Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 15 Months

Our Drew Babe is 15 months old. I can't believe it! Our girl is such a stinker, and I am loving every minute of being her mama!

I love her milk gut in this picture!

Height: 29.5" {25%}
Weight: 19 lbs, 2 ozs {25%}
Head circumference: 18.5" {almost 90%, haha}
Diaper size: Size 3 in disposables and 1 snap down in cloth
Clothes: 9 months {mostly, except some pants} at Carter's and 6-12 months at Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree
Shoe size: 4 or 4.5

Our girl is a peanut for sure! She takes after me - I didn't grow from pretty much 1 -2, ha.

Drew has just over 10 words. Bubbles, woof {dog}, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh {BEYOND cute}, no {she will point her finger while doing this}, more, cluck {chicken}, something I can't pronounce myself for Brother, dada {although I still don't really hear mama}, Pops.

Loves to hand me bows to put on her head. Of course, loves to yank them off when I want her to wear them to look extra cute.

Majorly starting to get attitude. Will throw herself backwards on the floor. Luckily tantrums are short lived!

Is SO busy. Into everything. Loves to do what she knows she isn't supposed to.

Case in point.

Did I mention into everything?

Loves: baby dolls, her brother, anything a grown-up has {keys, cell phone, chai cups, ha}, snacks {especially her brother's}, stuffed animals, music, her Babs, shoes, climbing, being outside, baths/water.

Doesn't love: being told no, when her brother sits in my lap {she hits him!}, having to get IN her car seat, her high chair, TV {yay!}.

Don't worry, the cup was empty!

Really getting into books {finally}. Loves the Usborne 'That's Not My...' books. Favorite book is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. Loves to turn the pages for you.

Nurses morning and night on weekdays with 1 sippy cup of breastmilk for lunch at school. Nurses on demand on the weekends. Loves to nurse!

Can you see what is at her feet?
She loves to take off door stops and carry them around. #weirdo

Bites and hits. Oops. Total sassy pants.

Has a mullet! EEK!

Can you see her itty-bitty pigtails?!?! I died.

Is growing up too fast!

Got her 7th tooth this month. Bottom right molar. And that was a b*tch coming in. Can't wait for more.

Sleeping through the night 90% of the time. Goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 and typically gets up at about 6:30 or 7:00.

Blurry picture but I just wanted to show off her adorable outfit!

Still flips her tongue and sucks it when she is tired. So sweet.

She might be feisty {all my fault I'm sure}, but Drew is the sweetest bit of sass there is. She snuggles me quite a lot and is really so loving overall. I am so glad she is ours!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Cute post!! Was that a Texas hat I saw?! :))

Dee Stephens said...

Her and Shelbs sound a lot alike. Especially, the falling back and throwing a tantrum!! LOL!!!!!!!!! :-\