Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mo Canny Pease

We had a great Halloween! The holidays are just getting more and more fun as the kids get older. 

The kids' school was closed on Friday, so my parents and sister kept them. My mom kept the babies at my sister's house, and my sister and my dad took the 3 big kids to Sweet Berry Farms for the day. I am so glad my family is so open to my kids, but this is when being a working mom is a little bittersweet.

Mom sent this picture and said Drew wanted to hold Mayer's hand. I died.

I was a little nervous how T would behave, but my sister and dad have a ton of experience with him, and he did great!

His really special face.

We found out Thursday evening that foundation was going in at our house Friday morning {squeeeeeee!}, so our plans changed for trick or treating because we wanted to go check out the new house. Our friends and soon-to-be neighbors invited us to trick or treat with them in our new neighborhood. We got to meet a lot of new neighbors, and the kids had a blast. Trent wanted to be a storm trooper, so we dressed Drew as Princess Leia. She had a massive fit when it was time to change {the terrible 2s have officially started in our house}, and Brent came to the rescue and got her dressed. Unfortunately, his streak continues, and her costume was worn all night backwards. {For anyone keeping count, that makes 3 times he's dressed her backwards.}

Me and my cute Star Wars kids

Think he's a fan?

Ready for canny {candy}

Drew insisted on immediately eating her candy. It was hilarious. She would run up, say 'trick or treat', get a piece of candy and start trying to eat it through the wrapper. We finally slowed her down when she got a dum-dum and that took a while. 3 pieces of candy was apparently enough to make her wild, and she ran around growling - screw that wagon! Trent decided he wanted to ride for a while.


Eating mo' canny

I'd say he enjoyed his night!

Hope everyone got more treats than tricks - I know we sure did!


Dee Stephens said...

So cute! that's awesome about the new neighborhood! I bet that made you feel so good.
Shelby tried eating her candy right then and there too. I refused! ;0 LOL! She did that for trick or treat in Louisiana and it was BAD!! HAAA! Im about to put together my Halloween posts. My work has firewalled me to death now and I can barely even read blogs anymore much less comment or post :(
Sucks! that's why I'm so behind. Miss you!

Jenna said...

no picture of the foundation? :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

That looks like a really fun Halloween! Glad the kids had a great time!