Friday, September 20, 2019

Five on Friday


Downton Abbey

GUYS. Guys. Guys. The movie comes out TODAY, 
and I have tickets for tomorrow.
I'm dying. I can't believe this day is here!!!

Yes, I spent $12.99 on this!


4th Excision

Sigh. I had another excision last week. 
My back looks like I've been in a bad knife fight.
Can we please get to a point where I don't have wonky moles?


Christmas Shopping

I ordered my first set of Christmas presents!
And the big kids have made lists!
With the girls having their birthdays right at Christmas time,
that time of year is super I've tried the last few years to get ahead.
And spread out the expenses! Ha!


Doc Martens

Did y'all know Doc Martens are back in style?
I am seriously going to bust these 1998 babies back out this fall!
I bought these with my own money as a senior in high school - 
they are so special to me!!
Brent has asked me for years to get rid of these shoes, and I wouldn't.
Now I know why I kept them - things always come back around, ha.



Look whose title has changed!!!
Been a long time coming, and I still can't believe it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Life Lately

We've been back in school for just about a month and are rocking right along...mostly! I'm volunteering in 2 libraries {anyone surprised?}, wrangling kids for activities - Drew and Paige are dancing and Trent will start basketball soon!, and just managing life.

I'm sorry but she is so cute in her dance outfit!

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends lost her mother. My heart is so sad for her - she's been sick for a few years but her death was unexpected - she was such a fun and generous mother, and I know she leaves a hole in Kelly's heart. Well, we got together one Saturday to get her out of the house and went to the cutest local boutique and coffee shop! I got some really cute stuff and already have some ideas for Christmas.

Our loonies


Anyone remember last spring when Drew had strep 4 times in a row? And we went to the ENT and touched on her frequent nose bleeds? Well, we finally went back to have her nose looked at again. I kept telling Drew this appointment wouldn't hurt - reminder that she SCREAMED and pitched a huge fit over the throat culture - because I thought we'd leave with an appointment to have her nose cauterized. Welp, we were able to chemically cauterize her nose in the appointment, which was great news because no anesthesia or hospital co-pay, but also bad because it DID hurt my girl! 

Mad at her mama AGAIN leaving the ENT

We had book club last weekend and read The Alchemist. Kit and Heather were our lovely hosts always have themes relevant to our books - it always adds a little something extra.

Heather is co-owner of an amazing cookie-making company, Doughmestic Batches.
Not only were they so cute and on-point, they were delicious!

Keeping covered for a journey through the Middle East

I just thought the other day how we'd made it a month of school with no one being sick...and of course, I got a call yesterday for poor Paigey!

Big yawn from the tired girl whose ear hurts. :(

I'm finishing up my re-watch of Downton Abbey in anticipation of the movie - anyone else ready and excited?!?!