Thursday, October 8, 2015

For Brent

Apparently my husband doesn't enjoy when I post about Whole 30, Award show fashion, and book reviews. I got scolded for a little too much of that and not enough stuff about the kids. So I'm going to remedy that for him!

This post is a little Drew-centered. Trent is too big these days most of the time to be bothered with posing for pictures. [Insert a sad mama here]

I was really excited when I found this Daniel Tiger nightgown for Drew {her fave show}.
Until she refused to wear it. Womp, womp.
Trent put it on to show her how fun it was. Hilariously loving big brother.
P.S. - She still won't wear it!

Sometimes to save time, I bathe Drew in the sink.
I usually do it in a bathroom sink {she still fits albeit a little snugly}.
This night genius struck and I put her in the laundry room sink - perfect fit!

Someone wasn't quite ready to wake up for school.

I am a sucker for these shirts!
Apparently on IG people thought this was a pregnancy announcement.
Drew's shirt says Little Sister people! {At least for now!}

A trip to the park with the cousins! 
The big boys were far ahead of us on a scooter and bike. Too cool for us!

A new day, a different set of pajamas...still a sleepy girl playing with her hair.

And 2 braids for this girl! Finally getting enough hair.

My mother-in-law bought matches dresses for Drew and Brent's niece.
We took the kids to a picture place in the mall and afterwards had some fun.
I had to share both pics because my kids weren't cooperating, ugh!

Happy, Brent?!?! {grin}


katie@tulsadetails said...

She's so tiny!! I can't believe she fits in your sink! Too cute!

Karen Peterson said...

Those double braids are so cute!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I agree-double braids super cute! I'm sure B is loving the T nightgown picture!! :)

Kelly said...

We are BIG Daniel Tiger Fans too! We took Trey to see him when he came to Whole Foods a few weeks back. He was totally excited! :)