Monday, November 2, 2015

Boo! A Halloween Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It is so fun having Halloween be on the weekend - it allowed us to pack in a lot of fun.

On Saturday, the family of a little girl in Drew's class had a party that I took the kids to. Drew got into her costume and then promptly pitched a fit about wearing her costume. Sigh. #toddlerproblems {Also: see fit thrown last year} I took her out of her costume and hoped I could get her back in it. Luckily after hanging out for a bit, we headed home to get Brent and his parents {who came over to trick or treat with us} and she finally agreed to get into her costume!

Ready for candy!

I think this is our 6th family picture of the year!

They were so cute getting candy. They loved ringing the doorbells and saying 'Trick or treat' and filling up their bags.

 Somebody got tired of her ears. {I so love this new smile of hers.}

We probably hit up 15 houses in our neighborhood and came home to find out from Brent's dad that exactly ZERO kids came to our house. We're off the main street in the neighborhood, so I guess people don't want to walk up our little circle. So now what do I do with the 5-pound back of candy I bought? Because TRUST ME, I will not be eating it! {I ate exactly 3 pieces of candy. #whole30control} I did hear about a dentist who takes any unwanted candy and sends it to the troops, so I am going to look into that for all this candy plus a big chunk of the kids' candy. Yes, I am that mom who doesn't let them eat most of it!

New pajamas from Nana...and ready for bed after way too much sugar

Sunday, Allison and I made plans to go to a movie, so I met my mother-in-law at her church with the kiddos and after a nice service, left them with her to meet Allison. She took Drew {Trent boycotted} to a local kids' amusement park {I had birthday parties there as a kid}. The pictures don't show it, but she had a great time.

 Do we think she'll give me this face as a teenager?

And this one?

Allison and I went to see Jem and the Holograms. Now before you laugh at us remember our age and that Jem was big when we were kids. I even had a Jem lunchbox back in the day.

Anyone else LOVE Jem? No? Just me?

Plot: As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin a journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden.

If you didn't love Jem as a kid and aren't 12-15 years old, you will hate this movie. Allison and I called it 'terrible fun'. The plot is laughable {and we literally laughed out loud at the silliness more than once}, but the music is fun {I might buy some of the songs off iTunes} and any Jem fan will enjoy all the fun things from the cartoon being on the big screen. I was seriously dying that several times lines from the theme song were quoted on screen {'Your outfit is truly, truly outrageous.' and 'Jem is glitter and glamour, fashion and fame.' Yes, YES, yes...these were actual lines in the movie.}. I really think the only people who will like this are women who were kids in the 80s and watched Jem. So that's probably why it has BOMBED at the box office - there aren't many of us around. {grin}

After the movie, I managed to go to the grocery store, exercise, and make dinner all before my kiddos were returned to me. I'd say we had a great weekend!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun weekend!! Kiddie Acres was DEF the place to have your party as a kid :) and I have to see Jem just for the fact that it was my all time fav cartoon back in the day!!

Karen Peterson said...

I obviously don't know because I haven't seen it, but from my understanding of the movie, they kind of missed the point from the old show. But whatever. I don't plan on seeing it and Chris's daughter hasn't expressed any interest, so I'm not going to worry about it.