Friday, July 17, 2015

The Rest of the Story Weekend

Sidebar: Anybody out there ever listen to Paul Harvey? If so, my title should be slightly funny. If not, your loss! {grin}

So I blogged about our busy day last Thursday for my DITL post and figured since we were out of town, I would recap the rest of our weekend at the lake!

Friday started off a little too early with Mayer waking Drew up with his extremely horrid lovable screeching - he started his day at 5:30, so he was off to an excellent start!

Friday consisted of lounging, fishing, checking out the pig that lived at the resort, visiting with more cousins, eating, catching minnows, playground playing...just lots of fun! 

My cousin, Ryan, brought me a coke with a great message!

We sent the picture to Brent who made a derogatory comment about Aggies {Ryan and I both graduated from A&M, whoop!}, so we sent him back this picture. I won't show you Brent's response. {grin}

The boys thought this was so neat - they kept catching the minnows and throwing them back.
The boys are being bandits, and Drew is just copying them because she loves these 2 boys!

There was a pot-bellied pig that lived at the resort. 
The kids were constantly wanting to see the pig.

All that pig did was sleep, and it was pretty sad, but that didn't stop everyone from constantly wanting to go see if perhaps the pig was doing something. Nope, never.

The front desk also had movies you could borrow, and I found Despicable Me 2. I think we're all aware of Trent's love for minions, so I won't a mom prize for that one!

I should have known when Drew went to bed willingly and fell asleep in my arms something was up after our 2 hour adventure the night before. I was just contemplating laying her down and getting to my book when up came her mac 'n cheese from dinner...ALL on my chest and herself. I quickly hollered for my mom, and we got Drew cleaned up and back asleep for this routine to be repeated 8 times over the next 12 hours. We decided to head home Saturday morning to save everyone else from the same fate.  {I think she actually got sick from a stuffed pig she found on the grounds that we washed and dried - no one else got sick, so that's a big mom fail if that's really what did it to her.}

After a car nap and then an almost 4 hour nap at home, she felt much better! We spent most of Saturday relaxing and watching movies - we all needed a rest!


Brent ended up not being able to play in his golf tournament on Sunday {his partner's wife went into labor Saturday night a few weeks early so new babies trump golf...although Brent might not agree!}, so that was a nice surprise for me to have him home.

Drew really wanted to go to the playground, so we went just for about 30 minutes.
Didn't want her getting overheated since she was still a little puny.

And then we ended our day with haircuts and more lost teeth for this guy!

So sweet when he's sleeping!

And now that it's almost the weekend again, I'm finally done talking about last weekend!


Kathryn Bagley said...

You are def a superstar!! and I am loving the copycat pic!! lol

Karen Peterson said...

You deserve all the mom prizes!