Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Many things to note today:

1. My nephew is precious, and I have evidence. Doesn't it look like he's starting to fill out? Getting a little chub on his cheeks - I LOVE it.

2. My own son has caused my feet/ankles to swell. Last night I had no sign of an ankle bone. Dena laughed so hard she cried and almost wet herself. Will this stick around for the next 3 months? I meant to take a picture last night of how bad/hilarious they looked, but I didn't. Lucky you for not having to see the atrociousness.
3. I am:

Prayers for Stellan
You should too!


STACEY said...

That is a super cute pic of your nephew! He is adorable!
Oh & btw, I had HORRIBLE swelling of the ankles & feet…so I feel your pain.