Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Drew's Transition From Casita

Today was a big day for our gurl! Since beginning at our current school in April 2014, Drew has been in the same class, the Casita class. She loves her teachers {especially the assistant, who she calls KoKo}. 

She's outgrown the class though and today was her first day in the Children's House program. She'll stay in this class until she is ready for 1st grade which seems a million years away.

I was worried she'd be nervous about going to Ms. Stephanie's class, but our school handles transitions beautifully, and she's been asking to go to Ms. Stephanie's class for about 2 weeks now. Whew! 

Making biscuits in Casita for the last time!

The main thing she was excited about was having a lunch box like Bubba's. We ordered him a new lunch box at the start of the school year that is basically a giant ice pack. It keeps food cold for 10 hours! We let him pick his pattern and of course he picked the camo/map/skull one! So Drew was super excited to pick her own and has asked every day since we got it when she gets to take it to school.

The lunch boxes! {Yes, I am the mother that takes pictures of lunch boxes}

They were watching the Scooby-Doo theme song.
Don't they look so much alike? Their eye lashes are to die for!

She's a mess! We had about a 15 minute battle over getting dressed.
I had the nerve to say she couldn't wear a) pajamas or b) something dirty today.

Her new 'special' smile

She's just growing up too fast! I can't handle it!