Monday, October 12, 2015

DITL: October 11, 2015

I've been trying to keep it interesting with my Day in the Life posts by not always picking a work day, since it seems those days are usually very similar. So I decided Sunday, October 11, 2015 would be a fun day because it had some unique elements to it. {as you'll soon see!} {Previous posts: January, April, July}

Setting: early fall {although was still over 90* today}
Brent and Allena are 35. Trent is 6.25. Drew is 2.75.

7:30am - Trent comes into our room and wakes me up to see if he can listen to a book on my phone {We check out audiobooks from the library and can download them on our phones. Right now he's eating up Beverly Cleary books. It's fun for me to listen along and remember the adventures of Ramona and Beezus and hear some stories I haven't before.} Sure thing kid so I can lay here a little longer! 

7:45am - I roll out of bed. {Brent went to some friends of ours house last night and, knowing he would drink, knew he was going to spend the night.} I hear Drew singing to herself.

T listening

She might have been singing, but I don't think she was quite ready to wake up!

7:55am - Since it's a Sunday, we'll head to church. I don't usually care what Drew wears day-to-day. She is particular about her outfits, and it's not something I want to fight about. But I do care for church. So we have to negotiate a little!

Not a good picture, but me and my side kick!

8:00am - Decide to fold a load of laundry from Saturday.

The upside to Brent being gone, I didn't have to fold these before I went to bed!

 Where D wants to sit while I fold.

8:15am - Put clothes away. Text with Brent and my cousin, Hagan, for a little bit.

T plays with Legos while I put away his clothes.
He can put his away, but I let it slide this morning.

Drew colors and looks at books.

8:25am - Today is a reintroduction day for Whole 30, so I'm testing how my body handles gluten. I decided to make oatmeal for breakfast, and of course, my helper wants to help!

She 'helps' me pour the oatmeal into the pot onto the floor.

8:35am - Cleaned the floor. Made oatmeal.

8:45am - Ate breakfast with the kiddos. Realize we need to probably start getting a little faster with our getting ready if we don't want to be late for church {like we are almost every week}.

8:51am - Ironed Drew's dress.

9:00 - 9:40am - Get ready, and we are late leaving for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 - this one taking forever to go to the bathroom!
{Notice the seat on the floor - she likes it that way!}

Reason #2 - Listening to books and reading them on my phone instead of getting dressed.

Because this is EXACTLY where underwear go!

9:40am - Get on the road. I had a conversation with Trent about not being his maid and needing to work on his manners.

9:58am - Park at church!

I wanted to take a pic of the kids before we left. This is what we got instead.

10:02am - Walk into church. Late. As usual. DANG IT! The kids were pretty good for all of mass. Trent read some books to himself {I am still amazed that he is reading really good!}, Drew was a little wild. I was a host minister during communion. We had a really good homily about forgiveness and it being impossible to be married to a perfect person because no one is perfect. I love our priest!

11:05am - Church is over. Once a month is hospitality Sunday, and we can stay for lunch. Trent calls this the 'feast' and loves it. So we help clean up after mass and the kids play a little. Trent also falls in love with a little rosary holder and convinces Pops to buy it.

11:30am - Feast time! I really wanted a picture with my parents, but it felt weird pulling my phone out, so you just have to believe me about everything that happened in church.

12:05pm - We leave. Kids run around outside for a few minutes.

Bye church!

12:15pm - Stop to get gas. Trent complains. I get irritated and tell him he doesn't have to do anything but sit there so get over it.

12:30pm - Drew starts crying over the rosary holder and wanting to see it, but Trent doesn't want to share. I get her to stop crying and tell both children to be quiet.

This video is a little longer for something I'd want to post normally, but if you get to about 20 seconds in, you'll see why I had to post. {Kathryn, you'll love this!} And I love seeing Drew's pigs sneak over into the shot. {grin}

12:45pm - Drew starts crying because she got her croc strap stuck. I get her to stop crying and tell both children to be quiet. {grin}

1:00pm - We get home, and I get Drew ready for her nap. Read to Drew. She wants to be in pajamas and sleep on Bubba's bed. I comply with both requests, and she promises to not get off the bed.

Terrible picture, but I love that she is resting on me. My snuggle bug.

1:15 - 1:30pm - Finish grocery list, change clothes for trip to the mall. BY MYSELF!

1:30pm - Leave for mall. I might have done a happy dance on the way out the door.

2:05pm - Arrive at Nordstrom's. I need new bras SO bad, so I picked Nordstrom's, so I can get fitted and have some help. Bought 6 bras and some underwear. Love that store! No pictures because duh. Was texting Brent and Kristen while shopping and plan to stop by Kristen's new house after I leave the mall. After I left Nordstrom's, I walked around the mall for a bit. Beau's birthday was in September, but Kristen and Sky were in Florida so no party. I found a present for her {I mean she IS my only goddaughter!}

3:30pm - Leave the mall. Stop at Picnik for another marshmallow chai! SO yummy!

4:00pm - Head to Kristen's. They built a house and moved in January and then found another house in their dream location, so they are moving again! They are doing some remodeling first, so they aren't living in it yet. It's so cute, and I'm so excited to see what they do to it!

Silly besties!

The new casa - can't wait to see it all finished!

Love these peeps. 
We're going to the Auburn-A&M game in 3 weeks. Can you tell who is cheering for which team?

6:00pm - I started trying to leave at 5:00 but didn't make it out of their place until 6:00. Schuyler joked as he came to bring some remodeling rubble out to the trash that we kept getting further away from my car as we talked. Ha!

6:10pm - Arrive at Natural Grocer. I almost talked myself out of doing the grocery shopping, but I knew Monday would be a busy day, so I press on. I not only have to get groceries for our family, but it's also our turn to get them for Drew's class at school.

6:42pm - Done! Natural Grocer is my favorite store, and they have so much less crap food, so they're a much smaller store. I can get in and out SO fast.

Kombucha for the ride home!

7:12pm - Arrive home. Drew is watching a movie {Brent had to wake her up at 5:30!} and Trent is in the shower. When Trent gets out, he gets his pill and cream, and both kids start acting like wild hooligans while I unpack the groceries. I got them pretzels and gum, and they are EXCITED!

7:25pm - Get in the shower with Drew. Allergies have her super nasty, so we're clearing her nose out in the shower at least once a day.

7:45pm - I have in my notes that Drew said 'it makes me so happy', but now I can't remember what she was talking about. Gum? Me? Who knows! But I'm glad my girl is happy, I guess!

Maybe she was talking about her squirty fruits?

7:50pm - The kids continue their naked shenanigans - Brent slings them on the couch, and they laugh hysterically.

8:15pm - Bedtime! I put Drew down, and Brent puts Trent down. #teamwork

8:40pm - Sit down to start this post and watch Once Upon a Time. I feel pretty lame that my feet hurt and sitting feels good. Let's blame it on my unsupportive sandals and move on, mmm-kay?

9:15pm - Trent sneaks out to download a new book. We settle on another one by Beverly Cleary, Otis Spofford. Another one I haven't heard of!

10:00pm - Show Brent my mall purchases, we visit for pretty much the first time all day.

11:00pm - He is watching Rocky III {his favorite one}, and I read The Scottish Prisoner.

Good night from the Gurleys!

11:22pm - I start to nod off while reading, so Brent goes to the living room to finish Rocky III, and I call it a night!


Kathryn Bagley said...

A boy after my own heart!! lol..I mean he even knows the 'rap' part! love it! Can't wait til LSU plays yall!! #geauxtigers ha!

KristenW said...

Best post ever?!! LOVE YOU!

The Long Family said...

Love going to the grocery store alone!