Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Our First Jobs

The very first job I ever got paid for was babysitting - I think that's true for most teenage girls. But I don't really consider that a job - I played with kids and only did it when it coordinated with my schedule. The first job that really counted for me was working at a local pharmacy in my hometown. I had responsibilities there - I helped fill prescriptions, answered phones, stocked shelves, cleaned. Very different from babysitting! There was a schedule where I had commitments several days after school from 4-8 and some Saturdays too. I got a legit paycheck where taxes were taken out of it - that was so cool. I also made a lifelong friend there.

Angela and me at work

Angela and I met at the pharmacy the summer of 1998 and are still very close. {She was a bridesmaid in my wedding...although I wasn't in hers, ha. To be fair, she only had her future sister-in-law as an attendant.} We've gone through break-ups and make-ups and fertility struggles {she got twins out of that deal!} and moves and a million memories. She still works at that pharmacy, and I even teach oil classes there! I'd say that was a great first job.

I also have 1 really awesome memory worth sharing about my time working there. Brent and I started dating in the spring of our junior year, and I began working at the pharmacy in the fall of our senior year. We were allowed to take personal calls, but it's a really small pharmacy, so I didn't really like talking to Brent late in the evening if I was only working with my male boss. One night, Brent called {when I was working with said male boss} and after we chatted for a few minutes we got off the phone. Brent said 'I love you', and I responded with something like 'Ok' - there was no way I was about to say that back to Brent in that moment. Well, Brent just KNEW me not saying I loved him back meant I was about to break up with him, so he drove up to the pharmacy to talk to me after I got off work. The parking lot was weirdly shaped and way too dark, so as Brent drove over to our side of the lot, he drove over the side of the parking lot and cracked something under his car {can't remember what it was}. So in walks Brent right as we're about to close - majorly surprising me - needing to call his dad because he's wrecked his car - all because he thought I was going to dump him! Turns out the car was totaled, but I'd say the relationship survived!

Brent's first job was working at a local golf course. It was the 'home' course for our high school, and Brent was on the golf team, so it just made sense that he'd be a cart boy at that course. He got fired for being reckless while driving a cart - scandalous!

I don't have any pictures of him from his cart boy days.
But I do have this one from before his first job interview as an 'adult'. So cute!

What was your first job?


Kathryn Bagley said...

My first job was at 15 lifeguarding at the Wells Branch Pool! I honestly don't think 15 year olds should be in charge of saving people's lives because let's be honest..do we really think my 100 pound self could have saved a 200 pound man from drowning?! I had a lot of fun though and met some great people who I'm still friends with today!

Karen Peterson said...

How funny!

My first job was as a nanny, but it was under the table, so I suppose my first "real" job was as a cashier at K-Mart. It had its good and bad points. We had a TERRIBLE store manager and there was an incident not long before I quit where something happened and I actually got him transferred to another store. I was pretty proud of that.