Monday, April 28, 2014


This weekend I made the executive decision to NOT work. I didn't pull my laptop out of its case until 10:30 on Sunday night, and that was mainly to submit my timesheet. IT.WAS.GLORIOUS.

For some reason, I pretty much was unplugged most of the weekend. I don't consider myself to be a social media junkie {Brent, be quiet.} - Of course, I LOVE blogging, but I will only look at Facebook and Instagram a few times a day. Lately, though, it felt like I had to make sure I was totally caught up. Constantly refreshing. Checking notifications. Liking pictures and status updates. 

This weekend I maybe spent a TOTAL of 10 minutes combined on both apps. I felt so relaxed. It was wonderful. I didn't care if I wasn't caught up. I didn't care that I might miss an 'important' update. I want to feel like that more. I think because I'm on my computer SO much, it makes me feel like I need to be connected all the time. Yuck.

I also turned the TV on for maybe 10 minutes. When the kids were napping/sleeping and I WASN'T working...I read books! I spent time with my husband! I slept!

All in all, it felt great to be mostly unplugged.

What do you think about social media? Do you use it or abuse it?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Photo-a-Day: Week 4

Day 21: Always in 'motion'

Day 22: the 'angle' at which I do my nightly work

Day 23: extreme close-up

Day 24: 'talent' - mess-making {grin}

Day 25: 'facial feature'

Day 26: I am so 'happy' for my friend with her completed family of 5.

Day 27: friend

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finish This

I've seen this floating around for awhile but am finally going to try it. {Lacking in blog material maybe? Still so insanely busy with work I kind of want to cry?}

My favorite makeup item is...mascara. I think it makes the most impact in my makeup regimen and would pick it to wear over everything else.

The best book I ever read was...Gone with the Wind. This has been at the top of my favorites list for over 15 years.

My favorite TV show is...Law and Order: SVU. It's the one show Brent and I watch together. I've been trying to get him to watch something else with me but no dice so far. To be fair, that would imply I have time in the evenings for a TV show I could actually watch without accounting spreadsheets open on my lap. #FML

The most spontaneous thing I've ever done...ummm....crickets...

I prefer dogs over cats because...cats are spiteful. A dog wants you to love them and loves you back. A cat just expects you to feed them and if you don't, your bed will be peed on.

I met my high school. This month is SEVENTEEN years that we've been together. Over half my life. NUTS!

A Few {Well, That's an Understatement} Easter Pics

We had a great Easter weekend {minus that gigantic fight I got into with the hubs...but we don't need to discuss that!}. Lots of family time, the kids got to play outside a ton and get loved on by all their grandparents. Per the usual, we spent Saturday at my parents with my mom's side of the family and then Sunday was with Brent's side of the family at his Nannie's house.

I'll try to let the pictures do the most of the promises.

Coloring cousins

Patty put Blair's bow in her hair...and it stayed there. Ha!

Apparently this is how we hunt eggs.

Miss 3 hour and 45 minute nap finally decided to wake up and join the party.

And find a dog.

And practice saying 'woof, woof'.

What do you think they're talking about?

I didn't get a picture of us before church. But you aren't missing much. Drew's Easter dress was still too big, so she wore the dress from her modeling session. Trent's outfit {hand-picked by himself} consisted of a dinosaur t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Hey, Jesus doesn't care what we wear, right?

Drew took another marathon nap, so Brent and Trent went to Nannie's and Brent's aunt took a couple of pictures she shared. Looks like my boy had fun! I worked {boo} and took a short nap myself {yay}!

And there you have Easter 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

April Photo-a-Day: Week 3

Day 14: A living thing {love that little face}

Day 15: Transportation

Day 16: The 2 'old' kids being silly

Day 17: Welcoming in a 'new' day {but the clock time isn't showing up, was 12:37 AM}

Day 18: Looking watching this little brain grow

Day 19: Favorite Color {lots of 'pink'!!}

Day 20: Today I...missed most of our Easter celebration because this little girl took an almost 4 hour nap! {Only picture I took all day, ha}

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favorites!

