Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals

Another month has flown by! I had a pretty successful month for goals. A lot happened the last few days of the month, but hey, success is success!

Here's how I did in June:
1. Clean my car! - So glad I got this done. It's been on my mind for months, and I was so embarrassed by my car. It was filthy and smelly and just gross.

This is what came out of my car. 

How gorgeous is it now?!

2. Lots of outside time - This summer has been so amazing, so I'm trying to get us outside as much as possible. We did okay and aiming for more.
3. Schedule family pics - Our photog said we should wait until the fall, so I can say at least I contacted her?
4. Family activity - We went to a fun outdoor restaurant with friends and had burgers and danced to live music. It was so much fun! Some people might say this isn't really an 'activity' but with 2 small kids...this counts!
5. Decorate kids' rooms - I got everything back up on the walls that was in their rooms in the old house and talked with Trent about what else he wants on his walls. The fail is some stuff fell off Drew's wall today {damn command strips are going to be the death of me}, so I have to fix that.
6. Swim lessons/rec center - Got our family signed up, Trent signed up for lessons, and he's gone twice! He's loving it!

1. Exercise! Time to get moving - I have not consistently exercised for longer than I'm willing to admit. Yes, I play and am active with the kids, but I don't exercise. My goal is 3 times/week.

2. Splash pad once/week - I want us to be regulars at the pool! Drew asks to go every day, but T is harder to get going. I'm off from work Friday and Monday, so I think we'll hit it up a bunch over the long weekend.

3. Sewing machine manual - My mother-in-law gave me an old sewing machine of hers when I turned 23...which was quite a few years ago...with the intent for her to teach me to sew. It is still in the box. We need to order a new manual for it, so damn it, that is happening this month, so we can get started!

4. Order a camera charger - I lost the camera charger to my fancy camera and haven't used it in 5 months. I just need to get a new charger so I can get back to taking better pictures than iPhone pics!

5. Trent's bike skills - Brent and I want to get Trent really comfortable on his bike and get the training wheels off. He LOVES his new bike, and it's been super easy to get him on it - so hopefully we can use that momentum and turn him into a bike riding fool!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Girl you know I will hold you accountable on the exercise goal! And when I come home we can be workout buddies ;)

Melissa said...

My boys learned to ride on a soccer field, so when they fell it was on the grass! Much easier and less whining!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Great job cleaning out your car! It feels so good, doesn't it?

Good luck with your July goals! Sounds like you're going to do some really great things!