Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I am so excited for this weekend and the cuteness overload that will be happening. Not only is it Halloween {duh}, but Trent is also in a program at school about Heroes in History and will be Albert Einstein. Can't wait to see that adorableness. So let's do a Five on Friday, okay?!


Has anyone heard of the brand Leesa for mattresses?  Brent and I just bought one of their mattresses. It's a pretty cool concept - they don't have any stores so the price is super competitive, and the mattress comes in a box compressed delivered to your door. They also offer a 100% guarantee - try it for 30 days and can return if you don't like. We've had it about a week, I'll let you know what we decide to do!


Allison and I are engaging in another book challenge. In case you had any doubts over our level of nerdiness, I'd say this would solidify it. And if that didn't, then the emails and word documents we've shared compiling our lists would for sure! We both still have a few more to add, but I love using this as a chance to try new stuff!


I bought a pair of Tom's booties and have major mixed emotions about them. I think they are adorable {after vehemently hating booties for years} and will help me not look so blah in the winter, but I am also a little scared to wear them. They intimidate me, ha!


I may or may not have already paid for the installation of our Christmas lights! A lady was in our neighborhood because our neighbors are using her company to hang theirs and I totally got a quote from her and booked them. I am so stoked! I warned Brent when we moved that there WOULD BE lights every year.


Speaking of all the cuteness in the world, behold my cuties in their costumes.

You might be asking yourself 'Wasn't Trent a storm trooper last year?' Well, no, he was a CLONE trooper {although I called him a storm trooper and those are very different things}! I got their costumes over a month ago when they were 40% off at Target randomly - amazed they each found something they liked, found their size {especially tricky with peanut Drew}, and that they still like them!

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your Halloween is full of treats!


Brent Gurley said...

You may have booked them......I may have canceled them.

Chelsea said...

Love the booties ;) Adorable
Happy Friday
Chelsea @

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love the shoes!!

Karen Peterson said...

Yay for Christmas lights!!

Your kiddos look so great in their costumes!