I know I have posted a couple of pictures already from Drew's photo shoot and after my fashion dilemma, I'm sure y'all are sick of me talking about these pictures. But y'all. My baby is adorable. {grin} She was so not in the mood for pictures - she napped terrible at daycare and it was getting late in the day. Combine that the fact that airplanes {her nemesis} were flying overhead all the time...I really thought we'd get nothing. But my Ms. Sassypants came through for the win! And I can't say enough great things about Lindsey's work!

I put her on my lap to see if she'd cooperate a little more. And she did. But you can see my toes, haha.

She was obsessed with Lindsey's necklace and eggs. Wouldn't let them go!
Love these little fat fingers.

Another airplane!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CPA Sillies

April 15 can be a frustrating day to a CPA for a bunch of reasons. But, for an auditor, the biggest issue is people constantly assuming we are busy January - March because of the April 15 tax deadline or asking us to do their taxes. #IAMANAUDITOR However, some of my favorite CPA moments {'favorite' used loosely here as there is nothing 'favorite' about being a CPA} have happened recently.

My brother-in-law {who has been married to my sister for almost TWELVE years and who I've known since I was 14} asked me how much work it would be for me to become a CPA. To which I replied, 'I am a CPA and have been one for 10 years.' He was really trying to understand why I don't do taxes. Because I'm an auditor.

At about 9:00 Monday night, Brent asks me if we should do a quarterly estimated tax payment {taxes aren't taken from his paycheck this year}. Um, that's an excellent question for the CPA of the family...that I couldn't answer without asking TWO tax managers at my firm... #cpafail

Did you get your taxes done? And yes, I'm still up at 11:54 PM working...but NOT on anyone's tax return. {grin}

Monday, April 14, 2014

April Photo-a-Day: Week 2

Day 7: Lots of 'green' accessories in the bath

Day 8: Ground Level {he was telling her a story...and I died.}

Day 9: A Collection {some of my favorite oils}

Day 10: Photo of a Photo {a better sneak peak, huh? grin}

Day 11: Outdoors {it kills me that he always chooses to wear that shirt}

Day 12: I Ate... {Obviously this isn't food but it's what I was consuming when I remembered to take my pic!}

Day 13: A Favorite Place {reading in bed!}

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Tomorrow is a huge day for the Gurley household. With it I have a ton of mixed emotions. I am so excited. I want to cry. I am beyond ready. I am so nervous. So what's going on?

We start a new school!

Things have been getting progressively worse for Trent at our old school. We were getting a call at least once a week to get him early for his behavior. The added kids to his class {noisy kids}, and he began acting out more and more. We were trying everything without result. 

I had already been researching a new place for the fall when Trent will be 5 but won't be ready for kinder. I found a place and did a 'prospective parent tour'. Trent got to go meet the teacher and be in the class with the kids. He did great! And the school asked if we would be interested in him starting NOW. 


Why we're beyond excited:
  • Trent's teacher has a son with sensory processing disorder! And she has taught many kids with similar issues. She is open to lots of alternative things for him. Including bring oils in for him!!
  • The school is on 18 acres with a chicken farm of 110 chickens!
  • They garden outdoors and spend a ton of time outside.
  • It goes up through 6th grade so we don't have to move them for a LONG time if things are working!
The only good thing that is a bit of a challenge is they are done every day at 2:45. Which means more time with them every day. Yay! But it means a big change to my job. I am reducing my hours, but I can't just immediately go down to where I want/need to be due to my current client load. So it'll be another few weeks of lots of night hours (boo), but it's so worth it in the long run.

Tomorrow will probably be tough as transitions are tough on everyone in this family. A venti chai might be in order as my coping mechanism.

Wish us luck! {grin}

Friday, April 11, 2014