Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 *WEIRD* Things About Me

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a fun idea. I think I've shared a lot about myself over the years, but here are 10 things about me that are pretty WEIRD!

1. I have to have the space in between my front 2 teeth clean and wiggle my lips back and forth to achieve that. I've been told I look like a rabbit or Samantha from Bewitched when I do it. I don't even notice I'm doing it half the time. So if you ever see my mouth wiggling side-to-side, now you know why!

2. My feelings towards tomatoes and eggs are definitely weird - the disgust I feel for those 2 basic foods is pretty epic. I can't even think about tomatoes or eggs without feeling a little queasy.

3. I don't like dye-ing my hair {or doing highlights} because of the upkeep with hair as dark as mine, but I am getting gray hairs and freak out about them. I study my hair way too much in the mirror hunting for, and pulling out, the gray ones I find.

4. I am beyond indecisive. If I have too many choices for something, I am almost incapable of making a decision.

5. I have a scar on my tongue from where I fell in the bath tub as a kid.

6. I am the worst person in the world to try and sleep in the same room with. If you don't believe me - ask Brent. I am a very light sleeper, so every noise or little bit of light drives me crazy. I have 2 fans going... even in winter - one for circulation and one for noise. In our old house, our cable box had this teeny little blue light on it that I had to cover with a sock every night because the light kept me from falling asleep. If Brent breathes too loud, I wake up. I hate sleeping in other places because I have our bedroom just the way I need it, so it's terrible sleeping anywhere else. I told you - I am just the WORST.

7. Toenails that are the littlest bit long gross me out. When I see other people with long toenails, I want to just die. SO nasty.

8. I hate to decorate. This kind of goes along with #4 - I think my indecisiveness makes it hard for me to make decisions, and I am always second guessing what I've done, so it's hard to enjoy it.

9. I easily get obsessed with things - a TV show {hello Sons of Anarchy} or a book {have I ever told you about Outlander?} or author or online shopping for the perfect xyz or baby names...luckily it's usually short lived and I can go on about my life until the next obsession comes along.

10. I count in my head all day - my steps when walking, number of times I chew my food, I will count to keep myself entertained/pass the time {like waiting at the gas pump or something}. BIZARRE!

So what's weird about you?!


Kathryn Bagley said...

we really are SO much alike! I hate long toenails..and I can not make a decision to save my life! Also lighest sleeper ever! I wouldn't be able to have the fans on cause they would keep me awake!! ha! One thing that is weird about me right now is even though it is 100 freaking degrees outside I have my heater on in my office..and really it's not that cold in here!

Karen Peterson said...

Hahahaha! You ARE weird! This was so fun, though! I love reading about people's quirks.

Brent Gurley said...

Luckily you had to stop at 10 because I know you could keep going

Jaclyn said...

YAY!!! Another counter, so glad I'm alone. I count my steps all the time, especially when I'm going up stairs. It must be an accountant thing :)