Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Camping with 7-Year-Olds

Paige has had a great 2nd year in Girl Scouts. She had a campout this past weekend that I got to join! A girl in her troop lives on several acres and volunteered to host us, and we had so much fun. Paige had a birthday party in the morning, so we were a little late to the campout, but she jumped right into the activities.

How cool is the headband she made finger knitting?

It wouldn't be a campout without smores!

All the girls in nature - I love that NOT ONCE did anyone ask for a device.

How awesome is this bluebonnet shot I got?!

Sleeping Saturday night was a disaster. It was super windy and one little girl had a ROUGH night {before going home at 2:45 AM}. I also didn't enjoy my cot and sleeping bag - I was tired and sore Sunday morning. But the girls were all in great moods and ready for more adventures.

It's a hard job snuggling the troop leader's baby...but somebody has to do it.

Paige at Daphne at McDonald's - fancy lunch!
[Meanwhile Brent's parents took Brent and Drew to my favorite restaurant!]

A hike followed by a lesson on pollinators!

I'm going to need to learn to do a better job of tent camping because I think there's going to be a lot more of it in my Girl Scout future, but other than some rough sleep {or NOT sleep}, we had a great adventure!