Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fashion {Yes, I Laughed as I Typed That}

Today for the #NovemberBlogathon topic today it's about Fall Fashion. Which I have little that is, ha. Maxi skirts and Old Navy t-shirts are my favorite 'outfit'. I don't experiment with color or print or fun jewelry very often. But I do have a few things I like to pull out periodically for fun!

I'm getting into scarves and especially infinity scarves.
I'm wearing a black t-shirt but look so cute, right?

Skinny jeans + riding boots or flats - LOVE!

Dresses and leggings! 
I love taking a summer dress and being able to wear it year-round

What do you love to wear in the fall?


Karen M. Peterson said...

You look so cute! Fun outfits!