Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Lately

To start this post, I would like to note that it is 7:24 CST. I do not have any children home with me today because their school is closed, so they spent the night with Nana and Papa. I intended to sleep until RIGHT when I had to start work. Nope. Sure I slept later than I would have if I were taking the kids to school, but man, being an adult is kind of lame. I started thinking about all the things I could/should get done before starting work and 'being an adult' decided to do them {dishes, recipe prep for the weekend, laundry...see? LAME}.


I forgot to include this picture in my last post. She is watching an episode of Franklin here...eating frozen peas and broccoli with her snack and her stuffed animal resting on the sides of my laptop. Who requests frozen veggies as a snack? THIS GIRL.

Brent and I have a super fun, busy weekend coming up, and I'm so excited. My mom's side of the family always gets together the day before Easter at my parents' house. Then Sunday we'll do the church thing and then go to Brent's parents. THEN we have tickets to see Sturgill Simpson Sunday night. If you like older country {not this Nashville crap that's out now}, you would like him. He has got a great sound.

CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carpet got installed yesterday. We only have it in the 3 secondary bedrooms, so it took all of a few hours {at most} to put it in. Brent did all our landscaping plan last week, so we are 100% locked and loaded with selections, we have paid for our overages {boo}, and should close in TWO weeks. Let the packing and insanity begin!

This was Drew's room until a few days ago. Now it is Trent's.

I'm going to be at Target when the doors open in 30 minutes to grocery shop and look for a new Easter dress. Totally unnecessary, but it feels needed. {grin} With that, I better get hopping {hahahahaha} if I'm going to make it!

Happy Friday!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Hope yall had fun at the concert!