Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I can't believe it's the last day of July...where is this year {and summer} going?

How about a little Five on Friday? This might be one of my most random blogging weeks ever - lots of just random tidbits!


I bought a professional broom and it is life changing. We have wood/tile through probably 85% of our house and I was either busting out the vacuum {which is a pain} or using an old school broom to sweep {which took forever}...but this? I can go over the kitchen and living room in minutes! And it was only $20!


I just shared how much I hate to decorate, and because of that, there isn't much done in our house. I've made some progress in the kids' rooms, but that's about it. Until yesterday! I ordered an alphabet wall before Drew was born for Trent's room from an Etsy shop, and it took 18 months to get {can we say irritated?}. By the time I got it, we had the house on the market, so there wasn't any point in putting up, so I waited until we moved. YAYAYAYAY!!


I am finally trying Stitch Fix! I've been on the fence about it for awhile because it just seems so expensive, but I figured it'd be fun to try it at least once. If it sucks, I won't do it again, but I just wanted to try. {grin} I should get my fix tomorrow, so I'll be sure to share my outfits next week! I made a board of things I like from Pinterest and tried to be super specific with the stylist notes, so we'll see...


I am a dork {shocker} and sleep in a mouth guard because I clench my jaw. I've used it for years and LOVE it. Well, I can't find it and can tell such a difference. I wake up with such jaw pain! So let's all hope I find it soon!


I hit the big 3-5 next week {eek!}, and I've been browsing online for my next piece of Kendra Scott jewelry - I think I want a necklace this time. You just can't beat 50% off an item on your birthday!

My top contender(s)...

Happy Friday people!


Anonymous said...

I love random posts the best! And I have the letters of the alphabet on my daughter's wall and now that she is two and learning all of the letters, it makes it SO much fun to learn and practice on! :)

Anonymous said...

My Houston friends are obsessed with Stitch Fix! Hopefully, I can lose enough weight after this baby to try it out. :) Rhonda

Karen Peterson said...

EIGHTEEN MONTHS?? I would be SO irritated!

Kathryn Bagley said...

LOVE that necklace!