Sunday, November 8, 2015

Even Though My Aggies Disappoint, The Weekend Didn't

Brent and I had a quick little getaway this weekend to go see my beloved Aggies play attempt to play football. Schuyler {our kids' Godfather} grew up a huge Auburn fan, so ever since A&M joined the SEC, we've talked about going to a game together, and this year we made it happen!

Ready for some football!

Love that block ATM from The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band!

The weather and the football left a lot to be desired...but not the silliness!

If we had to lose to anybody's team...I'm glad it was his.

You might wonder where Brent was this entire time. Well, we were squished so tightly in our row that I had to sit on his lap. While it rained. And my hair blew in his face. And he doesn't like the Aggies. Or Auburn. So after about a quarter and a half, he called it a day and went back to the bars. Can't say I blame him!

We had a bunch of friends in College Station also game-day-ing it up. 2 brothers had a bet, and Brent was the money keeper. Well, he also got in on the action to where if the final score was decided by exactly the line, Brent would win all the money. Well, thanks Clemson and Florida State. {grin}

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I have a need to take pictures of all the Aggie rings of my friends when a bunch of us are together. Look at all that Aggie goodness!

We might have lost {and frankly played pretty terribly}, but we still had a great weekend with friends!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun weekend! LSU lost also boo!! Your hair looks so cute curley :)