Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

I used to dread fall. I loved the endless days of warm sunshine and especially no school in the summer. As I get older, I really appreciate each season for what it is. I now LOVE fall. I love all that it represents. I love Halloween which leads into Thanksgiving which leads into CHRISTMAS!!! {grin}

Before I get off on a Christmas tangent {which is quite possible}, let's focus on the fall! First up, how did I do on my September goals?

1. Whole 30 - Have I mentioned I did Whole 30?  Big.Fat.Ha on that one! I am still doing a happy dance on that one. Day 31 I celebrated with a #whole30approved kombucha.
2. Exercise - Ugh, the bane of my existence. I worked out a little bit but not what I was aiming for. I think this will be a lifelong struggle, so I'll just keep trucking.
3. Go Through Pictures & Art - Brent and I sort of did this. What we decided was we don't really have a good plan for what we want to do in this house which is bigger and has a lot more wall space than our old house. So we're leaning towards hiring a decorator. We don't want the house to look like it was randomly thrown together {like the last one}, so I'm excited about this one.
4. Decorate for Fall - DONE ON SEPTEMBER 1!! And I've possibly bought 1 or 2 or 8 {eek} decorative pumpkins for my collection. Now it's time to add in some Halloween goodies.

One of many sets of pumpkins...I might have a problem?

Now onto what I hope to do this month!

1. Pumpkin Patch - I really love doing activities as a family, yet I am married to Scrooge who hates anything festive. He literally told me today {and I quote} 'Christmas is stupid.' {Brent, I dare you to say that isn't EXACTLY what you said!} I mean seriously, poor Drew has never even been to a pumpkin patch! So Brent has been warned that this is happening. His comment back was that it's football season. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Ha. 

Our last trip to the pumpkin patch THAT BRENT WASN'T EVEN AT!
{Look at how little Blair was!}

2. Plan something fun for our anniversary - We celebrate ELEVEN years of marriage this month. What? The weekend of our anniversary, Brent is in a wedding out of town, so we will be going away for the weekend to San Antonio. So while we do have some required activities, we will have lots of free time for fun!

3. But get back on track! - I want to enjoy our weekend and our time together, but I DON'T want that to mean I fall off the wagon of Whole 30 eating.

4. 1:1 time with the kids - I think it's beneficial for each of us to spend time alone with each kid. I really enjoy both my kids, but I really get a kick out of them when I get some alone time with each of them.

And that's my list! I'm going to link up with Karen this month too. You know I love a good link-up!


Anonymous said...

Love Thanksgiving, hate Christmas. Hate the music, how fake everyone is, how the season seems to stretch farther and farther, etc. I enjoy the family time and whiskey. That's it. Boom. Deal with it. - B

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love your pumpkins! I am going to need pics of the pumpkin patch adventure please!! :)

Karen Peterson said...

I'm really glad Chris has kids. I think they're the only reason he's okay with celebrating the holidays. But whatever his motivation, I'm just glad he's not a TOTAL Scrooge!

Speaking of holiday activities, we're planning on taking the kids to a corn maze this weekend and I am SO excited!