Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

It was our first weekend in our new hood...and we went out of town for a wedding, ha! {Sidebar: Things are slowly coming together at the house, but I foresee it taking quite a while. 2 jobs + 2 kids = not a lot of unpacking time.}

But first, Friday after I got the kids from school, we went on a walk in the neighborhood. It was just great knowing this is the place we'll spend many an evening...walking to the park, riding bikes...

These 2 just melt my heart.

Saturday I took the kids to my parents {and I felt SO terrible about and the kids literally just stayed with them for 5 days, they helped us move, and then they had to babysit}, and then we hit the road for College Station {whoop!}. We were able to stay at some friends' parents' house which made it so nice.

The wedding was nice, and the reception was so fun. We were there with 8 other friends and danced, laughed...just had a good ol' time.

Being sweet

Being silly

The girls being sweet

Silly selfies...are you sensing a theme here?

And then the glow sticks came out... Somehow we turned into 12-year-olds and had so much fun with those glow sticks!

And just like that Sunday morning came and it was time to head home. I am such an old grandma when I travel. I took one of the kids' sound machines to help me sleep and used my essential oils and still just don't sleep good if I'm not in my bed, ha. So Sunday consisted of grocery shopping, a tiny bit of organizing/unpacking, and family time. 

Overall, a really great weekend!


Kathryn Bagley said...

that wedding looked so fun!! glad you and Brent got some pics together ;)

Kelly Bruneman said...

FUN weekend! Who got married? Anyone I would know?

Karen M. Peterson said...

That looks like a fun wedding!