeds to take...A LOT.

11:55am - Amber comes out and says she's asleep. Score! Trent goes in and takes a picture, so sweet.

12:00pm - Conference call starts! One of the people, Mary, is my team member I backed up for 2 weeks while she was in Italy. So happy to have her back!

12:30pm - The partner on the call hopped off, so Mary and I were able to catch up and talk about her trip to Italy!

1:15pm - LUNCH! As I mentioned in my goals for July, I am trying to eat better. So I made a hamburger and a sweet potato. I doused the hamburger in Chalula sauce - so thankful I don't get heartburn when pregnant! Trent is listening to an I Survived book on my phone and fixing a Lego Jeep from his birthday Jurassic World set.

1:30pm - Sit down to eat. Answer a few emails. 

1:45pm Check Instagram for the first time today. Trent and Amber play Sequence again!

1:55pm - Drew is awake!

2:00pm - Next call! This is a staffing call with my whole team where we're trying to get some requirements filled. Not very exciting except for us.

2:30pm - I hear Drew crying in another part of the house, and Amber brings her to me to snuggle. Trent must have done something because he comes in to kiss her and apologize. They start being silly WHILE I'M STILL ON MY CONFERENCE CALL. So they get kicked out of the office.

3:00pm - Amber leaves early today to go to a baseball game with her boyfriend. That means the kids screen time starts early today.

3:10pm - We end our team call. To be continued - I need to find time for us all to connect tomorrow.

3:20pm - I'm still working on my pesky inbox. It's down to 335. I can hear the kids in the living room. Trent is playing games on my phone, and Drew is watching Super Why.

3:30pm - My mother-in-law calls to ask a question about our trip. We're going to take a big group photo of our whole family. Brent's nephew lives in Maryland, so we don't see him very often. I think Drew's been around Branden only once?

3:45pm - Back to work! Answer some emails, set some calls for next week with my team - our never-ending staffing calls. Inbox is down to 255!

4:30pm - Start dinner {spaghetti}. Since I'm supposed to go shopping this evening, I figured I should get a jump start on dinner so that Brent doesn't buy the kids junk {love you, honey}! Brent calls on his way home and we talk about his day. Drew asked where Daddy's 'red chips' {those damn Cheetos} are and gets mad AGAIN when I won't let her have any.

4:40pm - A team member wants to talk, but I warn her the kids are here and I'm cooking dinner, but she has 3 kids and can handle the noise and chaos. Drew cooks too and makes a giant mess on the floor. Good times!

5:00pm - Brent gets home, so I get off the phone. He gives them kids an almost empty container of Pringles {grrr} and wants to hop in the shower before I leave since he isn't sure if he got into poison ivy today. Doesn't his job seem so fun? Chased by a rabid fox AND poison ivy?

5:15pm - The kids both want to eat spaghetti {or 'pasketti' as Drew calls it still}, so I dish it up for them {noodles in one bowl, sauce/meat in another}.

Drew always takes her shirt off for spaghetti to not get sauce on it.

5:30pm - Put on some make-up and get ready to leave!

Walked back out of our room to this sweetness.

Brent's 1 pic with me on today's DiTL post. You can tell by his face how he feels.

When Daddy is in charge...{grin}

5:50pm - I'm out the door!

6:50pm - I get to Nordstrom's. I only had a few snags in traffic which was awesome. I go straight to the lingerie counter for a fitting and had 2 girls help me {1 was in training}. So fun to show not 1 beautiful, skinny, young girl your very sad boobies {after 2 1/2 pregnancies and 3 1/2 combined years of breastfeeding they are indeed very sad} but 2. Ha! Learn I'm going up 2 numbers AND 2 cup sizes. Holy moly. Each of these cups looks like a hat. Flattering and pretty they are not. Expensive though...that they are!

7:15pm - I move on to Old Navy. I'm looking for a specific white dress for Drew and a white polo shirt for Trent. When we go to San Diego, my MIL wants to take a family picture on the beach since all of 11 of us {soon to be 12!} aren't together very often as Brent's nephew, who is 21, lives in Maryland. The color scheme is white and khaki, and I don't have much white for either kiddo.

Old Navy for the win! $22 for both, and I am out the door!

I also stopped by A Pea in the Pod but nothing caught my eye, and seriously, I have maternity clothes coming out my ears. I did want to look at their maternity belts because my back is already hurting so much but not for $70!

My last stop is to get a smoothie from the Nordstrom's cafe. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

7:55pm - I leave and head to Kristen's house. Visit with my fave peeps. Beau asks me to go to the potty with her, sweet girl. Then she tells me if I go potty I can have chocolate too!

My silly goddaughter


9:15pm - Attempt to leave Kristen's but then we are silly with my new bras, we talk about the car seat configuration I'll need when Smoochie arrives which leads into a discussion about Beau's car seat not being tight enough, so we go to fix it and one piece is broken, grrrr. Hoping Sky can fix it on Friday!

Nice hat!

10:00pm - Finally leave. B texts to make sure I'm okay.

10:35pm - Get home, heat up some spaghetti I made earlier and sit at the counter and read Us Weekly.

My sleeping babies! So glad Daddy got them to bed.

11:10pm - Start getting ready for bed and see that B is watching live news coverage of the shootings in Dallas. So incredibly sad. We watch for about 30 minutes.

11:45pm - Lights out!

As I read it back after typing it all, it seems exhausting, ha. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. So until October...{grin}


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busy day! sweet pic of B and D!!