Monday, May 20, 2019

Last 3

I thought it could be kind of fun to share the 'last 3' of random things in life. Not a deep post by any means, but I thought it could be kind of fun. {grin}

Last 3 TV Shows I Watched
Parks & Rec (rewatch)
Game of Thrones - HOLY SNARKIES!!!!!
Grimm (rewatch)

Last 3 Songs I Bought
Sucker by Jonas Brothers {I KNOW, don't start on me}
Girls Like Me by Maroon 5
The Greatest by Sia

Last 3 Books I Finished
99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
The Whistler by John Grisham
*also currently reading another book and have 3 more checked out eek*

Last 3 Essential Oils Used
Tea Tree Oil - fighting some scalp buildup
Lavender/Citronella - Paige had a bug bite
Lemon - on my dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

Last 3 People I Texted

Last 3 Drinks Drank Other Than Water
Scotch on the rocks {it was terrible but 4 of us drank some for Brent's birthday}

Last 3 Workouts
Jazzercise Strike - a kickboxing style class
Lifted weights at home
Jazzercise Interval - a mix of traditional cardio and weights

Last 3 Amazon Purchases
Art supplies for Drew's class
Trent's MTHFR cream
Nespresso pods

Last 3 Meals I Ate
Fajitas at a friend's house where we had our first swim of the season!
Applegate breaded chicken patty and a sweet potato hash brown
Appetizers at a local restaurant - calamari and potato skins plus dessert - Yum!

Last 3 Websites I Was On
Pinterest - cruising for new recipe ideas and found 2 to try this week!
HEB - grocery order complete
The Ringer - reading articles before the GoT finale!

Last 3 Phone Calls
Drew's pediatrician - getting a referral to cauterize her nose, womp womp
A partner I work with, Jason - so fun when he calls while I have kids in the car, ha

So what did you think? Fun or stupid? {grin}

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day Fun

I'm not going to to recap my Mother's Day but wanted to share a few tidbits.

First, when I picked Paige up from school on Friday, she had a little Mother's Day present for me - a macaroni necklace she painted and made in class! BUT she decided to keep it for herself. The bag said 'To: Mom From: Paige' but she told me it said 'To: Paige From: Paige' and that it was a birthday present for herself. 

I teased her all weekend as she wore the necklace and refused to give it to me, but she stuck with her 'birthday present' story. She also told me Monday night that it WAS a Mother's Day necklace that she made...for herself. #ouch 

Then, Friday afternoon I took all 3 kids to Target alone. Also known as hell on earth. Why on MY weekend did I do this to myself? I don't know honestly, they suckered me into it.

Saturday, Brent had a work event. Normally that would be really annoying but not so when he works with 2 of his best friends whose wives I happen to love and have been friends with for a LONG time. [We also had book club Friday night so I saw my girls Friday too!]

Work wives!

I left earlier than everyone else from the work after-party {because I stayed up way too late on Friday night}, so I was in much better shape Sunday morning than Brent.

Isn't this just SO typical of a husband? {grin}

We had a very nice day - church, nap, flowers and treats from my family, evening spent with my mom and sister.

This this girl, her sass, and her fashion sense!

Biggest news of the weekend though...I had my LAST nursing session with Paige Mother's Day night! I decided that would be a fitting ending day. And last night, I was able to put her to bed with ZERO fussing. I kept reminding her that milk was gone and if she got upset, Daddy would finish her bedtime. And it went perfectly! Woot, woot!