Thursday, April 16, 2015

DITL: April 15, 2015

I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last Day in the Life post, but sure enough it has been! I need to pick a weekend day next time, because I feel like my weekdays are all pretty similar.  It'll still be neat to look back at these in the years to come. {grin} If you want to participate or read other posts, head over to Julia's blog.

6:30 - Alarm goes off, and I only snoozed once. [Technically I was already awake because Brent had left by this point, but I was enjoying just laying in bed.] I'm still working towards my goal to slowly push the wake-up to 6:00 or earlier but this is not the week for stressing on that given I've been working/packing until super late. I am consistently getting up 15 minutes earlier than a few months ago, so I'm making progress! Considered taking a selfie but chose to spare you that view.

My other view instead...

6:40 - Begin getting ready. I washed my hair last night, so I needed to straighten it. The plan was to make Trent's lunch before waking the kids up, but...

7:00 - Drew is up and singing {loudly} in her bed. Go get her. She grabs 2 blankets and a tiny stuffed dog to come with us. She gets her 'milky' first thing in the morning. Haven't quite figured out how to take away the last nursing session of the day. Not going to stress about it until after we move.

2 Gurley gurls

7:20 - Go to wake up Trent. He pops up just as I go to take a picture of him sleeping. Stinker. Yes, he's sleeping without sheets. We washed them a few days ago, and I said 'to heck with it' and packed them, ha.

Blurry but has to be documented!

7:30 - Make pancakes for Trent, Drew picks granola. She won't sit at their table without me, so she sat on the counter while I made pancakes. {And by made, I mean microwave frozen pancakes.}

7:40-8:10 - Get dressed, get the kids dressed {wrangled} and in the car. I tried to get a cute picture of them sitting side-by-side, but neither child would cooperate.

Trent is being slow and living in his own world, and Drew wants to 'hold it' {meaning my phone}.

8:30 - Arrive at school. Listen to '70s music in the car {Cat Stevens and Peter, Paul, and Mary} with the windows rolled down.

My iPhone music montage

9:00-2:30 - Home and working! We are currently dealing with drama with mortgage lendor. 'We must close by April 17' meant 'April 24' to him, and they aren't ready. Um, get ready.

My day consisted of conference calls, scheduling requests, and spreadsheet building. It probably doesn't sound exciting, but I love this job SO much better than auditing. Brent says I talk all day, which is partially true, and that is RIGHT up my alley.

My workday view

I usually listen to replays of my favorite morning show.

2:30 - Leave to go get the rugrats.

2:45 - Get to school. Find out Trent had a really good day! {That makes 2 in a row, so excited!!} Tell the kids we have an errand to run, but if they are good we can get Starbucks. Trent decides we need ice cream, and Drew agrees!

3:15 - We arrive at a friend's house to get wardrobe boxes. She just moved last week into an AMAZING house. We got a tour, and the kids played with her kids and dogs. My one big regret at our house is I picked a paint color that I think is too light. Valerie has 1 shade darker of the same color family, and hers is what I thought I was getting. Womp, womp. I'll be saving my pennies to maybe someday fix...ha!

Beautiful house! {And yes, my mirror is zip-tied on. #dontask}

3:55 - Hop back in the car and head to get ice cream!

4:15 - Ice cream time! Trent wants cotton candy, and Drew wants whatever her bubba has, so 2 blue ice cream cones it is.

4:40 - The kids are starting to get wild in the store, so we load up and head home. Drew hasn't finished her cone yet, and while I know this doesn't bode well for the car ride home, I take a chance versus staying in the store while they act like feral cats.

5:00 - Get home. Brent plays golf on Wednesdays, and he left super early this morning, so this is the only window of time we'll see him. We talk about moving stuff, he plays with the kids for a bit and is gone. Drew gets a bath because she is blue. I tried to get B to take a picture with me to document that he was alive today but no dice.

Her pigtails are a little worse for the wear by the end of the day.

5:15-6:00 - The kids watch a little bit of Netflix/YouTube, play, and eat pick at dinner.

A renewed love of Rescue Bots

Moving boxes make for great building sites

6:30 - Drew comes in from the porch coloring herself with a marker. She goes back in the bathtub.

More requests to 'hold it'.

7:00-7:30 - Time to start bedtime with Drew. We read, sing, get interrupted by Trent 3 times, have a slight meltdown over actually getting in the crib, but I call her bluff {'Do you want to lay down and have mommy sing or do you want mommy to leave?' 'Leave.' 'Okay, goodnight.' Boom - that's the sound of Drew laying down ready for me to sing.}

Trying to read to this silly girl

Nope, she took the phone! She finally gets to 'hold it'!

7:30 - Trent's bedtime! I left my phone in Drew's room {which I so knew I was going to do}, so no pictures of us. But we finished reading the Magic Treehouse's first Super edition which was about a mission in World War 2. The end of the book talks about Anne Frank, and I tear-up. Trent laughs at me.

8:00-10:00 - Time for more work! I think I've blogged about this before, but since I leave early a few days a week to get the kids, I work at night to get all my hours in.  I love the flexibility I have to be able to spend more time with the kids during the day. Other than being a doula, I don't think I could ask for more, ha! Eat a bacon sandwich during this time. {We're trying to clean out the fridge and 95% of the kitchen is packed away so it's slim pickings right now.}

9:30 - Sneak into Drew's room to get my phone and take sleeping baby pics. Per usual, Drew is on her stomach or side, and Trent is on his back.

I wash her pillow once a week but girlfriend DROOLS so bad. So please don't judge me for her discolored pillow!

He isn't supposed to have squirty fruits in his room. We're prepping him for the new 'no food on carpet' rule in the new house. #busted

10:15 - Stop working. Somehow manage to waste 45 minutes playing on the internet.

11:00 - Get ready for bed. I read for about 20 minutes before putting the phone away. Reading a really interesting book right now that is making me think a lot. Can't wait to share more about it soon.

And that was our Wednesday, April 15, 2015!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Girl I got tired just reading that!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Love that bed head!

And I totally miss bubble gum ice cream. I used to get it every week when my grandpa would pick us up from school.

Your house is so pretty! I can't wait to see it all lived in!