Friday, November 27, 2015

Five on Friday: Get Your Gobble On


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great day. We ate too much food and enjoyed time with Brent's family. I got a picture of us all...but it wasn't one you'd consider good, ha.

Gobblin' till we're wobblin'


I bought the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans a few weeks ago, and I'm in love. They fit so well and are so comfy. They're majorly on sale right now, so I foresee some cyber shopping in my future to score another pair or two.


Does anyone else watch Fixer Upper? I am obsessed and can't wait for the new season that starts December 1. Trent loves it too and we sometimes will watch an episode together on Netflix. {Brent is actually the one who introduced me to the show, ha.} I also want to hit up their store in Waco {just over an hour away}. Anyone up for a road trip?!


I had bloodwork done Wednesday to test me for the MTHFR gene mutation. Trent had to get it from somewhere and based on some of the signs of it, signs point to me likely being the culprit. I am going to be honest with y'all here - it might sound weird, but I really hope it's me, and I'll be very disappointed if it isn't. Both my OB and Trent's doc {who is now mine and Drew's doc as well} think my history of post-partum and having an emotional nature point to it being me, and I'm excited that it might be and that hopefully treatment could right those things... I should know next week!


Our trip to NYC is in just over a week, and I'm a little panicky about what I'm going to wear there. I don't like winter and my winter wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. Since it will likely be 15-20* cooler {if not more}, I need to figure it out...and fast! Anyone want to loan me some fleece leggings? {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Umm so THIS girl went a lil cray at Old Navy on black Friday :/ If I was in town I'd go on a road trip with you!!