Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm copying an old post of Jennifer's, but I thought for my 100th post (yippee!!), I'd list 100 of my favorite things.

1. My husband, family and friends (listing all those people could be 100 by itself)
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Sugary candy
4. Pedicures
5. Christmas (all holidays but especially Christmas)
6. The Bobby Bones Show
7. Taking fun pictures
8. DVR
9. Chai lattes from Starbucks
10. Parties
11. Freebird's
12. Super Target
13. Shoes
14. An outfit that makes me feel pretty
15. My husband's Polo cologne (he hasn't worn it in ages but it was what he wore in high school - will always make me think of him)
16. Presents (giving and receiving)
17. The color PINK!!!
18. Bluebonnets
19. Schroeder's Place burgers
20. Oldies (why doesn't Austin have an Oldies station?)
21. Icee's
22. Reading
23. Law & Order: SVU
24. The Dixie Chicks
25. Weddings
26. Porch swings
27. Alamo Drafthouse
28. My Charming Kids
29. Mexican food
30. My super cute (starting to come together) nursery
31. Online shopping
32. Decorating the house
33. Reading other people's blogs
34. Milkshakes
35. Massages
36. Burt's Bees
37. Outlet malls
38. Romantic comedies
39. Having followers on my blog (and knowing that people read and like it)
40. Breakfast tacos from El Rincon and Jovita's
41. Getting flowers
42. Babies
43. Saturday mornings (and sleeping late)
44. Chick-fil-A
45. Finishing a project
46. Getting packages
47. Lonesome Dove (book and movie)
48. The internet
49. Texas A&M Aggies (Whoop!)
50. Summer
51. Kisses (although not until swine flu passes)
52. Finishing a hard workout
53. Looking at old pictures
54. V8 Fusion
55. Any meal made by my mother-in-law
56. Being a Texan
57. Monograms (come to my house, you'll see)
58. Twilight
59. Willow Tree people
60. My church
61. Luna bars
62. Finding my favorite song on the radio
63. Old Navy
64. My cousin's (Tina) noodles
65. WINE (I miss it dearly)
66. Sex and the City
67. Texas Country music
68. The toll roads
69. A nice nap
70. Live concerts (of artists I love)
71. A sale at a favorite store
72. Musicals (and their soundtracks)
73. Cupcakes
74. A great smelling candle
75. A fun date with my hubby
76. A warm fire on a cold night (very rare in Texas but still wonderful)
77. True crime (I love the Investigation Discovery channel)
78. IM
79. A long bath
80. Making my own coke mixture at Bucee's
81. Whataburger
82. Drinking games
83. A good run
84. The first few minutes after I get into bed and can begin to RELAX
85. Owning my own home
86. iPods
87. My dad's BBQ
88. Email
89. A day off of work
90. Holding Miles
91. Talking on the phone
92. Vacations
93. Us Weekly
94. Blogging
95. Lazy Sundays
96. Cadbury cream eggs
97. Gone with the Wind
98. The parents' houses (mine and Brent's)
99. Snow cones (yes, I realize I also have Icee's on here - they are different)
100. Being pregnant


Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I have still never been to Schroeders!
Austin used to have an oldies station and one day it was just gone... sad

The Roaches... said...

Allena!!! Emily gave me your blog address! How exciting that you're pregnant! I've asked Emily to send me your email address. Talk soon!!