Monday, July 13, 2015

DITL: July 9, 2015

I have really enjoyed participating in the Day in the Life blogging {January and April}. The last 2 I did were both on work days, so I thought it'd be fun to mix it up, and do a day out of the ordinary. We left to go to the lake with my mom's side of the family last Thursday, so I thought that would be a fun day to document and remember.

Our family: Brent {35}, Allena {4 weeks shy of 35}, Trent {6}, Drew {2 1/2}
Our extended family in this post: Patty {36}, Babs {64}, Miles {6}, Blair {4}, Mayer {2 1/2}

6:30 - Brent wakes up, showers, kisses me, and leaves. I was supposed to wake up and work a little but...didn't. We keep staying up too late watching Mad Men, so I blame him!

7:33 - Trent comes to tell me that the tooth fairy left him $2 for his tooth! He got one of his semi-loose front teeth yanked out on accident the night before because he had one of our couch pillows in his mouth that I pulled away. #momoftheyear

Spoiler alert - we shaved off his wilted mohawk this weekend. {grin}
Try and tell me his little face isn't the cutest!

7:35 - Get out my laptop to do a little work before Drew gets up. Decide to look at blogs. This is when I decide today will be our DITL day!

7:55 - Actually do a little bit of work. Trent is booooooored. So we tell knock-knock jokes while I check email.

8:04 - Drew has been talking quietly to herself for a few minutes and starts to get loud. This is usually my cue to go get her. Give kids a movie so I can work a little more.

Typical - she has babies surrounding her and her hand in her hair, and he's naked.

I also got a little packing done during this time. Brent wasn't going with us to the lake {he had a golf tournament}, so my goal was to get all our stuff in 1 suitcase.

8:30 - Brent calls to check on his tribe and reminds me I need to get my tire patched {I have a nail in one tire causing a slow leak} since I'll be driving on it extensively today.

8:40 - Stop working so I can get ready and get us to the tire place! Spend next 45 minutes wrangling kids and getting myself ready. Drew protests not being able to watch another movie.

Just in case anyone thought she was always sweet...

And we are friends again!

9:30 - Load the car with children to leave for Discount Tire. Trent has a massive meltdown over having to share a cup of water with his sister.

9:50 - Finally leave for Discount Tire after said meltdown is over and everyone is calm and happy again. {For full disclosure, I considered ending my DITL post at this point because the last hour had been so brutal with bad behavior from not only Trent and Drew but also me. Sheesh.}

9:51 - As we pull out of the driveway, Drew starts crying over having thrown her shoes and stuffed bear. Sigh.

10:15 - Arrive at Discount Tire, Drew cried pretty much the whole way over that stupid bear and her crocs.

10:30 - Discount Tire serviceman tells me I need new tires. I call Brent because I don't know if I am being bamboozled, but Brent agrees. This turns our short patch job into a much longer adventure for which I am completely unprepared as a mother. you think we were bothering anyone?

10:40 - Decide to walk to Goodwill next door and buy some new books.

11:25 - Walk back to Discount Tire. {I realized later in the day we left Drew's little bear in the store. She has yet to ask about it, so hopefully she won't!} We read a few books, Trent runs around shooting his new gun, Drew makes a mess...a good time is had by all!

11:40 - My car is ready, thank God! That was a fun $643 we didn't expect to spend today!!

11:50 - We all need some Starbucks, don't you think?

My view heading home. I love that I can always see D's feet propped up.

12:15 - We get home, the kids get another movie while I finish packing, pickup around the house, and vacuum {why is it so important to have a clean house before leaving town?}.

I had D skip her nap hoping she would sleep in the car and someone is a bit tired.

12:40 - If you are wondering how B's day was going, I got to listen live as he got rear-ended and was sent into a spin. Luckily he was 100% okay! T heard us talking about it and freaked out crying, so I had to put B on speaker phone to assure T he was fine! 

The car that hit him. :( Happy Friday Austinites!

1:00 - Finally get around to drinking my chai!

2:00 - Head to my sister's house {where we're meeting my parents, 2 of my uncles, and a cousin and his family}. The 6 minute drive is just so terrible.

Hello sis!

