Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CPA Sillies

April 15 can be a frustrating day to a CPA for a bunch of reasons. But, for an auditor, the biggest issue is people constantly assuming we are busy January - March because of the April 15 tax deadline or asking us to do their taxes. #IAMANAUDITOR However, some of my favorite CPA moments {'favorite' used loosely here as there is nothing 'favorite' about being a CPA} have happened recently.

My brother-in-law {who has been married to my sister for almost TWELVE years and who I've known since I was 14} asked me how much work it would be for me to become a CPA. To which I replied, 'I am a CPA and have been one for 10 years.' He was really trying to understand why I don't do taxes. Because I'm an auditor.

At about 9:00 Monday night, Brent asks me if we should do a quarterly estimated tax payment {taxes aren't taken from his paycheck this year}. Um, that's an excellent question for the CPA of the family...that I couldn't answer without asking TWO tax managers at my firm... #cpafail

Did you get your taxes done? And yes, I'm still up at 11:54 PM working...but NOT on anyone's tax return. {grin}


Anonymous said...

So, you're saying there's achance you'll do my taxes? - AP

Karen M. Peterson said...

I always get a refund, and yet I always find myself filing late. I don't know why. I really need to just do it. It's silly.

I used to work for a CPA and tax time was the worst. Seriously, it had to be invented by politicians because it is evil.