Monday, November 10, 2014

My 3 Favorite Posts

It's hard to remember every post I've written in 6 years {wow!} of blogging, but a few popped out that I thought would be worth sharing...oldies but goodies you might say.

1. My 100th post with 100 things I love.

2. I still love how I announced our pregnancy with Drew. {grin}

3. And my favorites are still the birth stories of our babies.  Trent's is here, and Drew's are here and here.

And a few favorites from the weekend... Brent was hunting all weekend, so it was just me and the kiddos. We had a great weekend - seriously one of our best ever.

This was technically Thursday but sue me. I really have the cutest kids.

Somebody did great getting a haircut! Ice cream for everyone.
[Ignore his hideous shirt]

Messpot here had ice cream everywhere then peed her pants. 
#winning #toocutetocare

Saturday we had a lot of adventures. Grocery store, new library cards for everyone {passing on my bookworm gene}, and a stop at Starbucks. Drew from the backseat 'choc milk, choc milk' the WHOLE way there. Ha!

Think they like it?

It's about time you gave me my damn milk, woman.

Sunday we did church with my mother-in-law and she took the kids to her house for Drew's nap so I could shop. Drew got a new carseat to get her out of her infant carrier. She's still rear-facing, but now in 1 that will be her seat until she is out of carseats {it's the Graco 4ever, and I'm in love}. I had 2 hours without children just leisurely shopping {sad though that my stops were Babies R Us and Carter's}.

New digs

Hope your weekend was filled with favorites too! #NovemberBlogathon


Kathryn Bagley said...

Trent looks so handsome!! Your PG announcement with Drew was one of my favs! I will always remember that :)