Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Making Meals!

*This is a little bit of an embarrassing post to write, but I'm so excited I just had to share.*

Meal planning has always been a big nemesis of mine. I could list all my faults, but it really boils down to poor planning and a lack of organization. If you don't plan ahead, there's little chance you'll have all the ingredients you need to make much of anything. 


I go to the store almost every weekend, and if I haven't planned my meals in advance, Monday evening rolls around, and I can't make anything! Brent has commented more than once that he is amazed I can spend as much money as I do at the store and have nothing to show for it. #truth

Here's how it sounds in my brain: Can I make spaghetti? No sauce. Can I make tacos? No shells. Could I grill some chicken? Maybe, but what sides? And on and on.

But after almost 11 years of marriage and 6 years of motherhood, I am finally getting my act together!

I have been using Pinterest and pinning recipes to try, bugging friends and family for their go-to easy and healthy meals, and I've been creating a spreadsheet as we try things and find keepers. My goal is to have 2 months worth of meals in rotation and grow from there, and I'm pretty much there! It's nothing fancy, but it's stuff that everyone {or a majority of the family} will eat. Simple stuff like breakfast for dinner and everything from chicken fried rice {Trent will eat the chicken and the rice separate from everything else, ha} to hamburgers, from tried and true staples {hello, enchilada casserole} to new favorites {I made these grilled burritos and Brent loved them}. I would say 90% of them are very healthy with a few mixed in that are the opposite of healthy, but I'm pretty darn proud of my list!

So if you have any great recipes to share, I'll take them!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Look at you!! I have some things I think I can email you :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I LOVE Pinterest for recipes. I have made so many things I've found there.

I have been getting Chris to branch out from his normal cooking routine with the kids and let me get them to try new things. It isn't always a win, but at least they aren't rude about what they don't like.