Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Whole 30: Results and Now What?

Sick of my Whole 30 posts yet? I hope not! I officially finished last week but hadn't shared my results yet or where this journey is taking me. Since it has been really amazing {dare I say life changing?} I wanted to talk a little bit about the future as well.

First up, the results! During the program, you are not supposed to weigh yourself. The scale can be a fickle beast {lose 2 pounds then frustratingly gain 3 even though you feel like you are hungry all the time...}, and Whole 30 wants you to focus more on how food makes you feel over what the scale says. It is allowed to do before and after measurements, pics, overall scale results, etc. which I did. {Before and After pics will not be posted on the blog - yes, shockingly, there are things I consider private, Brent!}

Weight lost: 6 pounds
Inches lost:
-Arm: 1"
-Thigh: 2"
-Bust: 1.5"
-Hips: 1"
-Waist: 2"

Y'all, can you believe that? I was floored! I can really see the difference when I look at the before and after pics and my clothes fit SO much better!

So...now that I've finished the official 30 days...what now?

There are 2 ways you can choose to reintroduce food {if you didn't immediately eat pizza and donuts on day 31, which I didn't, ha} - 1 being to reintroduce only when you really want to with no timeline and the other being to follow a 10-day plan to reintroduce 1 food group at a time {for example, non-gluten grains on day 1, whole 30 eating days 2 and 3, dairy on day 4...etc.}. I opted for the second approach because Brent and I are taking a getaway soon and I wanted to know how each food group made me feel before I potentially binge on all the things over that weekend. I don't think I have any food issues, but I don't want to waste 30 days of clean eating and not find out.

I ate whole 30 complaint for 34 days and yesterday, I ate 2 meals with non-gluten grains - spaghetti with quinoa and chicken fried rice. Everything else was compliant food. I already have noticed that I felt groggier after each of those meals. I honestly felt like on day 31 I was going to be so excited to eat bread or pasta again, and I really had no desire to eat it yesterday {but did for the experiment}. Pretty amazing, huh? I'm not even that interested in dairy on Thursday when 2 weeks ago I was really jonesing for some cheese!

So we'll see what these 10 days bring in terms of increased awareness of how certain foods treat me, I'll go on my trip with Brent and enjoy myself 100% guilt-free, and then I'll come back and jump right back into what I really REALLY really to be a lifestyle for me.

Today also had a little mini-adventure packed into it. {Yes, I realize this post is a mile long and that I am STILL talking about Whole 30. I'm sorry. #sorrynotsorry If you want to really feel sorry for someone, think about Brent who lives with me and gets to hear this all day long!}

Veronica, whose Whole 30 journey inspired and encouraged mine, has been telling me about a cute food trailer in her neck of the woods {the hip, cool part of Austin, you know, not the 'burbs} called Picnik. I follow them on Instagram {@picnikaustin} where they show pictures of all their paleo food {Have I ever mentioned that Whole 30 and paleo are pretty much fraternal twins?} and teach about the health benefits of MCT Oil and bone broth. It is my new favorite IG feed and totally revs up my love-of-learning geekiness to a whole new level. So anyway, today Veronica took me!

See my totally overly excited smile?
I had a marshmallow chai {dairy free} with MCT oil and collagen.
Starbucks who? Can't believe I haven't had a SB chai in 35 days and don't care! #canstopdidstop

I also had a paleo blueberry muffin - my first 'baked good' in 35 days. {Another rule of Whole 30 is to not create non-compliant food with compliant ingredients.} It was amazing and did NOT create any cravings for more treats. Can I get an Amen?!

I asked Veronica if I could share a little bit of her story because it truly is inspiring, and she agreed.

This is Veronica in May 2015. We've known each other for close to 10 years.
I am blown away comparing this picture to the one above.

She embarked on her Whole 30 journey after watching Fed Up {she's the one who told me about it and That Sugar Film}. She told me that this was a lifestyle change that she needed to make as a family {she and her husband have the most precious 4-year-old}. She wanted to be a better role model to her son and thought she was feeding him 'healthy' foods but some were counteracting the process. During her Whole 30, she lost 17 pounds and has continued to lose weight with the Whole 30ish lifestyle. She has more energy, more stamina, and her son knows what the 'sugar dragon' is and how to say no to it. Total success! 

She and I spent a lot of time today talking about how great we feel and how much we've noticed in changed without incorporating much exercise in...yet. She and her husband continue to lose weight while eating out because they are making the RIGHT food choices. We are both so fired up!

This post is beyond long enough, but I just wanted to share my results and where this journey is taking me now. I want to do another post soon about the new recipes I've tried and how I survived thrived during Whole 30. Stay tuned!


Kathryn Bagley said...

17 pounds in 30 days?? That's amazing! I wish I had the drive and determination to do this!!

Karen Peterson said...

Umm...you might have lost me at bone broth. What the??

Seriously, though, your results are awesome and I know I really want to try this!