2:15 - I need gas and forgot a few things, so I leave the kids at my sister's and run out quickly!

2:40 - Back at my sister's, everyone else has arrived, so we get everyone arranged and ready to leave.

3:00 - We're on the road! Trent immediately cries over the SAME water cup, but Babs puts the kabosh on that little tantrum. Trent immediately asks her to read to him. How he can go from 0 to 60 back to 0 in 1 minute is beyond me!

Reading about monsters, #boysareweird

3:30 - Drew announces she needs to poop, so we have to stop and lose the rest of our caravan. She was a bit of a mess before we stopped, so I was starting to worry she wouldn't sleep, but she was pretty much out as soon as we got back in the car.

Trent: amateur photographer

4:00 - I have a work conference call, I am a great multi-tasker. By some miracle, my mom keeps T quiet and D doesn't wake up!

I love the Texas landscape

5:25 - We pull into the resort {term used loosely}, and Drew wakes up and says 'Go away dragonfly'.

Cabin 11, our home for the next 4 days

5:30 - I can't find my phone and have a mad scramble trying to figure out where it is. Oh yes, T was taking my pictures, and it's in his car seat. Text Brent to let him know we made it!

5:35 - Unload with the help of my fabulous Uncle Robert.

Sister {and babies} selfie

5:45 - Our cabin is right across from the playground {again term used loosely}, so the kids go play.

Drew shouted 'Babs, look at me!' She loves to swing, and she loves her Babs!

They were both captains of this sea vessel

Most hilarious match of ping-pong ever

She is always taking her shoes off and digging in her toes. 
Apparently B did it as a kid too. #weird

6:10 - Patty made hot dogs for the kids, but they were having too much fun to eat, so we decided to hit up the pool instead.

6:30 - Our family took over the pool and were the only people there!

7:30 - Head back to the cabin because the kids are tired and now hungry.

7:45 - I get D ready for bed while the big boys play with cars and then proceed to fight over cars resulting in said cars being put away for the night.

Clean girls!

Hey Uncle Robert!

8:00 - Babs and Pops are known by their grandkids for a great game called 'smack' - pillow fights essentially. So of course we had to play smack!

8:15 - Patty decides it's time for a movie because we had 5 wild kids on our hands. She puts in Ice Age and all is right with the world.

Can you spot all 5 of our monkeys?

8:40 - One of my cousins and his wife arrive with pizza - they left 2 hours before to order and bring home said pizzas. Talk about fresh out of the oven!

Because vacation means eating cake while sitting on the counter when it's already past your bedtime.

8:50 - Attempt 1 at putting Drew to bed.


9:30 - Eat pizza and work, alternate with my mom going into my room that I'm sharing with D to try and get her to stop crying and go to sleep.

The wireless didn't work so my work session was short-lived. Darn.

10:00 - D still awake! Read new Harry Potter Lego book to T in the room he's sharing with Miles {aren't they so big?}. He says he's going to keep looking at books but will stay in bed and be quiet. Deal!

10:30 - D is STILL awake, so I put on my pj's and get into bed with her hoping she'll fall asleep and I can read my book {Summer Secrets by Jane Green - my alliteration book for the book challenge!}. No dice. Have a text chat with B making sure he isn't sore after his wreck. He's a-ok!

11:45 - Wake up and realize I've dozed off, but miracle of miracles, Drew is asleep!

11:50 - Good night!

I'll make sure and finish up our lake trip in another post {spoiler alert: there was vomit} - I didn't take nearly as many pictures after my DITL day, but there's still enough worth sharing! 


Kathryn Bagley said...

that first day sounds exhausting!!! Glad B is ok and sorry about the tires :/

the blogivers said...

A good reminder that I need to do a DITL of my own soon! Though I'm not sure mine could be as adventure-packed as this one!

Karen Peterson said...

That sounds like quite a day!

I'm so glad B was okay after that accident. And I'm sorry about your tires!

Jo said...

I love the idea of a family get away like this - not sure why we never do it. Oh, and I totally clean my house before a vacation, even washing the sheets. It's nice coming home and not having to worry about that.

So glad your husband is ok. The car that hit him looks horrible!