Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Weekend That WASN'T

So I intended to blog tonight about how great the move was. Sure we were tired and the house would be a mess, but we would be in it! Except... 

We didn't close on Friday. Womp, womp. There was a glitch, and we got bumped to Monday. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, except we had to be out of our apartment on Saturday. So at 34, we are living with our parents. {grin} We are SO blessed to have 2 amazing sets of parents who graciously helped us move everything out of the apartment, clean, pick up our kids, fill their houses with crap, and feed/house us for a few days.

Now here's what happened over the weekend that wasn't about moving into our new house.

In Montessori you learn to write in cursive. Here's T practicing.
Love, love, love this boy.

Some friends who live in the neighborhood we're moving into graciously let us put a bunch of stuff in their garage, so Friday Brent scrambled around and found some movers to get all the big stuff into their garage. Then Saturday, it was a matter of getting everything else...somewhere.

We have split up a little - Friday night Brent slept in the apartment on an air mattress, and I had both kids at my parents'. 

Drew Baby eating her dinner where I ate many a breakfast growing up.

That girl may be cute, but she made a mess of all our sleep Friday night. She has mastered climbing out of the mini-crib at my parents, so we played musical beds for a few hours Friday night.

And again Saturday at naptime. Took me about 2 hours to get her asleep on Saturday.


Trent was such a trooper while I battled Drew at naptime - even trying to lay with her and help her sleep. But all it does it get her excited, ha. So when Brent and Papa brought a load of stuff to store at my parents, Trent happily went back to the apartment with them. I eventually made it back over there to turn in my keys {whoop!}, help clean, and take 2 loads back to my parents. The boys stayed at Brent's parents that night and the girls stayed with my parents.

We had a super loud thunderstorm about 10:00 PM that woke up D and scared her half to death.
Pops is showing her the rain to help calm her.

More musical beds followed Saturday night {that girl!} after the storm. 

Sunday brought church, shopping with my mother-in-law for all things bathroom, and a great dinner at their house. And baaaaack to my parents for the 3rd night of the worst slumber party in history. 

I might be bummed we aren't in our new house, but I am beyond loved.

So cross your fingers everything gets righted tomorrow morning and we close!


Melissa said...

Ahhhhh! Sounds like our mess! Hoping things go well tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Lenders = Used car salesmen. - B

Kathryn Bagley said...

So sad yall didn't close Friday but hoping today is the day!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to close on Friday! My fingers are crossed that everything goes very smoothly today!