Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall DIY

I am not a DIY person. I honestly would rather pay someone to make it than deal with making it myself. The few times I have tried to do something it usually ends up fine, but I get so frustrated right in the middle and then am too critical.

With that said...I do love 2 fall decorations my sister made last year incorporating all our kids.

I actually did help Patty with this, and it was really easy!

Being the season of Thanksgiving, a year ago today, our very sick little boy was admitted to the hospital for our horrible journey of a leg strep infection. We have no idea how he got that, but we are so thankful he recovered so quickly with no side effects. Looking back on what was to come that week, I am beyond thankful for health right now!

Do you DIY? I think in the new house I'd like to attempt a burlap wreath for the front door. We'll see if that ever happens... #NovemberBlogathon


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love those projects! They turned out cute!!