Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trent is One in a Minion

We had such a great day celebrating Trent! It is so fun celebrating with him because he totally gets that it's his birthday, and he had a blast being loved and the center of everything!

{Warning - excessive pictures and exclamation points ahead}

6/30/2015 12:01 am
Stalker mom - he's REALLY 6!

Waking up and excited to start the day!

First up - swim lessons - he is having a blast and doing so great!

I took the big kids to the movies again this year after having so much fun last year. We saw Home and it was really cute!

Trying to get a selfie

 Much better! These are the sweetest {and cutest} kids around.

Until they start arguing over the air conditioning vents. {grin}

Trent wanted a minion themed party this year. He saw Despicable Me for the first time a few months ago and loves to 'talk' minion. We kept it small again with just family coming over - he does so much better with less people in his space.

Minion cupcakes - thanks Pinterest!

He was being silly and trying to hide from me so I couldn't get a picture - 
I'd say he failed at that attempt! LOVE HIM!!!

Sisters in matching minion blue

Trent wasn't interested in eating dinner, singing, cupcakes, or presents for a good chunk of the evening - just wanted to play and watch movies. So silly! When we finally got him ready, he loved it.

Drew and Mayer each had to blow out the candle. Drew even sang to herself.
I look maybe just a wee bit overenthused.

Lots of Star Wars, Legos, and Minions for this guy!

These two...

More minions! Drew had been asking for a cupcake ALL day. She was beyond happy when she finally got one - licked off all the icing, ate one bite, and was done.

In cupcake heaven

The 2 grandmas

Relaxing at the end of a hard day {grin}

We got Trent a new bike - it wasn't really supposed to be a birthday present because he just needed a new bike, but it came today, so after everyone left, he wanted to try it out, so we took a family walk. {If you know me, you know this is my idea of a wonderful night.}

I'd been asking for a family pic all night - finally got one!

Happy birthday to my sweet boy. Couldn't love this little guy more! XOXO