Thursday, July 7, 2016

July Goals

I can't believe June is over, and it's time to talk about July goals. Summer is in full swing in Texas these days. It's hot, it's humid, but we're making the most of it!

Here's how I did with my June goals:
1. More Moving - Eh. I did more moving but not as much as I set out to do. I hope to do better in July.
2. Pool Time - I think we can say this one got knocked out of the park. Between lots of days at the country club pool and the kids' swim lessons, we were at the pool A LOT. Consider us part fish! And with the forecast being 99 or 100 every day in the 10-day forecast, I think it's a safe bet where we'll be in July.
3. Organize Playroom - I technically did this on July 1 but damn it, it's done! Took me about half a day. Everything {for now} has a home, but let's see how quickly that falls apart.
4. Decorate Office - Does it count that Jennifer and I talked about it? She's got a busy calendar for a few more weeks, so we're going to plan for late July to tackle the office and some changes for the playroom.

1. Drew's Big Girl Room - I've got her new bedding and a headboard, but she still needs a mattress {Brent is tackling that one}, a bed skirt {Target, I'm coming for you}, and some new wall decor. This one might take into August with the decorating, but I'm confident we can get her bed together in the next week.

2. Organize the Kid's Closets - This won't take me a long time, but I constantly put it off. The kids have shelves above their hanging space, and they get kind of messy. I just need to organize those and also clear out clothes that are too small.

3. Eating Before San Diego - I might be pregnant, but that doesn't mean I need to eat like a 250 pound trucker. Which would be an apt way to describe my eating style lately. We leave for a trip to San Diego in 2 weeks, so I want to be much more diligent and eat more cleanly before we go!

4. Everything I Didn't Finish in June - I want to continue with more exercise and get the decorating projects I postponed done - shouldn't be too hard!

What are your goals for July?


Unknown said...

Kohl's has nice bed skirts too in case you want options. Totally jealous of the San Diego trip! Lord knows there's plenty to eat out there! Congrats on #3 too!!