About Me

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started blogging in December of 2008 after stalking blogs for many months. It quickly became my favorite hobby.  I love to talk and share stories, so blogging is really the perfect outlet for me - especially since no one can interrupt. I love the connections I've made, journaling about my life, and getting comments. {grin}

The Cast:
Allena (a.k.a. ME!) - I turned 35 in 2015 but am loving every minute of it {well not the gray hairs or wrinkles I keep finding}.  I work from home in HR at a Big 4 public accounting firm {where I was an auditor for over 11 years} while trying to be the best wife and cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, slightly-hippie mama I can to my three loves.  What that means is my house is usually a mess and I never know what we're going to eat for any given meal, but I guarantee there's lots of love and laughter in our humble abode.

The Happy Couple in 2008 {I found out I was pregnant with Trent a few days later}

Brent - my lovely husband. He fell for me at 15 (thanks to my dad's Algebra class), I fell for him at 16. We've been together ever since. Brent is the ying to my yang and keeps the balance in our household. I am usually overreacting about something, and he's always there to remind me of what matters. Brent quit his state job in 2010 after 7 years and has branched out into a sales position and now has 2 jobs! Brent is truly the funniest person I've ever met and is a great husband, father and best friend!

Trent - our little mini-Brent. We definitely named him appropriately. Born in June 2009, Trent is one of our greatest achievements. He is all boy and can usually be found climbing on and jumping off furniture, trying to finagle an extra movie, or bossing us all around. He loves reading, Minecraft and Pokemon Go, playing with his Legos, wrestling, and LAUGHING! We have such a giggle box!

Drew - our BIG dash {all 9 pounds of her} of feminine sass joined our family in January 2013. She is all sugar and spice and everything nice bossy. She loves her cousins, drawing, the color pink, anything princess, helping me cook, reading, stalling bedtime, wearing tutus every day, and being silly.

Paige - our BIGGEST joy came 2 weeks late in December 2016 and has remained a relaxed and chill little girl ever since. She loves to eat, play and sing, snuggle with her mama, and suck her thumb. Her big siblings in equal parts entertain her and torment her, and she is the best caboose to our family we could have ever hoped for!

One of my greatest joys is the bond between these two. They make my heart happy.
I hope for the same for all 3 as Paige grows!

Supporting cast:
Patty -  My wonderful sister.  She was forced to hang out with me everyday for about 18 years...and she still likes me.  'Nuff said.
Miles - My adorable nephew (son of Patty and her hubs David). 2nd cutest little boy ever and my first baby love. Born March 2009.
Blair - My sweet niece.  She joined 'our' brood in April 2011, and I can't stop buying pink!!
Mayer - the surprise bundle of love that was welcomed by my sis just a few weeks after Drew in February 2013.
Babs/Pops - My parents
Nana/Papa - Brent's parents (my FABULOUS in-laws)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! So happy you are here!