Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Traditions

Brent and I have very similar childhoods. We grew up in very stable homes with parents who are still married and in love {yes, I know how blessed we are}. Our extended families are still close and have had holiday traditions that were established long ago. Having been together as long as we have, it really hasn't ever been difficult creating new traditions.

A random family get together at my grandparents - Spring 1995:
Patty, my cousin Abby, me

We still celebrate holidays with my mom's side of the family {her siblings, their kids, and grandkids}. All my grandparents have passed away, so instead of always getting together at my grandparents, we rotate houses. My dad is 1 of 2 kids compared to my mom being 1 of 7, and them all having grown up in the same town of 1,000 people my dad's brother comes over a lot too. I have 10 cousins on my mom's side and 1 on my dad's.

Thanksgiving 2013 at my uncle's house in Austin

When Brent and I started getting serious, we would just spend half the day at one side and half at the other. But as families have grown, celebrations have moved around a little. Now my mom's family gets together typically the Saturday after the official holiday. That way everyone can do their 'immediate' family on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. That has made it a lot easier!

Christmas Eve '82

Usually at some point we also get together with my parents and sister, but we just fit that in at some point.

Thanksgiving weekend 2012 - my parents' house

Brent still has both his grandmothers, but his dad's side of the family hardly ever gets together, and we get together with his mom's side at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter usually. So our tradition for Thanksgiving will be to go to Brent's Nannie's house on Thanksgiving Day and then my mom's family will celebrate that weekend.

I think this is Christmas Eve 1998, but I could be wrong

So there you have our fall traditions. I absolutely love this time of year and get so excited - the next 2 months are my favorites! #NovemberBlogathon


Karen M. Peterson said...

I pretty much always go to my mom's house for Christmas. Thanksgiving I go back and forth between my parents. I don't know what will happen now with Chris in the mix.

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

I'm loving that first picture....1990's at its finest!!!! Thanks for blogging along with the challenge this month! xo!

Anonymous said...

It took me a second to recognize you and Patty in that first picture! Love it!