Monday, November 23, 2015

While Daddy's Away...

Brent left early Friday morning for a 4-day hunting trip. Knowing it would be me and the kids for several days, I knew we'd want to stay busy!

Friday, Trent had his first field trip, and I went along. He was so cute all day. We went to a planetarium and then to a park. He has some buddies that he really likes and had so much fun.

Lining up to watch a science movie.

I didn't get any pictures at the park - I wish I had. The kids just ran and ran and ran - it was awesome! The weather was perfect on Friday, and knowing a cold front was going to come in, made us enjoy it all that much more!

Reading on the way home. Sweet boy!

 On Fridays, we can stay after school and play on the playground. I love doing this because the kids get more sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and fun with their friends, and I get to socialize with other parents. We stayed for about 2.5 hours and had a blast!

Hitching a ride with her bestie {the trikes at school are all a little big for my tiny girl}

Saturday morning there was a fundraiser for school at Barnes & Noble. There were crafts and cookie decorating. Trent played with Legos and got picked up early by my father-in-law for a birthday party for Brent's niece that was scheduled for Drew's naptime. So Drew decorated alone.

In sprinkle heaven

Do I have something on my face?

After the fundraiser, I brought Drew home for her nap. She chose to sleep in the guest room on our old mattress that has no sheets on it. Whatever - she went straight to sleep!

I woke her up early to go get Bubba and to spend time with Brent's family. The kids on that side of the family are 20, 12, and 10, so they have fun playing together, but Drew is a little shier around them.

Sunday we skipped church to hit up the grocery store. I absolutely love taking both kids to the grocery store...said no mom ever. {grin}

Obsessed with chapstick {that she calls lipstick}.
She has destroyed 2 tubes of my Burt's Bees, so Brent gave her his Carmex.
I took this picture for Brent because he was missing it, ha!

When we got home, we decided to start decorating for Christmas! I turned on carols, and Trent helped for all of 6 minutes - even though he was the one really excited in the first place. Drew loved helping me decorate - I foresee us having a lot of fun through the years!

Trying to untangle/wrap up/wear as jewelry/something the garland beads.
{Do you love how her underwear stick out over her pant and her shirt is too short?}

T's interest level...ZERO.

The tree and stockings! {Trent did organize the stockings by birthday, so sweet}
Now we just need some presents!

I ended Sunday with my movie and Babs babysat for a bit. I came home in time to do bedtime {Drew was extra difficult...threenager...sigh.} and enjoy some wine!

I'd say we survived did just fine while Daddy was away! As they get older it gets to be a lot more fun and a lot less work!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Busy weekend! Your tree looks great!!

Karen Peterson said...

That does sound like a busy weekend, but a good one! I need to start decorating!