Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fashion Help for a 15 Month Old 33 Year Old

Y'all. This is serious. 

Drew has her 1-year photo shoot tomorrow {yes, #momfail for my 15 month old but to be fair I wanted her pictures to be outdoors and that doesn't work well with a January 2 birthday}. I need some help deciding what Sassy Pants should wear. The main issue I'm having {and yes, I realize how ludicrous this is, but guess what, I've done it before} is the bow situation. Girlfriend is rocking a mega-mullet, so a bow is required. And none really match. So I'm stumped... And here we go... PLEASE comment with your favorite outfit and bow {and pick ANY bow, doesn't have to be the one I put with the outfit}. She will wear a pair of white sandals regardless.

Outfit #1 - I love this bubble romper and think you can only wear a bubble romper for so long {especially if she inherits my legs}, so it's so perfect for a toddler. But the boooooow situation... I could do another solid? Or another pattern to contrast? 

Outfit #2 - Another 'only appropriate for a toddler' outfit, and she looks SO cute in this, but is it too casual?

Outfit #3 - This is a 3-6 month dress that Drew can wear as a top with black leggings. Super wrinkled so the top layer isn't laying flat.

Outfit #4 - I absolutely love this dress, but the bow situation is the pits. And maybe too pale for pictures?

Outfit #5 - Her pictures are in the bluebonnets, so will this be too much blue or will it be cute?

Outfit #6 - I love little girls in overalls. And of course...the blow doesn't match.

So...what do you think?


plauschinat said...

I like the blue dress (5) with the darker bow in option 2. But all good choices!

the blogivers said...

While I love #5, I share your concern that it might be too much blue - and might have the same problem with #3? That being said, I think #4 is my fave! But I feel like I am too new to baby bows to decide which one you have that will go with it, so, that's all my input :)

The Roaches... said...

I say outfits 1, 4, and 3 in that order. If you used the black bow with black shoes, it might not be such a contrast. I also like the brownish colored bow, but it might be too close to her hair color. Though, that could be good thing too. :-)

Kathryn Bagley said...

I like outfit #1 and maybe use a bow with a pop of color like that pink or reddish one? i also liked the blue dress but it may be too much blue?? Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Dee Stephens said...

I like the blue dress!

Courtney said...

I love outfit #4! Do you have a white or off-white bow/headband? I love a white bow and white sandals for the spring :).

Melissa said...

I like #3, not too busy, very cute!

Melissa said...

I like #3, not too busy, very cute!