Saturday, November 29, 2014

Book Club Book Review: Me Before You

I'm being super lazy {as can be evidenced by my lack of blogging}, but I'm tired and a little sick, so the thought of uploading holiday pictures and blogging about the goodness that has been the last few days must wait. {grin} Instead you get the latest book club review! Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Plot: I really don't want to share with you the full plot of the story, because I think it gives the ending away {or at least it did for me}, so I am going to give you just a portion: Before Louisa met Will, her plans didn't reach beyond their tiny English town. Will, when he wasn't closing multimillion-dollar deals, blew off steam scaling mountains, leaping from planes, and enjoying exquisite women--until an accident left him paralyzed and seriously depressed. When his mother hires Lou to keep his spirits up, he meets her awkward overtures with caustic contempt, but she's tenacious and oddly endearing. Their fondness grows into something deeper...

Review: I absolutely LOVED this book. Amy {who also picked Before I Go to Sleep} chose another winner! Was it the best book I've ever read? No. Was it the best writing ever? No. But was the story beautiful? Yes! Did it make me think about life from a different point of view? Yes! Did I cry at the end both happy and sad tears? Yup. I also felt like it gave us some really good discussion because we had some differences of opinion for our questions, and I really think that makes for a fun get together [nerd alert]. Added bonus - this will be our 5th book being made into a movie! Can't wait!